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There is a Miss America contestant this year whose platform is She enlisted in the Army National Guard, raised her right hand and took the oath another barrier: she'll be the first contestant ever with visible tattoos. “I just got promoted . House Republicans Called Emergency Meeting On Cheese As. Theresa Vail's job has included a lot of cameras and fashionable clothing since she won the Miss Kansas crown last year. Friday and Saturday. Miss America Nina Davuluri Visits Vanessa Williams In Historic Meeting Of Boundary . Theresa Vail is Miss Kansas, she's also a tattooed sergeant in the armed.

She will be the host. While her Miss America profile head shot has her looking like a supermodel, decked out in a hot-pink outfit, fluffed hair, and dangle earrings, other promo websites feature photos of her in full camouflage garb sporting a hunting rifle, bow and arrow, even posing with her prey a deer, a fox. But Vail is among only a handful of Miss America Pageant contestants to have military credentials. She is a dental technician with a National Guard medical unit based out of Kansas.

Five pageant women since have been active-duty military, and Miss UtahJill Stevens, was the first to work in a combat zone.

Also, Vail, 22, competing this week in the Miss America Pageant, is the first contestant ever to sport visible tattoos. Sure, other contestants have had tattoos -- tiny, hidden ones, according to pageant officials.

But Vail's big bold tat, of the Serenity Prayer, flanks her entire right midriff. She also sports the insignia of the Army Dental Corps on her left shoulder.

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The university senior aspires to be an Army dentist. Right now, everyone thinks of Miss America as this girl on a pedestal, and I want her to come down from that. She is just a normal girl," Vail said in a recent interview with a newspaper in Kansas. So there it was, the big tattoo, when she competed Tuesday night in the swimsuit portion of the three-night preliminary competition.

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Theresa loves a challenge. Tell her she can't do something and then stand back and watch her go. She's an expert marksman on the M She's an expert bow hunter. She's working on a private pilot license.

Tattooed sergeant, a disabled beauty and two Crystal Lees – meet Miss America finalists

She started motorcycle racing but stopped after a crash in which she broke all the fingers her right hand hard to be a good dentist without flexible fingers. The September 14th parade will be televised live for the first time ever and will be lead-in to the pageant itself on the 15th.

This is where contestants flash extravagantly decorated, often state-themed, girly-girly high heels to laughing crowds yelling "Show us your shoes. When it comes to the bathing suit competition, Theresa will be breaking another barrier: No itty-bitty rose hidden under a bikini top for this girl. She has the insignia for the U. Army Dental Corps on her left shoulder. The Serenity Prayer "God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference" flows down her right side.

Of course, Theresa is also - if one can use this description for someone trained to shoot to kill - drop-dead gorgeous.