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Should I include a link to art?

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I know that attachments are frowned upon. However, if you would like to really impress an agent, you could include with your query a link to a website with your material. It could be a simple website that includes a detailed synopsis of your graphic novel, samples of your art, and most importantly, a password protected PDF of your graphic novel script.

It should look something like this: You can view both on my website www.

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And finally… yes… no attachments. My answer to this is good luck. An agent may be able to get you into some doors, but likely not. Like many creative fields, breaking into the comic book business as an artist can be an exciting but challenging process.

It takes proper training, a ton of practice, making the right contacts, learning to sell your talents, building a strong portfolio and much patience. However, time and time again, the best advice we can offer aspiring artists is: Go to a Comics Convention! Comic book conventions offer an ideal forum for meeting working professionals and publishers in the same location. It's also a great place to get feedback on your portfolio, speak to editors, and ask lots of questions. Questions from Andrew I answered this in a previous Ask the Agent, but I think it is important for those of you who missed it.

When receiving a query letter from a graphic novel writer, do you only consider their project if they have included some completed artwork? I have taken on many graphic novel projects without artwork. Editors often like to choose their own graphic artists many times in-houseand it can be quite the process.

Often, editors love the script but hate the art or love the art and hate the script. So frankly, it is easier for me to take on a script without artwork and pitch that to editors. One thing to consider: It may help to give the agent an idea of what kind of art you envision for the project.

It also asked me if I wanted to create an administrator account or have one generated for me. It even allowed you to install a couple of popular plugins to get you started. I then went on to install a few other scripts.

The next script I installed was the content management system Drupal. The installation method was completely similar to that of the WordPress installation; it allowed me to choose the version, administration details and so forth.

I installed a majority of other scripts ranging from e-commerce to forums, all of which had an easy installation, and worked perfectly. The installations were extremely fast and easy to complete The site loading times, after installing the scripts mentioned above, were very fast. I used a service called Pingdom to monitor uptime and downtime. The results were quite surprising, however.

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The website received an enormous amount of downtime within the four-week time span. I received a total of 16 downtimes and 3 hours 40 minutes worth of downtime. This is unacceptable and is definitely a high risk to those looking to host a website for a growing business. The websites uptime after this four week period was This is a definite weakness from BlueHost and one that should be taken seriously. Thanks to Pingdom for providing uptime results!

Customer Support BlueHost utilize all mediums of help and support; you can submit tickets, call them, use live chat support, e-mail them and even send them a letter. Their support number is toll-free within the US however it is not if you are calling from outside the US.

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I went ahead and opened up a live-chat support conversation with a BlueHost representative. I unfortunately could not call their support number due to the obscene charges I would receive as I live in another continent; bad news for international customers. BlueHost have very specific categories when it comes to using live-support. This leads me to believe there is at least one representative per category. You must enter your domain name and the last four characters of your hosting account password before proceeding however.

I was connected to a representative within five seconds and typically received replies typically every 15 seconds.

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The representative came off as a robot shooting me with answers from a knowledgebase. I feel BlueHost need to be more interactive with its consumers to truly help them, instead of blurting out a list of instructions, which is what I received.

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After I received the information I needed, the representative asked me if I needed any more assistance, and that was that. I was then greeted with a survey questioning the legitimacy and helpfulness of the answers and instructions I received from the representative. My Conclusion BlueHost are a reasonable host that offer fairly cheap services with fast load times and helpful support services.

They offer truly unlimited features such as disk space, bandwidth, e-mail accounts and domains. To top it all off, you also get a free domain for the first year of your hosting account period.

If you decide to host with BlueHost, you are at a definite risk of receiving downtime which is, of course unacceptable for commercial businesses. The support is helpful, but feels automated and cold, which is generally distasteful and un-interactive towards consumers.

From looking at the BlueHost. A visually appealing web site, clearly posted contact information, lots of awards from legitimate placesand grammatically correct text on site, all help make BlueHost seem like a formidable web host.

Features and Pricing The features BlueHost provides seem pretty standard nothing lacking with all of the expected features of a web host such as cPanel, multiple database support, FTP, email, etc. Unlimited numbers of addon domains, parked domains, and subdomains are given. Three and six month contracts are no longer offered. Pricing is now the same no matter how long you sign up for: Ignoring the minimum contract length, pricing is quite competitive.

If you know about cPanel, you can probably skip this paragraph. You have the same SQL, subdomain, email, etc. BlueHost has Fantastico, which from what I saw, was up-to-date with the latest stable versions of all of the scripts.

The cPanel went very fast and did everything it was supposed to do. I set up a few addon domains, and everything worked well, and without any problems.