Relationship between canada and belgium

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relationship between canada and belgium

Jun 5, The United States established diplomatic relations with Belgium in Belgium's liberation from Nazi Germany by British, Canadian, and U.S. forces in As an outward-looking nation, Belgium works closely with the. Belgium–Canada relations are those between the nations of Belgium and Canada. Both are close allies and members of NATO and Francophonie. Both have a. In addition, Canada is strongly interested in what is happening in Belgium in terms of state reform. The political relations between Brussels and Ottawa are.

They are part of the approximatelyBelgians or Canadians of Belgian origin residing in Canada, according to Canadian statistics. The Belgian Regions and Communities have also developed close economic and cultural ties with the Canadian provinces. Economic and trade representatives from the three Regions are present in Montreal and in Toronto.

Furthermore, the French Community also has a delegation in Quebec City, the capital of the province of Quebec, while the Brussels Region has opened an office in Vancouver, the port city on the Canadian West Coast.

Belgium–Canada relations

The province of Quebec also has a representation in Brussels. Bilateral trade over the last decade represents an export rate fluctuating between 1. Canadian imports have fluctuated between 1. InCanada achieved a trade surplus with our country of just over half a billion euros. Canada is the third largest producer of rough diamonds in the world, with more than half of these diamonds being sold in Antwerp.

This makes our country the biggest trading partner of the Northwest Territories, where the diamond mines are located. Belgium is the sixth-largest EU investor in Canada and the sixteenth foreign investor in the world. Belgian investments in Canada amount to around 4 billion euros per year.

There are about fifty Belgian subsidiaries in Canada and about the same number of Canadian subsidiaries in Belgium. The United States of America USA Belgium and the US first established diplomatic relations in and the ties between the two countries have only strengthened ever since. Belgium is a reliable NATO ally and cooperates with the US in the fight against terrorism and in other security issues.

Economic relations with the US are very intense. Within the European Union, Belgium is the sixth-biggest exporter of goods to the US and the third most important supplier of services.

Foreign relations Belgium

The total value of trade in goods and services between Belgium and the US amounts to approximately 66 billion euros annually. Belgium runs a trade surplus in services, but has a negative trade balance in goods. Belgium is the twelfth-largest investor in the US.

In terms of employment, Belgium is even the tenth investor in the US with more thanemployees inmainly in the chemical industry and wholesale trade. Discrimination based on sex is frowned upon and will not be tolerated.

Religion In Belgium, Catholicism is the most widespread religion. There are also Moslems, Jews and Protestants. In general, people are open-minded about other religions.

Moslems can occasionally feel uncomfortable because of the events of the last few years and months. Class The majority of Belgians belong to the middle classes. There is some class discrimination, but in general people are tolerant.

Ethnicity Belgium is a multicultural country. In general, multiculturalism is not a source of conflict and Belgians are quite open to foreigners living in their country. Belgium belongs to the European Union and therefore, it is not surprising to find so many people from other European countries. In the workplace, minorities are protected by legislation. There is very little tolerance for those who do not abide by this legislation. The legislation breakers can be reprimanded and even fired for inappropriate comments or behaviour.

Cultural Information - Relationship-building Question: How important is it to establish a personal relationship with a colleague or client before getting to business? On the contrary, Belgians have a quite strong notion of privacy. Once you know quite well the persons you work with, you will know things from their personal lives as a matter of fact. But personal topics are not the proper way to start a business relation. Colleagues end up knowing each other because they spend the whole day together.

However, if the workplace is competitive, personal relationships will not arise easily. If the workplace is not so competitive, people are more relaxed and come up with personal things after a while this varies according to the workplace and to the persons. There is no best way to establish personal relationship at work. It will just come by itself. It is not a good thing to be very secret about one's personal life but it is not well perceived to talk only about private things at work.

Firms are trying to increase personal relations between the workers but that is still a recent trend and therefore, depends on the firm. Establishing a personal relationship with a colleague or a client is important to foster respect and trust.

Business and friendship relations can sometimes intertwine, but it is not an absolute necessity to strengthen a business relationship.

relationship between canada and belgium

A simple business relationship based on mutual respect can exist between two persons working together. This mutual respect is essential for team members to be able to work together. Occasionally, people who work together socialize amongst themselves outside of work. This is quite frequent and encouraged. Cultural Information - Privileges and Favouritism Question: Would a colleague or employee expect special privileges or considerations given our personal relationship or friendship Local Perspective: Officially, it is considered as very bad to give privileges because of a personal relation.

In practice, however, it happens that personal relationships help to get preferred treatment. However, a pay increase will not vary because of a personal relationship. Normally, it is not well considered to hire friends or family but it happens.

A colleague should not expect any special consideration because of his friendship with you. His work performance should be the only consideration for promotion.

It is unacceptable to use friendship as the only factor for promotion. For instance, in such a case, it would not be the recipient of the promotion who gets blamed but it is the manager who gave it who gets blamed for mixing friendship with business As a consequence, this manager could be fired.

Cultural Information - Conflicts in the Workplace Question: I have a work-related problem with a colleague. Do I confront him or her directly?

relationship between canada and belgium

Talking to the colleague in private would be the best solution. If the problem persists, you should go to the superior. Then, the supervisor will handle the problem. Work problems with colleagues should be resolved in a straightforward way and in private. If the problem remains, a neutral third party can be consulted.

It could be a supervisor, or somebody from Human Resources, but this third party should not have a friendship relation with either of the two colleagues. The best way to find out if a colleague is offended by something you may have done is to respectfully ask him. If two colleagues cannot discuss minor problems in a reasonable way, it would be preferable to have the discussion and the solution of the problem in question taken by a supervisor.

Canada - Belgium Relations

In general, healthy and respectful business relations between colleagues should be strong enough to allow the resolution of conflicts. What motivates my local colleagues to perform well on the job?

Performance is often related to well-being at work. If workers are rewarded for their work by recognition of their good work, monetary incentives, promises kept However, a competitive environment is not desirable. Several factors can foster better performance by employees.

The best one is certainly for them to be able to keep their job and consequently the salary and the fringe benefits. For some, job satisfaction is the main motivation, while for others, money and promotions are paramount. To help me learn more about the local culture splease recommend: It is useful to become familiar with the history of Belgium in order to avoid mistakes concerning relations between Flemish and Walloons. The history of the world wars has also had a strong impact on Belgium.

Those two elements are very important to understanding Belgium. The issue of the monarchy is interesting as well. It is mostly recommended to understand the auto derision of Belgians and to try not to take everything seriously. To read a guide about Belgium is a good idea. Better is to look at general websites such as wikipaedia, with the terms Belgium or, on the French version of the website, with "belgitude".

To read Belgian literature and watch Belgian movies is a good thing but is not necessary to understand the culture of the country.

To learn about Belgian culture, one can read books such as in French, "Histoire de la Belgique: Belgium is synonymous with comic strips; it is there that they were born.

Unfortunately, there are no Belgian restaurants in Ottawa.

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Yet one can find the typical Belgian dish, mussels and fries, in some restaurants in Ottawa. Belgian beer is readily available in several Ottawa bars. Cultural Information - In-country Activities Question: When in this country, I want to learn more about the culture s and people.

What activities can you recommend? As to television shows, there are only few Belgian television channels. Belgian movies have their own style. A few Belgian authors are becoming very famous and write nice novels: The most important places to visit are: Brussels the capitalthe coast Zwinthe Ardennes and Bruges.

As Belgium is a very small country, a nice way to visit it is to take the train there are very cheap tickets with which you can go from any station to any other within the country for a fix price, they are called "gopass".

The national dish is mussels with French fries. A lot of websites are devoted to activities in Belgium. A quick research on the internet according to one's favourite activities is sufficient to find a lot of possibilities.

Tourism in the Flanders and Brussels: For more information about the Belgian culture and people, one can watch programs on TV5 which could be of interest, for instance the Belgian new bulletin Le journal belge which presents information on Belgium. Belgians are big fans of soccer; the tournaments and league games are often shown on television.

Soccer is to the Belgians what hockey is to Canadians. RTBF is the national Belgian broadcaster. It is heard through satellite or on Internet at www.