Star ocean 3 cliff ending a relationship

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star ocean 3 cliff ending a relationship

For Star Ocean: Till the End of Time on the PlayStation 2, Private Endings For a complete list of PAs and their effect on character relationships, please .. Adray | Default Roger | Adray x 3 Albel | Adray x 3, Roger x 1 Maria. Relationships Star Ocean: Till the End of Time · Star Ocean: Anamnesis After the Vendeeni attack, Albel is pardoned and sent with Fayt, Cliff, Nel, and Maria's . 10% HP every 3 seconds (Self/20sec) Power: ATK x 5,% Max Hitcount: 6. Relationships Star Ocean: Till the End of Time The next day, Fayt and Cliff discover Nel's disappearance and Clair mentions that it was because she went back to Kirlsa Training Facility to free Gacha Limited 3/29/ - 4/19/ (JP ).

Even the characters themselves lampshade it. Albel's hair is black and blond. Mutually Exclusive Party Members: There are ten total playable characters, and six of them are required.

Of the remaining four - Nel, Albel, Roger and Peppita - you can have only two permanently join to round out your party of eight. You get to use all four at some point in the story, though. A Mythology Is True: Elicoorians, out of everyone in the universe, were the only ones remotely accurate in their religion. While names present in other religions are apparently taken from various Sphere employees, the Elicoorian gods were named for the programmers themselves.

Being able to see the Eternal Sphere's coding may explain that one. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! You piss off Luther enough for him to start deleting the universe. Good thing it doesn't actually work, or something. Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Nel's a medieval ninja wizard special forces government agent.

Some of the song titles have nothing to do with where they're actually played. This presumably goes for the monsters living there as well. Not Using the "Z" Word: The word "vampire" isn't even mentioned during normal gameplay or even the in-game dictionary. In the world of the gods, it is considered chimeric to do anything outside your established talents, except visiting the mortal realm.

Being an odd-job god is not fun or fulfilling. The reason gods so often play around with mortals is because that's just how bored they are. In this universe, the Buddha's point that the gods should be pitied is very much on the mark. Don't let the plot twist distract you from the fact that Eternal Sphere views the 4D world as the abode of the gods.

This even extends to giving directions — looser restrictions would trample on the jobs and pay of those who do have the proper degrees, after all. This has the unpleasant effect of making 4D a practical World of Silence. And it gets worse; even with ES to distract them when not on the job, they're viewed as odd-job gods by ES's residents. They can't even figure out how to do anything meaningful that isn't directly related to their job in their escapism! In other words, even in the ultimate escape fantasy, the 4D world's idea of proper employment and behavior makes the pursuit of happiness impossible.

star ocean 3 cliff ending a relationship

This game has a particularly jarring example; Nel, whom you have in your party for the majority of Disc 1, is an optional character whereas Adray, who barely even shows up in any cutscenes and doesn't even show up in the original version, is not optional.

If the player skips a certain forest area until beating the resident boss, it becomes possible to miss running into Roger entirely. This leaves players going through the entire game wondering who this entire set of Axe weapons sold at every shop belongs to.

star ocean 3 cliff ending a relationship

The other two optional members are Peppita and Albel. Peppita reappears at the Moonbase and you can choose to take her with you before you leave. Albel, on the other hand has to be sought out via a sidequest albeit a brief and simple one. If you complete this quest before leaving Elicoor, then Albel goes with you instead of Nel and you actually have to come back for her after you escape 4D Space. Our Vampires Are Different: Rezerbians of which only escaped convict Norton is seen are very, very vampire-like aside from being mortal.

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In addition to feeding by drinking bodily fluids this is compared to the feeding habits of a leechultraviolet radiation burns their skin they wear special suits to protect them from the sunand they can regenerate easily as with vampires in modern fiction, with Rezerbians even being able to regenerate whole limbs within several months. Nel and Sophia, constantly. Maria gets some with her third and fourth alternate costumes, too.

And for the ladies, Albel gets some of these, most obviously if you use him to create items through smithery they're purple. Peninsula of Power Leveling: Person of Mass Destruction: Fayt and Maria have the ability to annihilate a battleship without any real help Fayt is actually engineered with the "Destruction" gene, in fact and Sophia's power allows the other two to bring that precise destructive power outside.

star ocean 3 cliff ending a relationship

Where it shouldn't even be able to exist. Pride Before a Fall: Albel comes off as having a massive ego when it comes to fighting both times you meet him before you actually get to fight him.

And when you beat him, Fayt invokes this as he knows it will hurt him more by letting him go then just finishing him off. It's obvious someone with a name like "Fayt Leingod" was destined for greatness. Subverted with Maria, who, despite her last name sounding suspiciously like "traitor" Traydor she doesn't turn out to be one.

Pierre and Kurin are a pair of Menodixwho're exclusive to the manga. They're a part of the Black Cat group of bounty hunters, though it only seems to be to two of them. And while only a minor nuisanceat best, they still prove problematic for Fayt, Nel, and Cliff.

Rock of Limitless Water: The Sacred Orb; a prized treasure of the Kingdom of Aquaria. As an exceedingly powerful artifact, it is desired by each of the warring factions in the galactic war. Later, it is revealed to be a debugging tool for use by the denizens of 4D Space. On a planet that's still stuck in s era technology, how does the Craftsmen's Guild have a compact communicator?? She Is Not My Girlfriend: The PAs which are required have been updated to reflect any changes in the U.

All credit for the PA chains and their responses for achieving multiple endings through a single play-though belongs to Edward Chang Go Bucks! Please see his guide link above for a complete list of PAs and their influence on character emotions.

Star Ocean 3 (Part 35) - Ending Part 2

Just hand out the correct number of Tears of Aphrodite, defeat Luther and enjoy the ending. New save game versions will be uploaded with stronger characters and better weapons to make the final battle easier. Make sure you select the correct option. Do not activate any private actions which are not listed below. Do not remove any of the actions listed below. You will need a complete compliment 20 of "Tears of Aphrodite" at the end of the game. This potion will lower the emotion of a character to the rest of the party by one, allowing you to easily jump from one ending to the next.

Peppita Rossetti Grantier Hotel: Humor Peppita's claim about the value of her autograph in the future. Fight Simulator Grantier Hotel: Activate the fight simulator in the Grantier lobby, asking Sophia to join.

star ocean 3 cliff ending a relationship

When she hesitate, reassure her. You don't like handing out with me. Fight Simulator, Part 2 Grantier Hotel: After entering the fight simulator you will have the option of looking through tutorial information, or beginning the battle right away. Fight Simulator, Part 3 Grantier Hotel: Win the first fight simulator battle and choose to stop for the day when prompted. Peppita's Regrets Evacuation Facility: After speaking with the Rossetti Troop in their room, enter another room and then make your way to the east hallway.

Peppita will ask if she was wrong to interfere back at the hotel. Bloodtyping Transport Ship Herle: On the bridge of the Herle, one of the officers will ask Fayt his blood type. Just before boarding an escape pod, speak with the Rossetti Troop members. While in the Herle escape pod, the computer will ask if you wish to review the Prime Directive.

Reason for Helping Kirlsa: She will ask why you came to help. Visit the bar on the east side of Peterny and speak with the man sitting the center of the lowered floor. He will ask if you've heared of a local gang. Teasing the Fairy Duggus Forest: When you rescue Roger from his cage, he will offer to help you find your way through the forest.

Fayt Leingod

Roger, Part 2 Surferio: You can find Roger, again, outside a group of houses in the Lost City of Surferio. He will ask for your help in a side quest. Ruddle and Rumina Peterny: They will ask Fayt for directions to Kirlsa. Didn't you know that. Ruddle and Rumina, Part 2 Arias: Find Ruddle and Rumina in the Arias Inn, still lost.

They will ask again for help in getting to Kirlsa. Ruddle and Rumina, Part 3 Airyglyph: Help them one last time in getting to Kirlsa. Exploring Aquios Castle Aquios: After defeating the troops outside Bequerel Mine, but before you find the copper ore, return to Arias and speak with Clair.

She will ask if Nel is being helpful.