Meet the scout quest line

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meet the scout quest line

Speak with Scout Rokla at the Horde Landing Site in Krasarang Wilds. Part of this quest happens in Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Krasarang Wilds. Horde scouts, seeking a suitable landing site for the fleet, have engaged Alliance forces on a small island off the coast of Krasarang. IMPORTANT: To continue you have to do the lore quest chain in Krasarang Wilds with the arrival of the Alliance fleet. 1. Meet the Scout from. comments on this link shows quest line in detail. permalink; embed The questline starts at Shrine with Meet The Scout. From there, I believe.

Remember this place because you will have to use it to leave this fort during the next main quest.

meet the scout quest line

Palisade that separates the exterior part from the interior. The main camp - Henry comments the number of enemies and a large amount of tents. Get into the interior part of the fort and enter the red hut with Erik inside. He sends you to master Vanyek to test your combat skills. During your conversation with the Combat Master you can tell him that you are from Skalitz he is from that place too or lie that you don't know each other. You will fight with real weapons. The outcome of this fight has no impact on the quest.

Go back to Erik and watch a very important cut-scene. Retrieve Henry's equipment Zbyshek rescues Henry. You can talk with him about every topic and convince him to tell the whole truth - use either persuasion Zbyshek has 3 points or impress 2 points. Listen to his plan. In theory, you should get out of the fort immediately. However, the first thing that you should do is to retrieve Henry's equipment. It is kept in the locked room, the one where you met with Erik twice.

Carefully move closer to the hut's exit. The area on the left is patrolled by a guard with a torch. Wait for him to move away and go to the left building marked in the picture. Find the chest and take out lockpicks. Reach the locked doors to the right from the place where Henry was kept.

Use a lockpick the door is locked with a very easy lock.

meet the scout quest line

Thanks to that you enter Erik's room. Examine the table carefully. Erik's trunk keys the picture 1 can be found right below the small barrel. Use them to open the chest presented in the picture 2, the one where Henry's equipment is. Note - There is another chest in this room.

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It has a hard lock. Open it and you will be able to steal Erik's items. The chest also contains, e. Note - Don't worry if you have missed the chance to get Henry's equipment back. You can do that after winning the battle that will take place during Payback main quest.

  • Meet the Scout (Horde)

Escape from fort Vranik Reach the previously mentioned incomplete palisade in the east. You can sneak here - try to go around enemies either from left or from right. Alternatively you can sprint to that place. You shouldn't die even after a few attacks if you are wearing your retrieved gear.

Reach the place presented in the picture and press the interaction button to jump down. Keep running through the forest you should take out a torch. Don't stop, even if you aren't chased by anyone and watch out so you won't fall from a great height when you are going down the hill.

Reach the place where Zbyshek is. You must make another choice: Fulfill the deal - You and Zbyshek go back to Rattay. After giving your report you can call him a traitor he is put into prison or a friend he will receive a reward.

Break the deal - This choice isn't recommended because you will have to fight with Zbyshek. You can have a hard time winning if you didn't get your gear from the chest also, Henry is weakened because of the tortures.

Meet the Scout (Alliance)

The best moment to betray Zbyshek is after reaching Rattay. In your adventures, you may come across bodies of the fallen who carry food on them, and often times the food has been damaged. Food poisoning is not to trifled with - it will slowly damage you and lower health over time, and the only remedy is to let it run its course or take an Antidote.

As you run around, get in fights, and generally cause mayhem, the condition of your items may start to decline. More than than, severely damaged weapons and armor will also lose some of their offensive and defensive qualities.

Your clothes can also get pretty grimy - but luckily a quick splash in a trough or trip to the baths can fix the grime. To remedy low durability, you can always visit Blacksmiths, Armorers, Tailors, and Cobblers to get your items looked at. You can even repair some weapons by using the grindstone, or buy repair kits to keep with you on longer journeys - but until you level up your Maintenance skill, you can only do so much.

However, you can only regain it by sleeping the wounds away, drinking potions or eating certain foods that restore health. These food items will also give you nourishment, which is crucial to avoid starving. Fruit can help keep you awake, while big food like roasted meats will get you tired even faster. When you become tired, your vision starts to blur and you incur more penalties the longer you stay tired until you find a bed to crash on. Sleeping will restore health and energy, but lower nourishment over time.

meet the scout quest line

When traveling through town, especially near castles, there is a chance a guard may randomly approach you and ask to search you. Therefore, when on the prowl, never linger too long at a crime scene.

Having a horse nearby to stash stolen goods is a good strategy, or a room at an inn to stow the stolen merchandise in your shared chest. Was this guide helpful?