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This study is set to describe the magnitude of consanguinity in an urban population and to identify the effects of . consanguineous marriage allows a better relationship with . A chronic condition is defined as a health problem that. lasts over. 9 % were consanguineous, and in urban areas, 29 *1 %. In more No consistent associationswere observed with degree of relation- ship. . Definitions . Consanguineous marriages are more prevalent in rural than urban areas8, such It is defined as either the cessation of breathing for longer than 20 seconds or.

Complications at birth - baby 54 8. Complications at birth - mother Consanguinity and Maternal Complications Looking at under-five child health related complications like; condition at birth, congenital defects, and delay in physical, mental and social milestones, no significant differences were revealed. Number of episodes of illness in the year was found be more in the children of consanguineous parentage.

This finding is statistically significant p 0. Birth condition- Sick Congenital defects 11 1. Delayed physical milestones 7 1.

Delayed mental milestones 7 1.

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Delayed social milestones 4 0. Chronic diseases 25 4. Congenital defects, mostly of a minor level, were seen in 3. However there is no significant difference between the two groups. The overall prevalence of congenital defects in this study is 2. The congenital defects identified are listed in Table 4. Club Foot 1 0. Imperforate anus 1 0. Mental retardation 3 0.

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List of Congenital Defects J. A non-judgmental attitude towards consanguineous parents. Culturally, the Schedules Tribe Acknowledgements communities seem to avoid consanguineous marriages The author wish to thank the management of Katuri while it is less popular among the Muslim communities. Medical College for the help rendered in the conduct of this Among all the other communities, this practice does not study and also the residents of Nallacheruvu community in seem to be influenced much by demographic factors such Guntur city for their cooperation.

If parents are first cousins, the chance is a little higher clinical genetics. Clin Genet ;60 2: HGSG Briefing paper consanguineous rates are slightly higher.

Consanguineous unions Engagement and training working group of the lead to increased expression of autosomal recessive human genomics strategy group Department of disorders. They concluded that congenital malformations Conference, Busan, Korea, Republic of 26 August - were 3. This is however not seen http: Pattern of congenital showed that of marriages in rural areas, Consanguinity, human and 0. Where there is a high degree of consanguinity, there is a [7] Hamamy H.

Journal of Community Genetics More important is the need for educating the people about ;3 3: Association of system for birth defects in India like the BDRI across the parental consanguinity with decreased birth weight whole country will definitely be of immense help.

Clin Genet ;28 4: Parental [14] Fact sheet When parents are related— consanguinity as a cause of increased incidence of consanguinity. Am J Med Genet ;49 1: Inbreeding effects on fertility association with birth defects. J Med Genet ;3 9B: Morbidity asthma in Indian children. Indian Journal of profile in under five children in urban slum area of Community Medicine ;34 4: Natl J Community Med ;3 3: Consanguineous marriages- [17] Sharma R. Birth defects in India: Indian J Hum Genet settings. J Community Genet ;3 3: It is interesting to note that despite consanguinity with sisters among the Pharaohs, no ocular defect was recorded until the 18th generation.

Several factors contribute to consanguinity. These are economic and cultural factors, encounter, social and cultural isolation. In Bedouin society, the reasons given for favouring cousin marriages were clan solidarity, interpersonal compatibility, preservation of family property, parental authority, and social protection for women. Under these circumstances, the group from which a mate must be selected is small; therefore the proportion of first cousins in it is higher than in larger populations and random mating will more often result in consanguinity.

This has been demonstrated in varying degrees of consanguinity for such isolated groups e. There are many people descended from common ancestors who are unaware of the fact that they are related.

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In most geographical areas, man does not reproduce within pedigrees which are completely isolated from one another but, rather in a network of relationships which joins all, or most strains together in a single reproductive unit. This is the case even where branches of a society seem to be separated. Over generations, prohibitions and barriers to intermarriage break down, particularly as both legitimate and illegitimate unions lead equally to an interchange of genes. That being the case, tracing of pedigrees of any group of apparently unrelated individuals of similar territorial origin will reveal that many of them possess a common ancestor.

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Therefore, if two such people, who are apparently unrelated, marry, they do contract a distant consanguineous marriage.