Sena kobayakawa relationship quizzes

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sena kobayakawa relationship quizzes

All Quizzes Fresh Lists Trending Topics. Sena Kobayakawa. Save. Sena Kobayakawa (Japanese: 小早川 瀬那 Hepburn: Kobayakawa Sena), commonly referred to Sena has been well received by manga and anime publications. .. She is best known for voicing the split-personality character Akito/Agito Wanijima in Air. Relationship: Hiruma/Sena/Agon It had been after a pop quiz in French and he had known Agon was relieved to have retained the Little baby Sena Kobayakawa, no longer a little baby or a kid to be bullied on the field. Mamori is Sena Kobayakawa's overprotective and motherly childhood friend. Mamori's relationship with Hiruma changes over the course of the story. but Hiruma wouldn't listen, even trapping her with the pop-quiz bet she made with him.

Even though he didn't want to think it, even though he had been trying to keep Agon away from his mind, he wondered what the other man would think. Little baby Sena Kobayakawa, no longer a little baby or a kid to be bullied on the field. Sure, he couldn't hold his own against Yoichi when it came to intellect but, honestly, who could?

Yoichi laughed before he caught himself and promptly covered his mouth with a large hand, his eyes smiling at the smaller man who still could not manage a glare. There was a tense moment when Yoichi suspected Sena was tempted to throw him out on the streets without even allowing him to get dressed, because, okay, that was a total jerk move on Yoichi's part but - the kid spoke like he remembered, even if his voice was deeper. It was familiar and made his stomach churn in warm somersaults.

Sena brushed a hand through his brown hair and breathed slowly, restarting. Look, that sex was great. So, well, look - I like you. As more than a - a," - and here Sena just flicked his hands back and forth, helpless, hopeless, and too adorable for Yoichi to stand, so he just grabbed Sena's hands and tried, for once, to help the kid out in a obvious fashion. III The third time he was at a bar, waiting for a client.

It wasn't as high end as he would prefer he could hear Agon laughing, he could hear him bitching about Yoichi not respecting his roots but Yoichi didn't give a fuck about thatbut it was the bar the client preferred and that was what mattered in these situations.

It was crowded and if he hadn't spent most of his life in shadows the lighting would have made him uncomfortable, but he had spent most of his life hiding in shadows and was well aware of the - admittedly beautiful - woman slinking over to him.

She was intercepted by a strawberry blonde woman in a smart business suit who shook her hand firmly.

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Yoichi was good, his memory was damn perfect, but he couldn't identify someone without a face - he frowned at the curves and did his best to inconspicuously survey the new woman he had been doing it since he was five, so he didn't worry. The body slowly clicked in his head, memories bringing up late nights and fights and one of the few women he would call 'lovely'. Mamori Anezaki wandered over after she had successfully derailed the other woman and flicked her strawberry hair over her shoulder.

There was no question or hesitation as she sat next to Yoichi and ordered a drink. Her smile was still captivating and entrancing and irritating as all hell - she always thought she was better than Yoichi, more moral, superior, and she still did.

It would always hurt, hidden in a place Yoichi didn't talk about. But he felt affection well in his chest at what she did - curtailing an awkward unnecessary conversation with a woman he wasn't interested in, all because she remembered that Yoichi wasn't fond of most ladies and certainly didn't go home with them anymore when he was supposed to be meeting a client - and saluted her with his drink.

The fleeting thought of, 'I love you', wasn't as bitter as it had been the last time they had seen each other.

sena kobayakawa relationship quizzes

IV When Sena was returned home, bruised and arm broken, Yoichi couldn't think. There were dangers to his work, of course there were, blackmail was the least of it, but he had always assumed, he had always been so sure Sena wouldn't be dragged into it.

If anyone was going to get beaten up, if anyone was going to get attacked, it would surely be Yoichi.

Sena Kobayakawa

He had the Black Book, after all, he had all the dirt on everyone who had ever breathed. There were no loose ends when it came to his work, and he had erased any trace of Sena's involvement with him. But Agon had shoved into their penthouse and growled and held Sena like the broken man he was, and after settling the smaller man in bed he had pinned Yoichi to the wall and almost punched a hole into the plaster.

His eyes were wild. His body was taut band of muscle and energy needing an outlet.

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Though the years had softened them towards each other, instinct urged Yoichi to pester and prod until Agon would lash out with violence. He was close to goading his other lover when a small cry came from the bedroom.

With ease and speed, Yoichi ran to Sena's side and sat on the bed, hands instantly reaching and retracting from the younger man. Sena was dazed, barely awake but coherent enough to know he had been alone, and his gaze settled on Yoichi slowly, with even slower comprehension.

Agon had sat on the other side of their lover. But he wasn't looking at Sena; Yoichi could feel his stare, could feel the heat and anger and festered resentments. A small worn hand reached out for Yoichi, trembling, and he took it without hesitation. Sena smiled at him, his face bloody not broken.

Yoichi gripped his hand as hard as he could. Keeping his boys out of his work was useless and dangerous, and Yoichi knew their skills could add an edge that would shift the odds even more in his favor. Even if he had learned restraint, Agon was pure power. When guns failed or ammo was depleted, Agon solved the problem with his fists. His appearance was usually enough to change a client or target's mind.

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Sena put his legs and frame to use once again, and it seemed unfair that a boy who had once trembled at the thought of blood could slink through crime scenes and shoot with relatively little compunction. Later in the drive, with Oujou's defense becoming more obsessed with stopping the pass game and Hiruma and Monta's Devil Backfire, Sena is given the ball in an attempt to catch up once again.

sena kobayakawa relationship quizzes

He is able to use his block to avoid nearly all of the defensive men and nearly make his way to the end zone With the ball once again in Oujou's possession, Sena and Monta are forced to double-team Takami at the end zone of Oujou's next play, causing a safety - setting the pace for several sets of drives which subsequently moves the score towith only three minutes left in the game. Now, with what appears to be the final push to the White Knights goal line, and the Devil Bats on the verge of dropping from exhaustion, Sena suggests to Monta for both of them to fly with the Devil Bat Dive.

The two succeed in getting a touchdown, making the score in favor of Deimon. However, Shin comes back to score with just 1 second left on the clock. The Devil Bats resort to a final desperation move, the Killer Hornet, in which Sena is given the ball and must now outrun his greatest rival to score and secure a place in the Kanto finals and move one step closer to the Christmas Bowl.

And he succeeds in doing so, surpassing his and Shin's Speed of Light pace by running a 40 yard stretch in 4. At the end of the game, Shin admits that Sena beat him fairly and promises to meet with him again in the Spring Season. Now, however, Sena and the rest of the Devil Bats begin preparations for their game against the Hakushuu Dinosaurs. At the beginning of the game against the Hakushuu Dinosaurs, Sena backs up Monta to score a touchdown using Kurita's Lone Center as a decoy to distract Gaou.

But by the next play, his attempt to rush past quarterback Marco failed, making him open for Marco's attack and stealing the ball for the Dinosaur's second touchdown. During the next play, Hiruma was successfully tackled by Gaou after a risky move by Kisaragi, injuring his throwing arm. In desperation, since there's no one fit to be a quarterback Taki's too narcissistic and slow-witted, Monta can't throw, Musashi and the linemen almost never handle the ball and with the risk of being injured by Gaou, the only remaining choices are Ishimaru and Sena.

Sena finally decides to put himself in the position, since he's the one most likely to survive Gaou's attack using his speed and agility. This was planned by Hiruma and played along with Mamori, who secretly taped Hiruma's letter, which she ripped before all along, since the running backs are the ones who always watched him in play, and can hopefully emulate his plays in the field.

But since Sena will most likely refuse due to a lack of confidence, Mamori decides to allow the team to make its own decision, effectively making Sena take the position on his own volition, since his kindness and determination to take them to Christmas Bowl will push him to take action. In the next play, it is discovered that because of his inexperience, he can't even make a decent snap.

However, his speed saves the ball from being taken, whenever he fumbles it. However, more problems arise. Since he has a small stature, he can't see clearly where the Wide Receiver Monta goes, and also makes his passes too low, resulting in the ball being batted. Moreover, Kurita, feeling devastated due to his inability to protect Hiruma, becomes weak mentally and physicallyand is easily downed by Gaou, and certainly will get the rookie quarterback beaten to a pulp In desperation, with only torn-up Komusubi able to protect him, Sena decides to do a "Do or Die" move, using Komusubi as his main blocker, he'll try to pass Gaou using a super-low Devilbat Dive.

When he and Komusbi are about to do the Devilbat Dive Kurtia regans his sense and is able to hold Gaou evenly and Sena changes the play from dive to a run. Currently, Sena sees a weakness in the Dinosaurs' play style. With Kurita now able to hold his own against Gaou, the other Dinosaur members crowd behind him to prevent any attacks through the middle. However, this leaves the sides wide open.

By using his speed to scramble forward with the ball after the snap, he then pitches a short, very awkward pass toward any available receiver. The nature of the ball's trajectory is so erratic, it actually confuses the opposing team as they cannot determine which way the ball is going.

With this unorthodox method, the Devil Bats score a touchdown and closes the gap. This forces the Dinosaurs to change their offense pattern to kick. However, when the offense was given to the Devilbats, Sena's strategy didn't work out again, since Marco, as much more refined quarterback in the term of brain and experience, manages to predict his movements and moving accordingly to it.

To makes things worse, Kisaragi, who injured in the first half, manages to return in the second half, marking Monta and intercept all his slow passes, makes the pass play can't work again. When he realizes his limit, and everything looks gloomy, a familiar face encouraging him from behind It appears that Hiruma appears again, in all his "glory" even scaring his teammamtes and Dinosaurs' alike with his zombie-like "face paint".

His comeback is shown when he managed to fools Marco to think that he will play, when in actuality it was Sena who do to play, practically catching the Dinosaurs off-guard, resulting in another touchdown. However,realizing that Hiruma bandages both his arms, having Mamori fixing his helmet,having himself holding the ball for conversion kick by Musashi, and not touching his guns at all, Sena begin to wonders if the Devil Commander can even hold the ball by his arms However, it appears that even only Hiruma's presence itself is more than enough to send terror and causing the opposition to be wary.

Moreover, he reveals that he can still do a long pass although only oncegiving first down for Deimon and makes the opposition become wary of pass game, that helped Sena to scores the touchdown, closing the gap into 8 points. With the game continues, and both Deimon and Hakushuu trading scores withseeing that Hakushuu realizes that Hiruma cannot play properly anymore, the team goes with extreme strategies: Using the trickplay, they manages to confuse Hakushuu's defense, helping them gain many yards.

With Monta's help, they manages to gain first down Until Sena find himself preoccupied with both Gaou and Marco. Forcing to choose between losing the ball to Marco's Screw Bite, or getting crushed by Gaou, he choose the brave decision, to get crushed rather than to lose the ball although it can't be helped that he begged for mercy from Gaou, really Sena's style!

However, it seems that Gaou is rather going easy to him, saying that he's really similar to the true Eyeshield 21, now playing in Teikoku. He speaks a challenge toward Marco to face him, so he could prepare himself for the real Eyeshield Sena, determined to become the real "Eyeshield 21", now decides to face Marco one-on-one By going with regular "I" formation, Sena then rushes to the side, trying to score a touchdown.

sena kobayakawa relationship quizzes

But in the end, just as expected, Marco was standing right there, reads his play and waiting for him. With his body weakened, and with Marco's Screw Bite, he decides to face him head on with his speed, ramming full speed into Marco. Because of strength difference, it seems that Marco is already stopping him from scoring a touchdown, ensures Devilbats defeat The team then go with 2-point conversion, using their supposedly strongest card for close-up breakthrough: However, the touchdown is not without a cost; Sena, who had already tackled by Gaou before, had used almost every strength he had to do the Vertical Devil Light Hurricane, and now his body didn't have enough power to even hold the ball properly.

Hiruma realizing this at last moment, knows that the Devilbat Dive won't work with Sena's current condition, and decides to run the ball on his own, just before he gives the ball to Sena This forces Sena to create a fake 'Devilbat Dive' to try and confuse Marco, but this doesn't phase him.

However, fate lets Hiruma run the ball in for a touchdown after Kurita overcomes Gaou. This puts the Devilbats in the lead, and the game ends with the Devilbats leading by one point. During the ceremony, since his hand is still numb from the play, he accidentally drops his trophy. Hiruma use this chance to fool him into saying their teams determination is not only for the best of Kanto, but also to win at Christmas Bowl, against the undefeatable Teikoku Gakuen, and became the strongest high school football team.

With Deimon's victory, they now head into a showdown with Teikoku in the Christmas Bowl In their first battle, however, Sena didn't make it, as he slipped in pile of snow. However, Yamato, with his body balance and perfect physique, manages to cross the snowy field with ease.

However, Sena notices, that actually he and Shin are both a bit faster than Yamato During Teikoku onside kick, he manages to stop Yamato from advancing using his speed. However, the onside kick succeeded for Teikoku, as Taka manages to defeat Monta in catching contest. He once again faced Yamato one-on-one who now shows his "true style" In chapterhe's shown to evade multiple players who tried to stop him at the same time, using advanced version of Devilbat Ghost.

The only defender left is Sena, who, due to his training with Shin, manages to catch him. However, Yamato then uses his true style: With Sena shaken, he's free to the endzone Yamato, shaken by his sudden burst of speed from far away throws Sena down using his right arm With Devilbats left behind atYamato again shows his strength during Deimon's offense.

Realizing that he can't win on his own, he cooperates with Monta using Cross Formation. However their inexperience at the Christ Cross causes them to fumble the ball after Himura passed it to them, resulting in a mess where the ball almost stolen by Teikoku, if not for the Ha-Ha Bros who quickly re-fumbles the ball which quickly recovered by Hiruma, in which Deimon gained negative 2 yards.

With the scores showsand only 9 minutes left, everything became bleak However, the score had been resetted toas well as the clock 9 minutes 48 seconds left thanks to Komusubi. Using No Huddle strategies, they try to forward as much as they can. Later, in play call "21", Sena participated in sacking Taka, stopping him from intercept Monta and successfully ensure Deimon first touchdown. Later, after near successful Zone Blitz Kurita failed to catch at the last moment, since he using too much strengthSena manages to return the ball at the last moment, ensures Deimon 2nd touchdown.

As results, Teikoku now shows no-holding back game, that put Deimon at During Teikoku's try-for-point, Monta manages to block the football, keeping the score at It was revealed that Hiruma, this entire time, was patiently waiting for Sena to defeat Yamoto.

Sena, freshly determined from this fact, decides to make this "mistake" the reality. He tried after that to slip below Yamato while his arms we're raised but failed again to realise that Yamato had no opening on degrees.

sena kobayakawa relationship quizzes

Replying to the comment that Yamato has sealed all three dimensions, Kengo Mizumachi comments about going in the fourth dimension which is time which is impossible. This comment opens the eyes of Sena.

Hiruma believes in Sena on their last play of offense 4th down and Sena bypasses Yamato with a technique that involves time, the fourth dimension. Sena takes a single step back at 4. Sena has in a way "turned time BACK" by stepping BACK out of the 3rd-dimension out of Yamato's absolute degrees or 3-dimensional control into the "fourth dimension".

After Musashi's biggest kick ever, Sena uses his time run to get past Achilles and cause a fumble on the receiver of the kick Tenma by tackling his receiving hand. During the time, the endzone becomes a battlefield, with Sena, Taki, and Achilles fight for the ball possession. Yamato, known what will happen if the ball going out of bounds in the endzone, tries to recover the ball; only to be stopped by Taki instructed by Hiruma in the nick of time.

This was resulted in safety for Teikoku, and Deimon got another chance for offense, with The time now running 5 minutes for Deimon With Hiruma making fun and playing with their minds using Mamori as wellTeikoku can't determines how the offense will be done. With the ball hiked to Sena, and he using his new technique to going past Teikoku players with ease, making Yamato lose his composure.

However, it was revealed that right after watching Sena use his new move, everyone on the Teikoku side noticed its fatal weakness. Now Deimon has to go with passes, and Yamoto sealed off both by blitzing Hiruma. Hiruma, however, trusted in Yukimitsu, and passed the ball to him, letting Yukimitsu score a touchdown with his first catch in the Christmas Bowl. With the score now at with 4 minutes remaining, Teikoku decided to seal off Deimon's next offense, by only using Yamato for runs.

This enabled them to eat up the clock, which only let Deimon have one minute for offense. To make things worse, Teikoku managed to add to their score by a field goal, setting a 10 points difference With this, Hiruma realizes that their fate is already sealed, and chooses to lie that they can score 10 points in 8 seconds, just to make sure Deimon won't surrender halfway.

Even though the team realizes the bluff, they choose to believe in Hiruma and fight till the end. Now, with only 8 seconds remaining on the clock, Monta and Sena decide to do the cooperation play they failed before, the Christ Cross. They start by hiding the ball well, making Teikoku guess who has it, and suddenly Sena trips, exposing the ball. This turns out to be a perfectly staged trap, and Sena lobs the ball back to Hiruma who runs with it.

Deciding it's a pass, Teikoku closes in on the recievers, leaving Sena wide open on the far side. Sena takes the ball and runs for a showdown with Yamato. Sena has defeated the weakness in his Devil 4th Dimension by combining it with his Devil Bat Ghost, which he uses to pass Yamato and score He is able to attain a rocket start, as well as make very sharp turns and cuts.

However, his speed decreases after the explosive start so, before training with Deimon, his yard-dash is 5. If he's pressed to a certain emotional level, such as being chased by Cerberus or Shinhis time shortens to as little as 4. This involves him running at relatively easy pace, then suddenly accelerate to full speed. The problem with this is that just before he speeds up or makes a turn, he stops for a moment, which allow others to tackle him. This is Sena's ability to run the yard dash in 4.

Initially, he is only able to tap into this speed once per game, as it totally exhausts him after finishing. However, in the match against Bando Spiders, he manages to overcome his limits and manages to hold his top speed for a much longer period of time though he collapses after the match. By the beginning of the Kantou Tournament, Sena is able to run at this pace frequently without rest. First used in a match against the Oujou White Knights during the spring tournament.