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meet the parents 2010 imdb arrow

Katie Cassidy and Matt Ryan in Arrow () Arrow () Matt Ryan and " Shoot" was finally published in in Vertigo Resurrected: Hellblazer - Shoot # 1. FleshEater () FleshEater () .. Parents Guide: We're going to head west until we meet up with the group coming from the east with Deputy Gary. Katie Cassidy in Arrow () Neal McDonough and Alexander Calvert in Arrow or rather just the mother and daughter, who are apparently family friends.

Going along with Oliver's candidacy is the theme of how the superheroes will be different this season.

meet the parents 2010 imdb arrow

Lance is right, what is so different about a name change? You have to prove yourself, walk the talk.

meet the parents 2010 imdb arrow

It has always been the biggest question I've had going into season 4, what's the need of coming back and how can you gain back the city's trust? If it was ever there in the first place. So while it's not entirely Oliver's fault that Thea is acting crazy out in the field, I think it's safe to say that she needs the time off. I think it's best the whole team sits down and figures everything out together, no more secrets. Or I guess that's what Laurel said "We don't keep secrets", that is the biggest contradiction this show has ever had, but okay.

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She went right back to keeping something from the team by looking to bring Sara back anyway. That was just one thing that really bothered me. So is Oliver just rusty or did she just become the best fighter on the team?

meet the parents 2010 imdb arrow

As far as I'm concerned, Oliver has and always will be the best trained fighter, but that showed differently in this episode.

That whole fight was a bit over the top for my liking. That brings me to my last complaint of the episode, which is surprisingly Damien Darhk. I really liked his presence last week.

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He's a very different villain than we have had the past 3 seasons, but tonight just felt off. It was the small lines of "your hand is on me", or "language", and finally the "mind your tone" line.

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  • The Candidate
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It does a good job combining the best characters, story lines and other elements of the series, resulting in a powerful and memorable episode. The way the character is constantly flailing between good and bad, trustworthy and betraying, likable and frustrating, all of that just makes him into such a great character.

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And this episode highlights that, as John Barrowman gives his best acting performance so far and his character becomes even more fascinating. All of his scenes here are pure gold, and that alone makes the episode stand out.

meet the parents 2010 imdb arrow

In a bigger picture, the episode succeeds on more levels than just utilizing one amazing character. There's also the drama with Thea's life hanging in the balance, intertwined with the League Of Assassins descending to the brink of a civil war.

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I won't give away any specific plot details, but many of the story lines that have been building up for multiple seasons come down to a boiling point. The rivalry between Nyssa and Merlyn makes for a fresh break from the episodes focused on defeating Damien Darkh and his people.

meet the parents 2010 imdb arrow

Towards the end of the episode, we are also treated to one of the best fight scenes in Arrow history, as two major characters duel one another. The directing, choreography, acting, soundtrack and everything else about that scene is just breathtaking.