My life is too complicated for a relationship

my life is too complicated for a relationship

The good news? Just because somebody else did it, doesn't mean you have to follow in their footsteps. While most relationships contain life lessons of what you . Mar 4, If you are going to be in a relationship it should be joyous all the time. By joyous I Too many things in our life are way too damn complicated. All relationships are complicated in their own way — human being are complex and life It's easy to think that life is the culprit for your complicated relationship.

Perhaps you are dating outside your race and your family is unaccepting of interracial relationships. Living with a secret relationship is unpleasant and unfair to all parties involved. Long distance relationships The long distance relationship is one that carries a lot of pain, patience, and frustration along with it.

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This relationship is fully sustainable if you live close enough to drive to one another and plan on moving in together down the road. But, if your relationship requires constant plane tickets and drastically different time zones, the result is probably going to be a jumbled mess. Long distance relationships are hard. Sure, technology makes it easier, but snuggling up with your boyfriend over facetime while you watch the same television show is great, but nothing beats spooning together in person.

This charm between you can also lead to jealousy and straying eyes.

8 Complicated Relationship Types That You Should Always Avoid

You are putting his marriage in jeopardy, as well as your friendship with his wife. Firstly, you are married.

my life is too complicated for a relationship

How is the friend supposed to react to you coming on to her? This is one complicated relationship that is best left avoided. You will not get any satisfaction out of this relationship. The crush on your best friend Having a crush on your best friend is one of the most complicated relationships you will ever be in.

my life is too complicated for a relationship

Do you tell her everything and risk being turned down and losing your friendship or do you push it to the back of your mind until it festers and you begin to resent your friend? Neither choice is appealing. We get ourselves involved in situations that drain us, we have family obligations, work issues and money problems.

We should not have to sacrifice, change or be someone were not. Fighting with somebody is completely useless. Waste of both your energy and time. This brings me to my next point, an open heart. No boundaries, completely limitless and open. I think fulfilling your life is following your heart and loving unconditionally.

Anyone who claims that deep down that is not what they want, is either in denial or in denial.

Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time With Complicated Relationships

Real genuine love that awakens everything inside your being. Without that, what do we have left to gain? What do we have left to give? We are so shaped by our past. But this is so far from the truth.

my life is too complicated for a relationship

They sometimes matter more than your present one because we often carry our feelings onto the next relationship. We are all vulnerable, damaged and carry the weight around with us.

A heavy bag that you carry will never be lighter until you unload it. When starting a new relationship we need to lay it all out from the beginning before things turn into an after effect of our past experiences.