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With his speed, he can simply bump into you to Spy-check and easily chase you down. The Force-A-Nature's knockback, Mad Milk, and the. Did you know - " that there was an easter egg in Meet the spy hinting Engineer is the only class to mention a Combine in Team Fortress 2. Spy checking is a common term for the investigations players make to determine where or who enemy Spies are and eliminate them.

A compound is a group of buildings that is enclosed by a barrier, also a compound is a type of bow commonly used by hunters. Damn you Merasmus, you're the worst roommate. Grenadier's Softcap - "This hat appears as a biker hat, which might fit the Soldier.

Spy match-ups

Although versions of the blade come in "Genuine" quality, the blade appears to be brand new. Obviously, the Demoman must have acquired it from the past.

tf2 wiki meet spy

When the glitch has been repair, the hats have kept the tradable tool. This may be a reference to the emphasis on industrialization in Soviet Russia.

That is if you have thrown jarate in air that it without having reached the earth will break in air as a grenade of the demoman. Is that the old one is trade-able and it is vintage.

tf2 wiki meet spy

But the big kill gun Got by pre-ordering the same game dose not get vintage. Only 58 known and recorded V. Many Siberians in the region have chinky eyes and a number of their Mongolian counterparts have blonde or brown hair. Machine - "The minigun carried by the large robotic heavy is called the deflector. The Scout has an extremely high sugar intake and possible radiation poisoningthe Soldier undergoes frequent leg fracturingthe Pyro's lungs are ravaged from his asbestos-lined suit, the Demoman is an alcoholic and also experiences constant leg fracturing, the Heavy is overweightthe Engineer amputated himselfthe Sniper has impeding kidney failureand the Spy is a casual smoker.

Despite his peers, the Medic so far seems to be completely healthy, aside from his mental health and sadism, traits that all the classes seem to exhibit to some degree. Both have a dark persona, and both have an attraction to the dead, along with both having thick accents.

Natascha - "Due to the lack of skill needed to use the Natascha, many people classified it as "noob weapon". This hat may be a reference to those theories. This hat could be a reference to that, since the pyro uses fire to attack his enemies.

Keep your back to the wall. While not exactly a Spy checking strategy, keeping your back to the wall can be important as a Medic because it closes the chance for backstabs instead of having to check degrees around you, you only have to check in front of you.

Sniper Snipers tend to be particularly unaware of their surroundings while zoomed in. Switch positions frequently and check your surroundings as you do so. Jarate is a particularly useful Spy-check weapon, as it reveals both cloaked and disguised Spies. Use it to Spy-check suspicious teammates. The Razorback will prevent a Spy from backstabbing you, but doesn't protect you from being shot! Be careful when separated from your team, even with this weapon. Spy Spies are generally poor Spy-checkers, because they deal poor ranged damage and use tools to escape quickly.

Although their backstab is very useful to protect teammates as it kills instantly, Spies spend their time best among the enemy and rarely encounter one-another.

Spycheck is possible through the knife's backstab, because he holds the knife in a certain way before backstabbing enemies Revealing cloaked Spies When cloaked, Spies will momentarily appear and flicker in their team color upon being damaged or when bumping into enemy players. Keep an eye out for when a Spy is revealed this way. Strafing while navigating corridors makes it difficult for a cloaked Spy to pass safely.

Note that The Dead Ringer greatly diminishes this drawback.

tf2 wiki meet spy

Shooting into common Spy hiding places may reveal an unlucky Spy. Try to listen for the sounds Spies make while cloaking and decloaking. If you hear a characteristic cloaking sound, a Spy may be nearby. An item that disappears without a player picking it up may indicate that it was picked up by a cloaked Spy. Spy-check nearby to reveal any careless Spies. In places with water, look for floating water drops. Players climbing out of water will be visibly dripping with it, including cloaked Spies.

An automatic door that suddenly opens without any visible player being nearby indicates a cloaked Spy passing through. Protecting an Engineer's buildings Since an Engineer's buildings are a major target for Spies, specific strategies may be more effective around Engineer's buildings: Spy-check suspicious players that approach a friendly Engineer's buildings.

Spies trying to sap buildings often run straight towards them. You can body-block Spies to prevent them from placing a Sapper. As a Pyro, use Dispensers to constantly refill the ammo of your flamethrower. Use this ammo to create a constant firewall that Spies cannot safely pass through or to constantly Spy-check the area.

Heavies can also make use of Dispensers in this way. As a Demoman, Stickybombs can be placed around friendly buildings to kill Spies who try to sap them.

Place a few bombs around an Engineer's buildings and detonate them when you hear the Engineer announce that his buildings are being sapped. As an Engineer, if a Teleporter is being sapped from its entrance, you can Spy-check the next player teleporting through once you remove the Sapper.

This may be an enemy Spy trying to telefrag you, so be careful not to stand on top of it. Turning the telefrag attempt into your own surprise can be quite humiliating to enemy Spies. Identifying enemy Spies Various team-colored indicators definitively determine an enemy Spy or a friendly one, including: The flicker a cloaked Spy makes when being bumped or injured.

The fading a cloaked Spy does while cloaking or uncloaking. The glow a player on fire makes. The smoke from a recent use of the Disguise Kit. Signs that definitely indicate an enemy Spy, or lack thereof Common signs A 'teammate' that cannot pass through another teammate, or conversely, a 'teammate' that has been observed walking through an enemy.

A 'teammate' that asks for Medic and has "wrong" cross background colour. For example, Pyro at full health having its background red like on heavily injured teammates, or near-dead Heavy having it white. A 'teammate' who cannot enter areas open to your team such as supply roomsor conversely can enter areas forbidden to your team.

tf2 wiki meet spy

A 'teammate' placing Sappers on friendly buildings. A 'teammate' standing on a friendly Sentry Gun or Dispenser, or who cannot pass through them, and is not the Engineer who owns the building. Two people that have the same name. One or both of them is a Spy. Seeing or hearing a voice command attributed to yourself without you having used it, or more importantly, seeing "yourself" moving around. A 'teammate' that is known to be dead or elsewhere. A 'teammate' who has a name that does not correspond with his or her current class on the scoreboard.

This happens when a Spy disguises as a class not currently on the team, or if the person has changed class while the Spy was disguised. A health or ammo pickup that vanishes without cause; this means a cloaked Spy has grabbed it. A 'teammate' on an uncontested control point or near the cart on Payload maps who does not seem to be capping the point or pushing the cart assuming the point is available for capture by that team.

A non-Spy 'teammate' that is being ignored by an enemy Sentry Gun. A non-Spy 'teammate' that is being healed by an enemy Medic or Dispenser. Class- or item-based signs A Pyro experiencing afterburn, unless if ignited by the Dragon's Fury or Gas Passer real Pyros can't be ignited except by said weapons. A Scout running slower than they should.

tf2 wiki meet spy

A 'teammate' being soaked by friendly Jarate or Mad Milkor not being affected by the enemy's. Signs that possibly indicate an enemy Spy None of these indicators are conclusive proof of a Spy, but all of them would make a good time to run a Spy check: Common signs A teammate trying to stay behind other teammates, as if trying to backstab them. A teammate not firing at the enemy. A teammate who is in the direct firing line of an enemy but is not being fired at. A teammate who retreats backward upon seeing other teammates, while still facing those teammates.

Meet the Spy

A teammate who appears to be dodging your team's attacks or backpedals immediately after seeing loose grenades or a carpet of friendly Stickybombs. A teammate that deliberately avoids walking through other teammates, especially in tight corridors. Spies will strafe and dodge other players to avoid bumping into them. A teammate with an entirely stock loadout occurs when a Spy disguises as a class the team does not have. A teammate being attacked or accused by real teammates who believe the player is a Spy.

A teammate holding their primary weapon for longer than they should.

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In particular, it is unusual to see Spies, Engineers, Medics and Demomen holding their primary weapons for long, as they prefer other weapons. A teammate hanging around areas that are advantageous to Spies, such as dark corners and nooks.

A teammate that isn't displaying the player's usual behavior. Someone standing still at a distance from the rest of the team. This could be a Spy trying to line up an Ambassador headshot. A teammate that appears to be looking more at your team than at the battle. Being suddenly blocked for no apparent reason. This may indicate a cloaked Spy passing through. A teammate suspiciously near Sentry Guns, especially if they are attempting to move behind the Engineer tending them.

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A teammate acting inappropriately for their class, such as an Engineer at no nearby buildings or a Sniper near the Intelligence. Class- or item-based signs A Medic who isn't healing anyone.

A Heavy that does not spin his primary weapon when enemies appear. A Sniper who does not stop to zoom in and take shots.