Scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt

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scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance - [Walter, Paige] - Words: Toby would just be relieved that you weren't available to flirt with Happy.". Disclaimer- I don't own any of the Scorpion characters, only this plot. He remembers that Paige had to teach Walter how to flirt for an earlier. Scorpion () s04e08 - Faire Is Foul Episode Script. 1 WALTER: Previously on Scorpion Meu amigo amigvel. Yes, they taught us that in law.

He may not go out much, and has trouble doing anything that comes close to normal, but he's open and honest where and when it counts, though maybe not always with himself. Tim cleared his throat, setting the glass he had been holding aside. He would probably hear some version of the truth from the others at some point, anyway. Right now, with Walter's presence hovering between them like a ghost, it was the calmest she had felt all evening.

All of them," she added quickly. Tim smiled at her over the top of their wineglasses. Finally, after desert had been finished and cleared away, she glanced at her watch, realizing that they had breezed through their evening a little too quickly.

scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt

Let's get you home. Ralph was asleep on the couch, cocooned beneath a mound of ratty, old blankets, and she found Happy and Toby in the kitchen, huddled around something on the small table that smelled a bit like burnt hair.

Walter sat off to the side, his look of disapproval giving way to curiosity as the smell intensified. All three looked up when she entered the room.

Scorpion 4x17 — Paige Coaches 'Dopey' Walter

It looked like two hot plates had hastily been welded together, and Toby was currently trying to shove a few pieces of bread between them. Thank you for watching Ralph. We figured you would be gone another hour or two, at least. And you're welcome; Ralph was no trouble. Try as she might, she couldn't keep her mind from drifting to a few of the other times the two of them had been alone, landing on one memory in particular.

Though he tried to look nonchalant about it, it was obvious Walter was very interested in her answer as he fiddled with Toby's discarded toaster. For one, brief moment, Paige seriously considered lying, if only to catch a glimpse of the jealousy Walter had been displaying recently, particularly around Tim, but decided against it. Playing games would get them nowhere. Tim is great, but I don't think we will be going out again.

Paige suppressed a smile. He's not really my type.

scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt

We are attracted to the people we are attracted to based on the primal urges we happen to be feeling at the time. Maybe I should go out with him again. A few moments of silence, then: Ignoring the heavy thumping of her heart, she stood and slid her car keys out of her bag, passing him on her way back to her sleeping son. She wanted so badly to answer, but didn't trust the words that were threatening to spill out of her mouth.

Too many secrets, too many feelings, too much room for heartbreak. He seemed relatively unbothered, but she had a feeling that he, like her, would be mulling over his unanswered question all night. How she couldn't seem to get on board with Tim's perfect mannerisms and behavior, but felt at ease or passionate whenever it came to Walter, despite the fact that they were going nowhere anytime soon.

She considered what he had said about attraction.

scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt

Maybe it did have to do with primal urges and other scientific nonsense but, in her experience, Like attracted Like. Paige was not perfect.

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She was not a genius or funny. She was a little broken and very afraid of the world.

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She was terrified of losing Ralph and the team, of intimacy and of being alone and no matter how hard she tried to move on and ignore it, Paige Dineen most definitely had a type.

And it wasn't Tim. On with the story! Paige and Toby decide they'll go into the bar as a couple and try to talk to Andy. Toby will be able to tell what he's going to do before he does it and Paige will be able to make most of the conversation.

They'll lead Andy outside and Cabe will be able to take him with no trouble. Cabe walks back to his office leaving Toby and Paige in the kitchen. He remembers that Paige had to teach Walter how to flirt for an earlier mission.

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As he heard from Sly it was very hilarious. It's just that I think our friend Walt wanted you to teach him. Walter denies that he has feelings so it is unlikely he'll act upon his denied affection for Paige. Unless they can make Walter have feelings that he might act upon like, "Jealousy.

He really wanted their relationship to work, he wanted Walter and Paige to be happy. It'll teach Walter that a relationship can work with missions and it'll make him jealous.

scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt

Can't have Walter not functioning during the mission. He forgot that this plan might interfere with her.

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They walk out to the main quarters and meet up with everyone. Toby notices Happy picking up a screw and fiddling with it again. Andy isn't looking for a girl, he's just getting a drink for himself. So if we act as a couple in a bar, Andy will see no competition and we might be able to get him to go outside where we want him.

She is pretty, in her own way.

scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt