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Cinq à Sept Midi Dress from Rent the Runway - Chiara Casiraghi

rent the runway meet bloggers

**This post is sponsored by Rent the Runway all thoughts, imagery that continue to make this blog possible–thank you for reading friends**. A Year of Rent the Runway Unlimited | My review and best advice after twelve months of the designer closet-sharing subscription. My life has totally changed since using Rent the Runway Update! I never thought I All of these items I liked enough to wear them on the blog.

What are the motives for sharing with others? There are three major motivations to why people participate in the sharing economy. The first motivation is economic. It also enables access to objects the consumers would not afford to own Belk, The second motivation is for environmental reasons, to save resources and maximize the use of every good.

For example car-sharing companies argue that sharing cars result in less car driving because people would only drive when they really need to. The third motivation is to increase social connection and build social networks. This motivation has been proved wrong in studies of car sharing, as users often never meet and do not have any interest in doing so either. The motive of renting clothes seems purely economical.

People use the service to afford wearing designer clothes. The service does not involve any social interactions between the users as everything is handled by mail, and the amount of shippings and dry cleaning makes the sustainability factor questionable.

My First Rent The Runway Experience — Weight Off My Shoulders

Thus, two of three motives of being part of the sharing economy are not applicable on the fashion rental service. From this, it can be interpreted that the rental users would buy the items instead of renting them if they had the financial power for it. The company initially focused on special occasions such as weddings, balls and other formal events.

rent the runway meet bloggers

The dresses worn during these events are usually only worn once, but cost a fortune to own. In a press interview Hyman mentioned how the social media has affected the purchase behaviour of consumers. No outfit captured in a photo on social media can be repeated, because everyone has already seen it.

This service is comparable to the business models of for example Netflix and Zipcar, that are offering unlimited access to movies respectively shared cars through a monthly fee Netflix; Zipcar This implicates a shift of the concept: The act of Rent the Runway is further expanding the rental service within the fashion industry.

Whether the new concept will succeed or not is still unclear. There are many factors that should be considered in forecasting whether fashion rental will keep on growing.

The factors Ownership vs.

Weight Off My Shoulders

Sharing, Identity, Contagion and Status will be further discussed. Rent the Runway Ownership vs. Sharing There are still people who are against the principle of sharing. Ownership has long been the ideal consumption mode in Western society, associated with high status and a sense of security and independence.

We often put meanings to our possessions; we appropriate them to become more personal and maintain the object over time McCracken, They felt less pressure when renting, because it would not matter in the long term if they made the wrong choice.

The study also showed that car owners sometimes rented cars when driving into tough cities, to prevent any damage on their own cars ibid. This low-risk reasoning does however not consider the consequences of damaging rented goods. More significant damages would result in paying the whole retail price of the item.

Moreover, if the item is never returned the fee is double the retail price of the item Rent the Runway The overall way of looking at ownership seems to have changed. The younger generations grow up in a society where sharing is obvious.

This must create a different attitude towards ownership and sharing. Perhaps freedom and flexibility is now valued more than security and long-term relationships with objects. People get bored more easily today, and change is highly valued.

To own an item might take away the value of the event.

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People dress themselves in clothes that signal their identity to others Simmel, What happens to identity when you do not own what you wear? After special occasions, the dress will probably not be worn again, which can argue for why the fashion rental businesses have been successful. However, when talking about renting everyday wear, the identity question becomes more complex. Nonetheless, there might be a change in how people identify themselves today.

Perhaps self-identity can be found in rented clothes as well. Status To consume luxury goods has in history been a way to claim higher status, to show distinction from other social classes as well as assimilation to ones own social class. But when all the high fashion clothes are rented, and not owned by the wearer, it becomes questionable which social group to belong to.

It was comfortable, it had pockets and it had some fantastic sparkle. The dress came in a garment bag and had the return label inside of it. So all I had to do was stop by my local UPS store to mail it back.

Luckily I have Staples across the street. You also get an extra day to mail it back if you return day is a Sunday.

But since ours is so close it was easy to do on Sunday. I loved how similar it was to the first dress I rented. It had the same bust line and pockets!!!

The party was actually at the same place as the previous wedding.

rent the runway meet bloggers

Again the dress arrived on Thursday for my Saturday event. I once again brought it to Staples by noon on Sunday even though I had until noon on Monday. For my third and final order it was time to try something different.

I just realized I went with the same designer though. I loved the cut of this dress: It also had pockets. For this dress I was worried it would be too tight so I rented the 12 and 14 and found the 12 fit like a glove.

I received a ton of compliments on it. This dress delivery was different than the first two. The first two arrived in black garment bags, while this dress arrived in a box. Inside the box there were two padded envelopes one for each size to send the dress back in. I like that you receive the dress two days before your event so you have time to receive a new size if necessary.

I loved all three dresses and had a great experience overall.