Meet the super croc vocabulary parade

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meet the super croc vocabulary parade

A Very Old Fish - Coelacanth Meet the Super Croc ancient hopeful unable confirm valid confirm. I had to prove to be true my answers on my test. Quick video to go with "Meet the Super Croc" -- Treasures, unit 5 Meet the Super Croc - Common Core Connections - Treasures Grade 2 .. for Grade 2 - Includes resources for comprehension, fluency, grammar, and word work/phonics !. Letter Name/Key Word/Letter Sound—verbal imitation and puzzle fun. Compound . Preschool Meet and Greet: Wednesday, August 29th. Morning Class.

At the end of the production, the students were given the opportunity to meet one of our past students, Xavier Bruggeman, who was magnificent in the lead role of Troy. Principal's News Dear Parents, My prayers and thoughts are with our families as we complete the last couple of weeks of what has been a very busy year.

It is hard to believe that Christmas Day is only a handful of days away — so much to do — so little time! Congratulations to all the Year 5 students who gave speeches in recent weeks to try to gain one of the leadership roles.

The Student Leadership Team for next year will be: Last week we had the Year 6 Graduation Mass and on Monday night we celebrated the Year 6 Graduation Dinner, both were memorable occasions. I wish to congratulate the Year 6 students on the strong leadership they have shown this year. They have been an excellent group — friendly, involved, responsible and a great example to the younger children. Good luck to each and every one of our departing Graduates. Their time spent in the classroom is only a fraction of the time the teachers spend in the service of your children.

Outside school hours, they involve themselves in unpaid meetings, curriculum organisation, the filling out of paperwork, report writing, parent teacher interviews, planning, updating professional skills and much more. My thanks to all staff for your commitment, improved student learning, teaching practice and flair for the enrichment of the children.

It is all those little extra things you do; which gives your class that personal touch. The tasks which these ladies perform are diverse and ever increasing, but are always carried out with much diplomacy and skill. We thank these school officers who play a varied and vital role in the life of the school. Maria for their constant support of all children and staff, especially in the continued fostering of their faith.

This is certainly a very impressive list and one that, you the parents, can be very proud of. Sincere thanks and appreciation! One is more quiet and playful while the other is rambunctious and ready to run.

This presents a problem for Owen when he is trying to take them for a walk or play with them in the yard. When his parents suggest trying the dog park, it brings a whole new experience for everyone that includes a great deal of fun, or not, in the mud. This early reader chapter book provides a story that many young children can identify with concerning their pets. A loyal dog that is quite attached to her human companion describes how her life has changed ever since she went home from a park with the person she knows as Legs.

Life is pretty good, but eventually she grudgingly manages to make room for other residents, including one that insists on the dog being shampooed and one that throws meat onto the floor. As time moves on, her small family grows to encompass one, two, three, four, and even more additions. Young readers will enjoy the surprise at the end as well as the endpapers covered with the tracks of various individuals. Because readers don't see the upper half of the humans until near the end of the book, the dog's point of view is enhanced.

Katie and the puppy next door. Pen and watercolor illustrations bring young readers the story of Katie, the terrier, and her new neighbor, the dachshund, Ruby.

meet the super croc vocabulary parade

However, Sara Ann would very much like for Katie to learn to share. When a tug of war breaks out over toys and cats, Katie learns that this situation can actually be fun. Though the obvious story line is about dogs and cats, the underlying message here very definitely relates to young children and teachers will enjoy this book as a read aloud and discussion starter for young readers.

Kids who love trucks and big equipment will enjoy this book. The construction crew consists of a dozen digging dogs and one black cat. They wake up early from their dormitory room and get to work. A busy day waits as they begin the task of building a playground. In rhyming text, the construction equipment and heavy-duty trucks are explained as they begin the excavation until they literally hit a snag.

They have hit upon a dinosaur bone! As their work continues they get the playground finished complete with trails and a duck pond and a huge display for the dinosaur bone. The end pages display the crew with their names. Click here for an activity based on this book.

Read more about this author and his new book at his website and blog. Getting a pet, step-by-step. Meet Maggie and her family as they decide what pet is right for their family. Told through full page photographs and text boxes readers will follow Maggie and her family as they go to the pet store looking at different animals and then looking through books to learn even more about a variety of animal choices and their care.

When they decide they would like a dog they look online and the newspaper for possible places to purchase their new pet. They decide to visit an animal shelter and there find a dog named Coco. The caretaker at the shelter gives them information about caring for their new dog.

meet the super croc vocabulary parade

They buy a crate and a leash and chew toys and water bowls and all the supplies they will need and then they are ready to bring Coco to his new home. Mister Dash and the cupcake calamity. Madame Croissant is well known for her famously delicious cupcakes.

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Dash, a dog with a mixed-breed background, is the dependable deliverer of the cupcakes. Madame and Mister Dash sigh a breath of relief at the end of the day when they wave goodbye to Daphne. What to expect when your pet dies. It is never easy to lose a loved one, and often for young children their first experience with death is the loss of their pet.

In Good-bye, Jeepers, a young gender-neutral Panda is the main character. The book is intended to reach young children regardless if boy or girl. As the story opens and the young Panda wakes up on a Saturday morning he discovers that his pet guinea pig has died. He feels sad but goes to school and begins to think about other things. When he gets home, his family helps him plan a burial and friends and neighbors help young Panda get through this loss.

Throughout the book are subtle text boxes that contain helpful tips about dealing with death and loss. This could be that just right book for that tough moment when children in your classes have lost a beloved pet. Their dig this time uncovers a bear and a pretty scary one at that. They run off to the beach and begin another digging adventure in the sand.

It is full of pirate something, but it is the ghosts of pirates that chase dogs. The dogs run off again and find a real excavation site complete with a huge clawed bulldozer. This time however, they learn that their digging sites can be shared. Cartoon-like watercolor, pen-and-ink and pencil drawings combined with very simple sentences and vocabulary make this a delightful reading adventure for primary students.

He conjures a plan to slip into the pages of the picture book the children are reading and hide there during the day. Each night he sneaks off the pages and into the reality of the family where he sees a multitude of ways he can be of help.

McCullen, Susan / Mrs. McCullen's Page

He folds laundry and straightens things up around the cluttered house and before he slips back onto the pages of the book, he has breakfast ready for the family. Puzzled, the family stays up one night and hides until they see the crocodile slither out from the pages of the book and discover his secret.

Now what to do? A family argument develops about whether to keep this wild toothy creature in their home. The colorful textured illustrations, especially the facial expressions of the croc, add to the humor and fun of this family story.

First published in Italy in Young Lauren is upset when her father says her female dog will not be allowed to have a litter of pups and in fact, will be spayed. When Scout returns from her surgery, Lauren is mad at her father and sad to think she will never get to raise some puppies. Her father carefully explains to her about the overpopulation of dogs, especially unwanted dogs.

To make his point even more real, he takes Lauren to a local animal shelter. The shelter attendant shows Lauren the hundreds of dogs waiting for adoption. The story itself does not go into euthanasia or describing puppy mills, but the author includes these facts at the end of the book.

There are not many books available that deal with this subject so frankly and in terms a child can understand. Should Wendy walk the dog? Filled with photographs of the children and their pets, this book contains four different scenarios about choices and their consequences. While Wendy and the other children in the scenarios are free to make their own decisions about whether to do the right thing such as walking the dog or cleaning out the hamster cage, the fact that the book shows two different choices and then the results of those choices is liable to encourage youngsters to make better choices.

While all of us would rather be lazy at times rather than doing our work, in the end we may be sorry and we may have created more work for ourselves.

This book will prompt some good conversations between adults and children. Barnaby the bedbug detective. Author Catherine Stier read about rescue shelter dogs that were trained to become super-sniffing, bedbug detecting dogs, and it planted the seed for the story of Barnaby.

Barnaby is a shelter dog who dreams of being a hero. However, he is continually overlooked for adoption as the people who come to the shelter choose quieter dogs.

Then one day, Martha chooses Barnaby for her new companion and sends him to a school where they train him, and Martha as his handler, to be a bedbug detective dog.

meet the super croc vocabulary parade

Narrated by Barnaby, this tale weaves in actual facts about bedbugs and the final pages give more detailed information about infestation and facts about these invasive insects.