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Use of conservation practices by women farmers in the Dankelman, I. Gender and climate change: An introduc- Northeastern United States.

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Luv 2 Meet U in Calderdale

Gender and economic globalization. Global Environmental Change Society and Space Adapting agriculture to climate change.

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In situ conservation of crop genetic resources Ziervogel, G.

University of California Downing. Climate variabiity and change: Gender, ethnicity, and economic status in 1— Uncultivated edible plants among the Nahuas and Popolucas of Veracruz, Mexico. I have been busy working on the greenhouse in Valanciantia. I enjoy the hour or so. Plus the nephew of one of the women comes by each afternoon to help. He is a really nice kid and he is incredibly patient with my spanish and eager to help in the garden. The plague that has killed most of the plants While in Dolores Hidalgo about ten of us went on a walk after the classes.

We stopped in a house where plates and mugs made by womens groups in the area are stored. It was eleven at night but the family was eager to show us around their home and sell some of the group mugs and plates.

A half block away from the house their is a big field. Everyday a fella brings his cows to graze in the field. A football field away is a Walmart and Sams Club and to the left is a major highway.

I dont know how he gets his cows there I post or two ago I told you about Herman, the fella in the market who spent time in the US and welcomed me to come and chat whenever. I had a free afternoon so I swung by his spot in the market and we chatted for a bit about his expereinces. A really neat restaurant that is always busy.

Only quesadillas in the morning. They make em on one side and then all the pots in the middle have stuff from Nopales and mushrooms to cows blood and chicken. Thanks all and I will update you all soon.