Fun relationship questions to ask a guy homecoming

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fun relationship questions to ask a guy homecoming

There are a wide array of questions you can ask a guy you're interested in. Asking these Worst things? READ 35 Questions to Ask a Girl you like on a Date . No one spends serious money on a date and asks someone they suspect will insure a rotten time. SO if you have What are some questions to ask someone?. 21 Adorable New Ways to Ask Someone to Prom #hc #hc #hc2k18 # dress #homecomingdress #goals #relationship #relationshipgoals Balloons are not only an INSTANT PARTY, but a fun way to "pop" the question.

When you die, do you want to be buried or cremated? Would you consider yourself an optimist, pessimist, or realist? We notice an old man living out of a shopping cart behind a grocery store. What is your first thought about him? Someone calls me something horrible. Do you let me fight my own battles, or jump in and defend me? Do you think it's okay to have a close female friend at work? What are three things you are willing to splurge on for yourself?

What's something that no one else knows about you? Do you ever rehearse a phone call beforehand? When did you last sing to yourself? What are you most thankful for? What do you most fear about getting older? Where do you see yourself in five years? What is your happiest memory? When was the last time you shed a tear?

Funny Questions To Ask a Guy You Like to Get to Know Him

What is a tradition you did as a child that you want to do with your kids someday? What are some things in life that you had to learn the hard way? Do you have any dreams from childhood that you can vividly recall? What were your childhood aspirations, and how have they changed? How do you picture your life when you're 60? What is your most terrible memory? How have you changed the most since you were younger? In what areas do you want to change the most? When was the first time you were in love?

When was the first time you said I love you? Is there any book that changed your life? What is your biggest insecurity? If you could change anything about the past, what would it be? Political Questions Why do you think the divorce rate is so high nowadays?

What do you think is the biggest flaw of the welfare system? If you were running for president, what are three key things you would include in your campaign?

fun relationship questions to ask a guy homecoming

Are you pro-choice or pro-life? How do you feel about genetically modified food? What is one thing that you feel would make any small business owner more successful? What invention do you think has done the most for the human race? Should children be allowed to have cell phones? How important do you think it is to do well in school?

Would you consider yourself proud to live in this country? Is there anything too serious to be joked about? What are your views on the political system? This one is more than just flirting.

40 Cute and Funny Questions to Ask a Guy

Would you consider yourself to be shy? This question establishes what names you two may favor in calling each other while flirting. Does he prefer babe or honey? Do you like dirty talk? What could possibly be more flirty than you working on getting his mind in the right- or should I say wrong place?

How would you describe your ideal relationship? All this talk of pet names and dirty talk may have things heated up, but opening up about what he would consider a perfect relationship might let your man know you truly mean business with him. Favorite place to make-out? Are you both suddenly resisting the urge to lock lips with each other? Good, that is exactly why this question is so dang flirty. Maybe he will even want to show you where it is… Question What did you first notice about me?

Was it your eyes? Did he love the way you walk or talk? Shifting the focus of your conversations on yourself every once and awhile is a great flirt tactic. Get him thinking about what made him like you in the first place. Do you have a secret fantasy and if so what is it? Create a pathway for the both of you to chat about what really gets you going. Do you enjoy the company of your friends? Are you comfortable with your current job? Which is the first region your eyes would wander to if you were to ever see me naked?

When was the first time you got a whiff of my body odor? If I caught you masturbating in bed, would you blush awkwardly and accept that I caught you, or would you pretend like you were just shifting your butt about on the bed? When was the first time you had a wet dream?

Have you ever played doctor as a child? With whom did you play and how old were you? What is your wildest sexual secret that you want to indulge in at least once in your lifetime? Have you ever been caught naked by someone? Have you ever found something valuable on the street and kept it for yourself even though you knew you could return it to the owner? Can you tell me your funniest childhood memory that you can remember?

Which is the one word in my vocabulary that I use excessively? Do you think you could punch someone and knock them off their senses? If you had to make out with a friend of the same-sex to save the world from aliens, whom would you pick? Which sex toys have you experimented with so far, and which ones would you want to stay away from? If you had to have a sex change, what part of your body would you want enhanced more than anything else? Have you ever had a secret crush on any of your teachers or friends, and have they ever got to know about it?

fun relationship questions to ask a guy homecoming

When was the last time you felt possessive about me? Have you ever eavesdropped on me or peeked at me without my notice? Personally, do you think size matters in reality? If you had no choice, how many days do you think you could abstain from sex or masturbation at a stretch?

What gets you wet faster, phone sex or sexting? While having sex, would you prefer getting on top or staying down in bed? If you had to pick an animal, which animal do you find the sexiest of all? Have you ever accidentally and yet intentionally kissed someone or tried kissing someone? When was the last time you scratched yourself down there in public?

fun relationship questions to ask a guy homecoming

If the world froze for an afternoon and only you could move and no one could see you or remember what you did, what would you do?