Karylle and marian rivera finally meet someone

Marian Rivera Finally Shares Feelings On Meeting Karylle

karylle and marian rivera finally meet someone

Marian Rivera ibinahagi ang pagkikita nila ni Karylle sa isang event lionheartv. net. Marian Rivera's reaction on finally meeting Karylle: “Tamang panahon”. Marian Rivera answered questions about meeting Karylle. - She said that The said that the actress was "plastik," someone lacking in sincerity. They said that. Marian recently spoke about the encounter on 24 Oras and only had sweet words to say about meeting Karylle.

They came to the relationship slowly, shared Dingdong. He was in New York with friends and Marian was in Los Angeles when they realized they had feelings for one another. It turned out that the initial impressions they made on each other was the first step of their journey as a couple, as it helped them realize how, as opposites, they complemented each other. Dingdong and Marian had started out by getting to know the worst of each other first, after which they made the worst work for them.

At kung ano ang kulang sa akin, napupunan niya. Hindi kami parehas," Marian said. Fun-loving Marian made the quiet and reserved Dingdong more expressive and made him adapt to her humor and positivity.

Sense of humor sa mga bagay. Their first date was a simple road trip to Tagaytay on a motorcycle.

Marian Rivera and Karylle finally meet - BALANGAW

Simple as it was, the date was one of their most memorable moments. Imagine mo, ilang oras akong nakayakap sa kanya. Nagkwentuhan kami at kumain. Though they are both working actors who are always the focus of the public's attention, they are at their best with each other during private moments. That's why they often like to travel and be alone together. According to Dingdong, his favorite travel moments are the airplane flighs during which they do nothing more than sit next to each other and just talk.

Despite this, Dingdong and Marian never neglect the grand gesture. On Dingdong's birthday last August, Marian surprised Dingdong with a concert from his favorite band, Wolfgang. Marian gathered his fiance's four best friends, his family, and friends to celebrate with them.

Ang hindi matatawaran, yung nakita kong masaya siya. Dingdong proved his intentions were honorable when he arranged a trip to Spain with Marian in so he could meet her father. According to Marian, it was very special because it was the first Valentine's day that she got to spend with the two most important men in her life. Not surprisingly, Marian's father gave Dingdong his blessing. Dong has taught me a lot. As a newcomer immersed in controversies, I could have been traumatized.

I am thankful because Dong always sees the good in people. I learned to copy his optimism, his enthusiasm in charity work. He inspires me to be a better person. He has his own thing; I have mine. When we combine our [efforts] we get to help a lot of people. There is talk that you are running for office? Even in Cavite, when people ask, I tell them I have no political plans. I just want to share whatever I have. Are you ready for politics? If Dingdong ran for office …?

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Bahala siya sa buhay niya! He used to be the one question, one answer type. I told him to relax, enjoy life.

karylle and marian rivera finally meet someone

Now, he is more kalog fun-loving than I am. As Dong would say: Not so far, but not so near. It sounds confusing, but we understand each other. Yes, he is … always surprising me.

I guess, we complement each other. We always find a way to meet up, no matter how busy we both are. When we have free time, we go to the movies. Do you still get jealous? Nakakasuka, nakakadiri ang term na selos. They say I get mad when Dong has a kissing scene with another leading lady. But I also have kissing scenes with my leading men! Why should I get upset? Why should I get jealous of another girl? Am I not sexy? Am I not presentable? But of course I cannot go around saying that because people will say I am arrogant.

The point is, I have no reason to be insecure. How do you handle the fact that your boyfriend is a heartthrob? Well, men also fantasize about me. I should be flattered that other girls like him. We are here to guide each other, inspire each other to become good people. We can be ourselves, eat street food … How would you describe your relationship at this point?

Why worry about little things? But I want him to feel that I am not just his girlfriend, but also his best friend. If you end up together, will you remain best friends? There is talk that you are living together. What is the definition of living in? He has his own house in Quezon City and I live in Makati. He visits me and what is wrong with that? What do you do at home? It may sound weird but I love doing the laundry, cleaning my house. As long as I eat chocolates, I can survive on just an hour of sleep.

karylle and marian rivera finally meet someone

I never had a production assistant, either. I pay my bills, shop for groceries, cook … What are your specialties? Sometimes Dong asks me to cook Japanese fried rice.

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He challenged me to take up baking. I bought a book. Now, I can bake carrot cake, banana cake, muffins, cookies. Once I put my mind to something, I can do it. Do you have pets? I used to have a Shih Tzu, but I got rashes. Now, I have only fish in an aquarium—that I clean myself. I used to have a parrot fish, but its crap was way too big. After three days, the tank turned completely black.

What else do you do at home?

karylle and marian rivera finally meet someone

I also paint… while watching cartoons. What led you to painting? I was so bored, so I picked up a sketch pad. I draw nude women and flowers. Have you tried painting live models?

karylle and marian rivera finally meet someone

I just rely on my overactive imagination. Dong says I could be a scriptwriter, too. Tatay is also a frustrated artist. When he learned that I was into art, he invited me to his house and we had a painting session. Dong tells me to post my paintings on Instagram. What do you call him? De Vera Philippine Daily Inquirer9: Ever since he burst into television over a decade ago, he has been a man living between time slots, caught in a hurricane of movies and TV shows.

After enjoying the perks of fame, he is now looking for a deeper sense of where he is and where he is headed. Growing up in Cubao, Dantes seemed fated for the screen at an early age. The way he remembers it, his family liked going to the malls, where he got into mischief, like hiding under the skirts of salesladies.

That was, until an agent noticed him and cast him in his first TV commercial for Carnation milk. The early s were the heyday of male dance crews, among them the Universal Motion Dancers and the Streetboys.

Dantes, then a high school student at the Ateneo, joined a group called the Abztract Dancers for a year. Though short, that time proved instructional for the actor who, to this day, can tear up the dance floor.

Contrary to his pretty boy image, Dantes takes acting seriously. Dantes admits to a moment of hesitation when he read the script and figured out what was up with Ivan. But if I were to have it my way, I really want action dramas.

Karylle: Encounter with Marian Rivera was a 'beautiful moment'

He says he likes the dramatic challenges that DiCaprio set for himself, opting to work with top directors instead of just banking on being a matinee idol. Dantes could easily be talking about himself. His having a good manager who knows how to protect his image and plan his career is a big help, too. If I were to go back, I would do the same thing all over again. The YesPinoy Foundation office is located on the fourth floor of a Makati office building.

An avid toy collector, Dantes says his place in Quezon City is so full of statues and figurines that some of them have migrated to his YesPinoy office. There are busts of Batman and the Joker, as well as a life-sized bust of Darth Vader.

There are statues of Superman and Sauron. There are various scale models of fast cars and fast bikes. Dantes gave one to Tuviera and, of course, another to Rivera. He totally understands a different class of hero, and has most likely modeled his NGO after it. Founded by the actor inthe YesPinoy Foundation is evidence of an ideal that Dantes is pursuing, a family heritage you might say.