Lake perris fairgrounds swap meet

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lake perris fairgrounds swap meet

Facing an increase in rent, Beaumont Swap Meet owner Wayne He will resume his swap meet as the SoCal Fair Marketplace at Lake Perris Dr., acres of parking compared to more than five acres at the fairgrounds. ??,? Float Fly Lake Cachuma – Per Chuck @ Santa Maria (on ). 17 Poker TBD RCX (No dates available as of ) – Model Airplane Expo @ Orange County Fairgrounds 17 Swap Meet – Las Vegas Bennett Field . 27 Float Fly – Lake Perris www. Get your motors running, head out on the highway, the All-American Motorcycle Swap Meet is cruisin' into At Lake Perris Fairgrounds.

I realize that they cannot totally control who shows up to be a vendor but maybe they need to advertise in quality places or something. I even saw people selling a few items that I have at such low prices that they cannot possibly make more than 25 cents in profit on each new item.

lake perris fairgrounds swap meet

If they are honest then by the time they pay the sales tax they will be broke. Oh yeah and if a vendor decides to leave early he is allowed to. I don't know of any other swap meet that would allow you to pack up and leave at 10 am But this one does. This second time around that i went to visit the swap meet I inquired about the quality to the guy at the front.

If looks could kill I would have been dead He was clearly annoyed. He shoud understand that as a vendor or even a customer I will have my expectations.

There is nothing wrong with that. Instead of being offended why not work to meet or exceed my expectations. To top it off the guy at the entrance told me that the former owner Wayne Howard who had moved to the Lake Perris Fairgrounds was rumored to be no longer in business. I called the Fairgrounds and this was not a true rumor.

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A professional should not be disseminating rumors. These swap meet business men need to grow up and behave professionally. That was not even close to being a professional way of conducting business with a potential vendor. I will never be a customer or a vendor There are plenty of other decent places like Ontario, Montclair, Indio, and time will tell Awesome Place; I was looking for cheep produce that was good quality and I found what I was looking for and more.

I also bought many other items like pakages of 20 waters and 20 gatorades and furniture as well as a wide selection of tools that would normaly cost 3 times the amount I paid for them.

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These Items were brand spanking new. I was very satisfied with the Beaumont marketplace and its wide selection of goods.

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I also got some info on how to sell and their and their prices for renting a space or spaces on Wensday Friday Saturday and Sunday And they are extremly well priced. The cheapest spot is 10 bucks and the most expensive and best spots are only 45 bucks. For several years now, Buzz Shoemaker has brought some beautifully restored old racecars out to the track for the fans to reminisce over. To once again see these cars in pristine condition as they were, when wheeled by our heroes, is a pleasurable trip down memory lane.

Being the friendly sort that he is, Buzz, a lifelong resident of La Verne, had invited me over to the spacious home he shares with his wife Karen, to see his handiwork up close and view some of his future endeavors.

lake perris fairgrounds swap meet

Upon arrival, as I walked around back, I could hear a hammer pounding, as Buzz was working on a new creation, not a restoration, but a large workshop. He said he was going as big as the city would allow him. His new shop would be the equivalent of about a four-car garage.

The shop will be well insulated, well lighted and have a complete sprinkler system.

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There in amongst the construction sat a seventies era Edmunds dirt champ car, which had only run about eight times and looked as if it could go on the track now with a minimum of preparation. He had just sold the car and was going to complete restoration for the new owner. Also visible were his two latest entries, the 27 King of Lawn black beauty and the 4 Tamale Wagon, with the unique Moser engine. In another nook of the shop, there stood about ten old speedway motorcycles, memories of his first racing experience with his dad.

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They are on the back burner now, but are intended for restoration. On an engine stand is a c. GMC six cylinder engine, just waiting to be slipped into a track roadster in process. The car was picked up from some friends of longtime roadster ace, Rosie Rouselle. The frame was so bad that Buzz had to fabricate a new one and is now collecting additional pieces to complete the car. In the yard sat three sprint car chassis.

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There is the Grant King car that Mike Sweeney drove early in his career, an old Edmunds, which Buzz is going to fit with a special Chevy engine sporting a degree crank and the 35 Harper car that Carl Shockley drove in the early eighties.