Wyclef jean lauryn hill relationship

Wyclef Jean Opens Up About Affair With Lauryn Hill

wyclef jean lauryn hill relationship

Fugees fans want to blame my affair with Lauryn Hill for destroying the band and harming her career. It isn't true. After forming in , the Fugees -- made up of Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Not that Jean and Hill had the best relationship before the paternity lie. wyclef jean opens up about lauryn hill's pregnancy in his memoir "I was married and Lauryn and I were having an affair, but she led me to.

Life and career[ edit ] — She has one older brother named Malaney born My mother played piano, my father sang, and we were always surrounded in music. Due to its popularity, subsequent games featured a recording of her rendition. She sang her own version of the Smokey Robinson track " Who's Lovin' You ", garnering an initially harsh reaction from the crowd.

She persevered, though she later cried off-stage.

wyclef jean lauryn hill relationship

If it was academics, if it was sports, if it was music, if it was dance, whatever it was, I was always driven to do a lot in whatever field or whatever area I was focusing on at the moment.

Later that year, Hill began appearing on the soap opera As the World Turns in a recurring role as troubled teenager Kira Johnson.

Wyclef Jean Says Lauryn Hill Affair, Paternity Lie Broke Up Fugees

Back in the Habitplaying Rita Louise Watson, an inner-city Catholic school teenager with a surly, rebellious attitude. That was all Lauryn. Soderbergh biographer Jason Wood described her as supplying one of the warmest scenes in the film. The Fugees[ edit ] Main article: The Fugees Pras, Hill and Jean renamed their group the Fugeesa derivative of the word "refugee", which was a derogatory term for Haitian Americans.

Billboard [22] and stayed in the top ten of that chart for over half a year. It only takes a drop of purity to clean a cesspool. Her rendition of " Killing Me Softly " became her breakout hit. My music is universal music.

And I believe in God. If I believe in God, then I have to love all of God's creations. There can be no segregation. InHill took up another small but important role in the film Restaurant ; [35] Entertainment Weekly praised her portrayal of the protagonist's pregnant former girlfriend as bringing vigor to the film.

Woodson and The Education of Sonny Carsona film and autobiographical novel. Blige and the then-unknown John Legend.

Wyclef Jean Says Lauryn Hill Affair, Paternity Lie Broke Up Fugees | HuffPost

This is a very sexist industry. They'll never throw the 'genius' title to a sister. This ain't about documents. It went on to sell about 8 million copies in the U. You have to really pray and be honest with yourself. In NovemberNew Ark filed a fifty-page lawsuit against Hill, her management, also her record label, claiming that Hill "used their songs and production skills, but failed to properly credit them for the work" on Miseducation.

The pressures of fame began to overwhelm her.

wyclef jean lauryn hill relationship

I felt uncomfortable about having to smile in someone's face when I really didn't like them or even know them well enough to like them. Our physical relationship was an important part of what inspired the music. If someone is in love or sad or angry—just experiencing something intense—you hear it in the intonation of their voice.

Listen to Billie Holiday: She is singing from a broken heart. Lauryn has that quality to her voice naturally. That track takes you there. Lauryn does the same thing, every time. There was a daring kind of vibe to our relationship and we always felt like it was us two against the world, each and every day.

There was no going back and no surrender; we were going to defeat the odds against us. It was all tied up with the group, because at the time, she, Pras, and I lived every victory and every defeat as a unit. That kind of commitment breeds natural attraction, as does natural talent. The more Lauryn evolved as a musician, the more I fell for her. I fell in love with her again for her skills. We were two artists speaking the same language, which is a romantic and intimate thing to share.

I remember the day things changed, and it was my fault. That was the moment. It sparked a different tone in the way we spoke to each other. From there we started getting closer and flirting with each other for the first time.

wyclef jean lauryn hill relationship

It all changed step-by-step, the tension between us growing, until one day, it just happened. Lauryn tried her best to keep me in that brother place. All I know is that I was the one who made the move to the other mode. I knew it was wrong, too, because I was with Claudinette. And I loved Claudinette. There was just no way I could avoid falling in love with the little world of music that Lauryn and I shared.

Physically falling for her was easy: Artistically, Lauryn gave me soul music, which is where her true gift lies. She shared that knowledge with me: She opened my eyes — and that was some romantic shit to be bonding over. Teach me how to sing your kind of stuff. She taught me circle runs, which is when a singer delivers a line in a melodic circle rather than a straight line. We were always together and we talked about everything.

Pras still blames me for wrecking the group by getting into a relationship with Lauryn, but the truthmis if he had the option to, he would have done the same thing. Believe me, any man would.

Our group chemistry was like this: Pras was the little brother, I was the big brother, and Lauryn was my girl. And it was all good — on the road at least. As it was coming to life, I decided to marry Claudinette. I loved her, I knew it was right, but the timing was a reaction.

It was the effect of a cause that caused further effects. And further drama came with that, do you dig? I was torn between the impossible love affair, the whirlwind artist romance, and the solid, good woman who demanded respect. The solid woman had her passion, too. So my life became crazy, because I was in the middle and each of them was passionate about me in different ways. One side was all bound up with music and discovery and my own self-expression.

Wyclef Jean Told Story Of Lauryn Hill's Pregnancy For 'Closure To A Chapter' - MTV

The other side was all about intellect and wisdom and helping me to mature. I did not know what to do; I just knew I had to do something. How could he not go with her? He broke up the Fugees! But the music is the best expression of my relationship with Lauryn. We were either deeply in love or fighting; there was no middle ground. It was a passionate roller coaster ride, every single day. We had fights on planes. We had the police called to a hotel where we were staying in Germany because our arguing was keeping the neighbors awake.

The real Lauryn is much more complicated than what comes through in her art. Same goes for me. Claudinette is the woman who listens to the music I make and who tells me what she thinks of it, honestly. There was something enchanting about Claudinette, too, because she was what I consider my first experience with a woman. She was older, she was together, and she had it all figured out. She was untouchable, but I found a way to get to her, and when I did we fell in love.

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My father married Claudinette and me in his church and Lauryn was there at the ceremony, the reception, all of it — and that was definitely heavy. Of course later, when we were on the road again, I fell back into indulging myself with her. My wedding was traditionally Haitian, which is to say that it was as big a party as the Greeks have, just with a whole different flavor.

They eat, they talk, they laugh, they tell stories, and it goes on all day and night. We even went so far as to have another secret reception in another room where there was a band and everyone was dancing. My dad, of course, heard about it and showed up there, too, and he suspended the musicians in the band, and all the women he caught celebrating, from coming to church for a month.

He was a serious dude, my dad. If Lauryn and I had a rocky relationship full of breakups and make-ups before, my getting married turned up the heat percent.

Like I said, when we got back on the road, she and I took up with each other again, and it was crazier than ever, fueled by the fact that I was married. It was at the heart of our music; that love between us was the soul of what we were doing. It was impossible for us not to be drawn back into it; we were like pieces of metal, and that thing we had as two artists on a journey together was a magnet that pulled us together beyond our control.

But one day it was love, and then the next day she would be chasing me down the street somewhere like Australia, beating me to the ground out of jealousy.

It was a constant cycle. I tried my best to keep my home life out of her face and separate, because that was sure to start a fight, but even if I had done that perfectly, those blowups would have happened.

I had a wife at home and a girlfriend on the road. That is not a new story in the music business, but this is one more case that proves that it will never be easy.

There was the part of me that understood her the way she understood me. Lauryn and I always seemed to get into the most heated conversations about our relationship while we were traveling, usually on airplanes, and it never ended well.

We had huge fights, and a few times when it went down she started swinging at me right there in the seats. We never got arrested, but we came close a few times in Europe. That is the way it always was; we were emotion turned up to ten. Lauryn would go from extreme passion to extreme anger with little warning.

She is a Gemini, and anyone who has known one intimately can tell you that they can flip like a switch. She and I started out in a friendship that was beautiful, and over time it developed into a deep romance. I mean it; I am her biggest fan and I always will be. My response to that is: We shared a creation, one made of our passion, molded into music that went out into the world and became an album that seized the times.

We gave of ourselves, we put ourselves together to make something, and what happened was the price we had to pay.