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site map meet the kids

Many of them are children. We lift the lid on the worldwide scandal of young kids forced to scavenge on rubbish dumps to survive. Meet. Meet the Virginia Kids. There are many Virginia children waiting to be part of a family. Thank you for visiting Virginia's photolisting website to learn more about the waiting children. Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS), E. Main Street, Richmond VA • Site Map • © Commonwealth of Virginia In , the Olympics come to Tokyo! Japanese kids will play a part in making guests feel welcome by creating videos to foster international friendships.


Megan was the first child to take the lonafarnib drug in June — it was an historic moment! When schedules allow she comes to Boston for her trial treatments with her friend Meghan Waldron. The two girls have been together in Boston for most of their trial visits.

Megan and her family want you to know that they have complete faith and trust in all of the researchers and doctors and of course PRF: They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. His favorite activities include acting, reading, painting, and hanging out with his friends.

site map meet the kids

Sammy is a spokesperson at foundation-related meetings, conferences and events. This 12 year-old sweetheart is widely known for her fun videos and special relationship with her mom, Natalia — her 14 million Facebook followers are proof of that!

Brennen Brennen is a 9 year old boy from New York. He is very active and loves his dog and his little brother, Owen.

Meet the Virginia Kids

His mom posted to Facebook how proud she was for the way Brennen handled all the testing! Keep up with this fun little boy and his great teamon the Team Brennen Facebook page. Zoey During filming of Life According to Sam, she was about a year old and now she is nine! She loves school and has lots of friends! Zoey loves to draw, write, be silly, be with her best friends, help her mom cook, and she especially loves gymnastics class! Zoey also adores music, singing, and dancing. They behave like typical siblings — they play together a lot but sometimes argue for no reason.

Follow Zoey on Facebook and Twitter too! Claudia Meet Claudia, from Portugal, who is 20 years old.

site map meet the kids

She also loves music, dancing, and going out with friends. Beandri Beandri is 13 years old, and from South Africa. She loves all girly stuff like a normal girl of her age, especially make-up, dresses and looking pretty.

site map meet the kids

She loves listening to music and singing along to her favorite songs. She is in the school choir and enjoys it tremendously. She loves her Yorkies, and has three older brothers who love her very much. Enzo Enzo is an adorable seven year old boy from Australia.

He is a whirlwind — constantly in motion, smiling and always having fun. He goes to school full time and loves his teachers and friends, who help Team Enzo with their fundraising. You can also support Team Enzo on their fundraising page. Cameron Cam is an active, sports-loving year-old!

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His favorite teams are the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Steelers. Josiah Josiah, 14, is quite a character whose love of baseball has captured the attention of sports fans everywhere. Carly Carly-Q, as she is affectionately called by friends and family, is an adorable, unstoppable bundle of energy!

Carly enjoys DIY projects, making slime and caring for her numerous baby dolls. She also loves watching and creating youtube videos. Carly attends school and enjoys math. In JulyCarly joined the Progeria Drug Trial, coming to Boston to enroll with her friend Zoey and in Aprilthey were the first to enroll in the new, 2-drug trial. Click Here to watch a short video of her with Zoey in Boston. Check out Carly Q on facebook.

Little Lindsay Lindsay is a bundle of energy and all smiles!

site map meet the kids

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site map meet the kids

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