Troye sivan interview relationship

Troye Sivan discusses 'beautiful boyfriend' in new interview | Sexuality

troye sivan interview relationship

How Troye Sivan Found Stardom Without Catering to Straight Fans . He has talked in the past about straining to keep his relationship with. Troye Sivan is pleased to say that he's been working on his pop star walk. . soft Sufjan Stevens-style ballad about the end of his last relationship. . as we skip merrily between clubs, concerts, interviews and photo shoots. Troye Sivan Opens Up About His Relationship With an Older Man at the For more from this interview, head over to Billboard—and check out.

It seems strange that more popstars haven't cottoned on to this. The stage is so small, and I feel best when I'm moving around, but side to side doesn't look as strong as back and forth. Literally, nothing feels better. It feels like you're on top of the world. Is that actually the title of your album?

Troye Sivan talks “New Relationship” and how he cried when he found out he was gay.

Now that is a good album title. Probably the day after My My My came out. I woke up and was so excited to check my phone, and I saw so much good stuff. Lovely YouTube comments, tweets from peers, and — while I try and avoid this stuff — some really nice critical acclaim.

Pitchfork made it Best New Music, which has not happened to me before. It felt really, really nice. You know, it's nice for the ego I guess. So I can't control anything after that. I asked you when you were recently at your happiest but I was really just trying to get at the real question. Bobbing around near a reef. No real knowledge of happiness or sadness.

Just floating, being a fish. Have you got something against fish, or their lifestyle? But I really love my life.

troye sivan interview relationship

A tropical fish, yesterday Do you not think a fish really loves life as well? That's my real driving force — being able to make stuff and getting to make it with people I admire and love.

That's the funnest part for me.

troye sivan interview relationship

Did he have kids? Maybe something like that. I suppose it will make more sense when you literally have kids. Is having kids on your mind a lot at the moment? Have you ever touched an owl? Have I ever touched a what? I don't remember if I touched it or not. I don't think I did. When did you last say to somebody: That sounds really ominous.

I would probably try to soften the blow and not say that — I might say: Anyway, you came up with the idea for My My My while pissing. What other events inspired songs on your album — or are they all piss-related?

troye sivan interview relationship

It only happened once. But what else have I been doing while coming up with songs… Buying soup? Is that a lot? A really nice soup, though? What song did you come up with while you were being over-charged for soup? Wait, that might also be My My My. There was one day when we got lots of soup. Actually, I think the song might have been Bloom. Probably from the fact that I think the coolest people in the world are the people who just do whatever they want, and they like whatever inspires them.

So I feel confident when I'm doing what feels right and fun to me. Have you felt that way for a long time?

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When I was growing up doing music and stuff, it never scored me cool points at all. So I didn't feel very cool. I mean, if I'd wanted to feel cool, I should have gone to play footy or something like that. How would that have panned out, do you think?

But I never had any interest in anything like that. I did music instead, or I did acting or whatever. Then when I started to travel, and realised I was onto something, I started to realise that it made me cool in a different way.

And then I was like: Maybe I am kind of like doing the right thing — I'm on the right path and I'm just going to keep going. I would go back to YouTube, actually. It felt so personal and genuine — like people can get a real taste of who you actually are. And we're ready for it. The first singles, My My My! The video for My My My! Meanwhile, The Good Side plays to his vulnerability with a direct retelling of a break-up. Troye, 22, is unabashedly embracing his sexuality, albeit through a more poetic lens.

What distinguishes us from wider society is our affection — and sexual desire — for other men. For every proud step we take towards social progress, repressive forces seem to be more eager than ever to push us two steps back. Queer pop stars once came out in sensational front-page tabloid news after years of being closeted.

He glides in without fuss, followed by Jacob Bixenman, his beautiful boyfriend model. During our shoot, Troye goes from full-on Al Pacino Cruising leather ensemble to a soft, lace shirt evoking the legendary Prince. What attracted you to Jacob? Other than his looks, obviously. Did you start dating him quite soon after meeting? Do you live together? We do now, yeah. I think LA can get lonely and you sort of have to build a life for yourself.

Do you guys ever argue? The first single, My My My! There are a lot of homoerotic elements to it. Is that indicative of the rest of the album? The album is definitely intimate. I think the first album was a much younger album. It was like coming out, leaving home, first relationship and first break-up, all of that stuff was in there.

I feel really happy and that, I think, is coming through. What was that specific situation? It was actually about the break-up before my current relationship.

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Did you get any pushback from the label when you wanted to go in a direction more linked to your sexuality? It felt really natural. I just sort of started to become more comfortable with sharing. When did you start to realise you that had feelings for other men? It was really early on. When I was about five, I remember feeling like I was scared because I knew something was different about me. I always felt that I kind of knew. When was your first crush? That was when I first was like: But then also, when I was way younger there was that really cute boy on the TV show, Degrassi, with brown hair, and I remember being really interested in him.

My best friend Kayla. I knew it, but it was something that was so in the deepest part of my brain. Immediately afterwards I thought: Am I really about to do this? And then after an hour or whatever, I said: She cried and I cried and she started hugging me and then I said: I felt sick on my way home.

But it was the catalyst for my sort of self-discovery, because I thought: It really did, because had I just kept it to myself, I could have kept it a secret for quite a lot longer. Aged 13 or something like that. And felt really sick. When did you become comfortable with that?