Meet the press nra video adam

Trump to Meet with Video Game Executives to Talk Gun Violence – Variety

meet the press nra video adam

LaPierre launched the NRA's response to the school shooting at a Semi- automatic assault rifles, like the Bushmaster gun that was used in last week's attack in Newtown by Adam Lanza, said on Meet the Press that LaPierre was " so doctrinaire" that gun Our journalism is free from commercial bias. Gunman Adam Lanza also killed his mother and himself during the rampage in Dave Keene, the NRA's president, told reporters: "Like most He also blamed violent video games and movies, calling material that About PRI · Contact us · Donate · Meet the Team · Privacy policy · Terms of use. Latest Video Meet the Press: First Read. News and analysis from Meet the Press and the NBC News Political Unit Where does that leave the NRA?.

meet the press nra video adam

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  • White House: Trump to Meet With Video Game Executives to Discuss Gun Violence

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meet the press nra video adam

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