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It would be irony that the aspects Jacob found detestable in Maxwell Roth would surface in the Jack the Ripper persona. The DLC would end. Jack The Ripper Plot discussion and analysis(Spoilers Duh) | Forums I doubt Jack impregnated somebody between his last playable section and the ending of the DLC. This is how it works in ACS that you can play both as Evie and . history together besides the basic relationship he had with them. Disillusioned with Jacob Frye's leadership and view of the Creed, Jack Frye, had joined following her marriage to Henry Green and subsequent relocation. With these murders, Jack, under the pseudonym of "Jack the Ripper", began to way imaginable, leaving a message on the walls of her apartment room for Evie.

For example Arthur Weaversbrook uses the same character model as Benjamin Disraeli, his son featured in one mission is Alexander Graham Bell, and at one point Evie accidentally harasses a man that is the young version of Frederick Abberline. I don't know if this was originally done as place holders but they really should have fixed that before releasing it.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Its very annoying playing the DLC immediately after finishing the main campaign. You literally meet them almost moments before killing them. Show They try to make you emotionally involved in Evie and Jacob's guilt about Jack but never really elaborate at all on their history together besides the basic relationship he had with them. Almost no detail or context is given to the feelings or actions of the major players. They talk about Jack having his own creed, but just what that is never is really elaborated upon.

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The motivations behind Jack's rise to power and subsequent crime spree is not really clear either. What drove him mad isn't explained whatsoever, although his time at Lambeth Asylum is expalined somewhat, just what happened to him while there and makes him hate the staff so much is never explained. It would have been very nice to have these aspects of Jack's backstory explained a little more and to understand exactly when he spiraled into madness and what fueled his split from Jacob.

These murders, in conjunction with Jack's control over London's criminal enterprise, threatened the discreet reputation and very existence of the Assassins in London.

He soon fought and defeated his former mentor and subsequently imprisoned him, though Jack was eventually defeated and killed by Jacob's sister Evie upon her return to the capital city from India.

Where was he when they dragged me to the madhouse? Traumatized by her death, Jack was placed in Lambeth Asylumwhere poor treatment and negligence only further aggravated his mental instability. Following the death of Starrick inhe was liberated from the asylum and brought into the fold of the Assassin Order by Jacob Frye to be trained among a selection of new initiates.

Aroundhe traveled with Jacob and the other initiates to India in order to learn the fear tactics of the Indian Brotherhooda group that Jacob's sister, Evie Frye, had joined following her marriage to Henry Green and subsequent relocation.

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Returning to London "Jacob freed me from the madhouse, riddled by guilt He saw something in me and made me 'Assassin' Radicalizing his followers, Whitechapel — the center of Jack's operations — descended into a cesspool of crime and depravity.

Autumn of Terror "The world will know of my terror! With these murders, Jack, under the pseudonym of "Jack the Ripper", began to attract media attention; Arthur Weaversbrook in particular — under duress of Jack having kidnapped his son — began to publish Jack's letters for the public to inquire. Jack facing Jacob Having left a message for Jacob nearby, after his former mentor had demanded that Weaversbrook stop publishing the Ripper's letters, Jack trailed and kidnapped a fleeing Jacob, defeating him in combat and imprisoning him beneath Lambeth Asylum.

Jack defeating Jacob Prior to his kidnapping, Jacob had requested by letter that Evie return to London. With her return, Jack saw an opportunity to finalize his revenge. He followed her to Owers Manor and was in time to witness her assassination of Olwyn Owers — his right-hand woman. Sitting atop the roof, Jack watched as Evie escaped aboard a coach, following which he killed all of the occupants at the manor with the intention of framing Evie for the massacre.

As part of his mission, Jack kept hostages in old Navy ships and forced them to write to their families, making demands that were to be met in exchange for their lives.

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This part of his plan was also thwarted by Evie, as she dismantled his private prisonassassinated his Chief Warderand informed the police about the abducted hostages. Consequently, Jack resolved to eliminate any witnesses at Deptford that knew of his actions as well as any evidence linking him to the Assassins, in an effort to protect the Brotherhood and his own distorted version of the Creed. While Evie was at Deptford, Jack had already added another victim to his list; this time, it wasn't an Assassin.

He had mutilated a prostitute named Mary Kelly in the most horrific way imaginable, leaving a message on the walls of her apartment room for Evie. He would be waiting by the time she had discovered his "masterpiece," one that he felt he owed entirely to her interference. You were an Assassin, yes, but we are not the same. And that is why your memory must be erased for all time.

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Rest in peace now, Jack, you and your twisted acolytes. He lured Evie to the site of his mother's murder, threw a bomb in her direction and left her with clues and cues indicating his true hideout.

In preparation for her arrival, he killed prominent Lambeth Asylum staff who knew of his childhood confinement there, including his abusive nurse, a doctor and the asylum's director, and destroyed all records of his stay. In addition, to slow Evie's approach, Jack released all of the asylum's inmates. While he held an advantage over Evie with his superior strength and aid from the inmates, Evie was able to catch Jack off-guard, and fatally wounded him with his own trademark dagger.

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Jack told Evie that she was no different than him before succumbing to his wounds, ending his reign of terror. Legacy "You've turned an unknown miscreant into a legend—and that's exactly what he wants.

This was done at the behest of Evie Frye in order to protect the Assassins from discovery and public backlash, due to Jack having been an Assassin himself. In a way, Jack got what he wanted.