7 relationship marketing llc

7 relationship marketing llc

Seven Simple Ways You Can Strengthen Customer Relationships Marketing specialists are equipped to provide businesses the type of. About us. Unit 7 (a subsidiary of Omnicom Group Inc.) is a direct and relationship marketing full-service agency known for being a key thought-leader in the area. a service? Heed these 7 pieces of relationship marketing advice! Precision Marketing Group - Logo Therefore, relationship marketing plays a larger role for companies competing in the professional services industry.

In my experience as the director of marketing for a global Fortune company, the answer is easy to identify yet challenging to achieve: Why do I include "easy" and "challenging" in the same sentence? Because the idea of focusing on the customer's viewpoint is decidedly not new in the marketing landscape, but creating a campaign that focuses on the values of the consumer takes commitment and research. From data dives to field research and anecdotal market intelligence, building an accurate picture of consumer values and priorities, then acting on that information, is hard but rewarding work.

Convert prospects into customers and advocates of your brand!

Here's a look at why this customer-centric approach matters, along with some actionable tips for making the customer connection a reality. Make the Connection Why should companies connect with consumers from a values perspective? Because doing so builds a lasting relationship with customers rather than treating every transaction as a one-off.

7 relationship marketing llc

Moreover, developing values-based personas can help the company remain relevant to existing customers and introduce the company to new customers.

Our team's research, for example, has revealed that many consumers in our market are "dual belongers"—people who feel they straddle two countries and lifestyles.

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Customer-Centric Building Blocks Based on my experience, I suggest these seven actions as fundamental building-blocks to a customer-centric strategy: Get inside their heads and hearts. Some of our best campaigns were a result of listening to the customerfrom hearing life stories to capturing their beliefs and family connections.

7 relationship marketing llc

Large data is valuable, but sample groups, video interviews, and other tools put a personal stamp on large swathes of intelligence. Align offers with consumer values. Campaigns should deliver on offers, prizes, and collateral that are emotionally powerful and solve consumers' real challenges. Solutions and incentives that resonate with consumer values can help bridge the gap between a service and a trusted friend.

Mix it up, think omnichannel.

7 Steps to Strengthen Your Customer Relationship Strategy

While most consumers use some sort of social media or digital channel, it is a mistake not to diversify. Use a mix of touchpoints and take the message to the channels where the community is most engaged. In our case, this is Facebook and YouTube. A visual and audio message can engage a consumer in a way that simple print digital or otherwise simply cannot.

That may seem excessive to you but as people make more friends and Like more pages, your posts may be missed.

  • Seven Building Blocks of a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

If […] Read More Jessika helped me with social media and in less than a months time helped me triple the activity on my page. It is great because it reaches a whole new group of clients that may not have ever heard of my company.

Jessika is great to work with and would recommend her to everyone, except my competition!! She recognized early on that businesses needed a social media marketing, and she dove right in to be the expert. Does anyone have more passion, drive, work ethic and creativity than Jessika? She's one of the brightest people I've ever met!

7 relationship marketing llc

Don't pass up any opportunity to work with her! Jessika is not only an expert on social media marketing, but she also has an excitement about the subject and the use of technology in marketing.

Seven Simple Ways You Can Strengthen Customer Relationships

Her positive energy is contagious. After a couple quick meetings, the NOW Marketing Group helped design the Visual Eyes logo and we began the implementation of creating my website.

Relationship Marketing 101: Part One

I recently was asked to write an article in an optometry journal about search engine optimization and my website. The journal's editors were curious how my business shows up in top search results on the internet.