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meet the robinsons game lewis

Meet the Robinsons () tells the story of a young inventor, . can't find Lewis, but BHG sees Goob, back from the baseball game with a. Lewis only makes brief appearances in the Meet the Robinsons video game, with Cornelius sending a videophone message to Wilbur at the start of the game to. With the help of the wonderfully wacky Robinson family, Lewis learns to keep Game: Take Aim And Save the City Of the Future From the Evil bowler Hats.

After another adoption interview ends in disaster, he begins to lose hope of ever being adopted. Lewis doesn't believe him and thinks him to be crazy. He's soon confronted by Wilbur, who tries to get Lewis to return to the science fair and fix the Memory Scanner. In an attempt to convince Lewis he's really from the future, he takes him to his home time in with the Time Machine. Wanting to use the Time Machine to try and find his mother, it ends up crashing into the hills near Anderson Observatory.

Wilbur tells Lewis he needs to fix it, agreeing on the condition set by Lewis to see his mom, but actually lying. Upon arrival to the garage and meeting Carlthe robot runs off in terror.

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Wilbur places a Carmen Miranda style fruit hat on Lewis' head to hide his hair, a dead giveaway for him being from the past. Frightened by Lefty at the door, he runs into Wilbur's grandfather Bud. Trying to search for the garage and Bud's teeth, Lewis meets the rest of Wilbur's family. Sneaking out while the rest of the family comes in to congratulate Bud, he bumps into Wilbur, who drags him off to ask what he's learned about the family and tells him to get started on fixing the Time Machine.

Wilbur gives Lewis the "pep talk of the century" as he explains his father's motto of "Keep Moving Forward" and the struggles in actually building the time machine as well as giving Lewis a different hat.

After a failed effort to get the Time Machine started, Lewis becomes very frustrated about his capabilities and the Keep Moving Forward mantra.

Wilbur tries to comfort him, but Lewis believes he's simply no good.

meet the robinsons game lewis

The boys are then called to dinner and have to go out of fear that Franny will come and discover the time machine. Lewis enjoys dinner with the Robinsons and is asked to fix a PB and J invention that looks like one he had tried to create earlier, but fails and splatters everyone with peanut butter and jelly.

To his surprise, the family congratulates him on his "brilliant failure" and he admits that if he had a family, he'd like them to be just like the Robinsons. Later, Tiny the dinosaur attacks Lewis, trying to capture him, and the family rushes to defend him. Wilbur is nearly eaten while trying to save Lewis, so Lewis grabs a shovel and uses one of the springy plants in the garden to jump into Tiny's mouth and tries to rescue Wilbur.

The boys celebrate, with Lewis commenting on how great a team he and Wilbur make.

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Lewis is surprised that the Robinsons risked so much to protect him and Franny after he accidentally calls her "Mom," offers to adopt him, which he happily accepts. However, Wilbur decides that he can't keep up the act any longer and knocks off Lewis' hat, revealing his hair to the shocked Robinsons. Franny takes back her offer, leaving Lewis heartbroken and Wilbur blurts out that he never actually intended to take Lewis to see his mom.

Upset and betrayed, Lewis yells at Wilbur, shocked that he was dumb enough to believe he and Wilbur were friends and runs off. While sitting in the garden crying, the Bowler Hat Guy appears and offers to take him back to see his mom if he fixes the Memory Scanner.

He agrees and goes with him despite Wilbur's pleas not to. Lewis fixes the Memory Scanner and explains its operation at which time Bowler Hat Guy double-crosses him, revealing that Lewis is, in fact, Cornelius Robinson; Wilbur's dad, and the man who invented Doris.

He then reveals himself as an older Goob, Lewis' old roommate who lost a baseball game due to Lewis keeping him up all night and grew so furious over it that he wanted revenge.

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Lewis apologized to Goob for unknowingly messing up his life but tells his old roommate that it was mostly because he was obsessed with his past when he should've let go and "keep moving forward", incidentally coining his own future phrase. However, Goob finds it easier to blame Lewis than take responsibility for his own life. Goob prepares to depart in the time machine when Lewis escapes with the help of Carl and Wilbur and reveals that he knows the truth about everything.

But before they can get back to the house, but they are attacked by Doris who destroys Carl and steals the Memory Scanner. Wilbur pleads with Lewis to fix the time machine and history, but Lewis lacks the confidence to do it, saying they should call his future self, but Wilbur calls Lewis "Dad" and tells him he's the only one that can do it.

The change in the timeline then causes Wilbur to be erased from existence. Lewis finds the Robinsons mind-controlled by Doris hats in a world where Doris rules and discovers what happened from the Memory Scanner records which show she eventually betrayed and killed Goob. Chased by the Robinsons, Lewis manages to fix the time machine and escape. As he is chased by an enormous Doris and eventually by a small swarm of hats, Lewis starts to beat himself up for having invented Doris in the first place before having an epiphany and travels back to where Goob is about to sign a contract with Inventco, where he reveals Doris' planned betrayal.

Lewis promises never to invent Doris, erasing her from existence and takes Goob to see the future she created, which turns back into the original future. After Wilbur is restored, Lewis convinces him to get his family to adopt Goob, but Goob runs away, leaving behind his binder with a question mark next to what he wants to do next.

He is reunited with the worried Robinson family and reveals that this experience has caused him to feel better than he has in a long time. He then meets his future self who arrives home early and shows him all of his inventions, revealing that the Memory Scanner is their first real invention and the one that led to this great future. Seeing this causes Lewis to regain his confidence in going back to his own time and showing the Memory Scanner and he asks Cornelius if he ever does meet his real mom, to which Cornelius simply tells him to go back to the Science Fair and find out for himself.

Contents [ show ] Personality Though Wilbur often finds himself in trouble, he always has a backup plan to get himself out of it. Impatient, Wilbur often moves quickly and during his time travels, uses stealth and generally acts in the manner of his fake persona as a "Time Continuum Task Force" officer until Lewis sees through his facade.

Wilbur generally acts very confident, but he is rather careful about trying to keep Lewis' cover until realizing he can't keep the act up, so exposes him. Appearances Meet the Robinsons video game Following Wilbur's adventures, the game begins with a Time-Travel trip to Ancient Egypt, with Wilbur deciding to explore a pyramid.

Upon his escape back to the future, Carl chastises him for making a minor alteration in the process: A worker saw him in the time machine, dubbing it a chariot of the gods. Wilbur then has to do a few errands around the house before another time trip, which includes taking out the trash to the garage. Fighting past the robot security, Wilbur makes it and goes back to the Science Fair after Bowler Hat Guy, but upon arrival into the gymnasium, he bursts through the doors and slams into Stanleywhose volcano is thrown into Lizzy 's Fire Ant Farm.

Called back to the future quickly by Carl, Wilbur finds the timestream has been altered that now Stanley and Lizzy are warring supervillains and Stanley is now in charge of the world with Magma Industries. Wilbur tracks his time machine down to Lizzy's underground lair, The Hive, but after defeating the ant queen now has to enter Stanley's headquarters as well. After fighting Stanley's ultimate robot, Prometheus, the volcano starts becoming unstable and threatens to erupt. Quickly traveling back, Wilbur sets things right between Lizzy and Stanley and makes a quick stop back to see what has become of them a petshop owner and a pizza restauranteur respectively and exiting through the front door, is thrown into the Doris' victory timeline and fights the Mega-Doris.

After defeating the giant robot hat, Wilbur proceeds back in time to help Lewis. Meet the Robinsons After leaving the garage door open while taking out the trash which allows the Bowler Hat Guy to steal the second time machine, Wilbur follows him through time in the first machine and pulls his future father, Lewis, under a table to warn him about the Bowler Hat Guy, but Lewis thinks he's crazy and leaves.

While looking for the Bowler Hat Guy, Wilbur runs into his future mother Franny and knocks her frogs from her hands then jumps on another kid, believing him to be the Bowler Hat Guy.

Lewis (Meet the Robinsons)

He then throws Lewis' designs back at him and pretends to be a pigeon to get his attention. When Lewis doesn't believe him about being a Time Agent, discovering that his "badge" is just a tanning salon coupon, and tears up his Memory Scanner plans, Wilbur makes him a deal: After getting Lewis' sarcastic agreement, he shoves him off the roof into the time machine and takes him to see the future. Lewis, however, decides to use the machine to stop his mother from abandoning him and the two boys fight over the controls, causing the machine to crash.

Wilbur makes Lewis another deal: He hides Lewis in the garage, he makes him wear a fruit hat and warns him not leave. Wilbur gets the plans to the time machine from a panicking Carl who reveals that if he fails there's a good chance he won't even exist.

meet the robinsons game lewis

When Wilbur returns to the garage, he finds Lewis is disappeared and frantically searches the house for him, before the two literally run into each other after Lewis meets Wilbur's family, which horrifies him. Wilbur quizzes Lewis on what he knows of his family, telling him that his father looks like Tom Selleck.

Wilbur watches as Lewis tries to fix the time machine and explains the history of it, his father's inventions and the motto "Keep Moving Forward," also giving him a hat with a lightning bolt on it as he can't take Lewis seriously in the fruit hat.

Lewis' efforts to fix the time machine fail and Wilbur tries to comfort him, failing and Lewis believes he's no good. As Wilbur tries to put his hand on Lewis' shoulder in comfort, Franny calls them to dinner and Wilbur has no choice but to take Lewis as Franny threatens to come and get them, which would result in her seeing the broken time machine.

At dinner, Wilbur introduces Lewis as an orphan and tries to get him to fix Cornelius' peanut butter and jelly maker to boost his confidence. When the family demands Lewis take off his hat, Wilbur causes a food fight to prevent it.