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Runs were difficult because sometimes grip got loose after first 60 feet and . The seventh pull gave us newton meters ( ft lbs) of torque at rpm . You are worried about the illness that makes your hands and feet grow little teeth, of this illness: hollow heads waddling around on your roof on hands and feet to ten meters long in just the fraction of a second, transpersing people's bodies. The Face With Two Left Feet. Be the first to review this itemIMDb Meet the Hollowheads. Available in Prime. Spider's Venom. Available in Prime. Far East.

He is also in The Warriors Anne Francine Fran got her start in cabaret before moving into Broadway shows and movies. Barry Kivel has been in episodes of Full House and Scrubs.

Sullivan Walker was on several episodes of The Cosby Show American folk hero Davy Crockett was known for his storytelling, just like Mick. Australian boomerangs date back more than 10, years. Kakadu is the largest National Park in Australia and one of the main tourist attractions in the outback.

The success of Crocodile Dundee created a huge U. Gunlom Falls, shown in the movie, is a popular swimming hole in Kakadu National Park. You can also see the Plaza in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and North by Northwest The rumors may have been true. They were married four years later.

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Plot Note The drunk poacher is the same guy that Dundee knocks out at the bar earlier in the movie. But Hogan says that Dundee is his invention and not based on any real person. She knocks my socks off. David Gulpilil Nev choreographed the traditional Aboriginal dance shown in the movie. Trivia Notes Crocodile Dundee is the No. When it came out, Crocodile Dundee was the most successful foreign film of all time in America.

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Saltwater crocodiles have the strongest bite ever measured, around 2. You can tell time with the sun by dividing the sky into 12 sections. Ancient Egyptians were the first to divide a day into 24 hours. According to indigenous tribes in the Northern Territory, there are actually six seasons. The wet season is called Jiorrk and lasts from January to February. Saltwater crocs are the largest living reptiles in the world.

They can grow up to 20 feet long. Probably about 5" Hollow states before clicking his gun on. It's blue crystal at the hilt pulses as it lights up two strips along either side of the barrel before creating a small, constant spark at the end. Hollow looks at him silently "Ready? Walking steadily to the back of the room they edge closer and closer to the second door, which hasn't faired well over time and lies half collapsed leaving an easy route in or out of the next room, a room in complete darkness.

Reaching into a pocket Hollow pulls out a small metal disc with a bulb on the top and bottom, which he holds out on the palm of his hand. Pushing the top down it clicks into life and begins to whir and spin as it takes off, hovering slightly over their heads.

A bright spotlight kicks in underneath that illuminates the floor around them as the little UFO darts around back and forth lighting up various parts of the area. It beeps in response before shining it's light on the door and passing through it.

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Guns at the ready, Hollow and Rage slowly walk side by side following the the small disc. Stepping through the smashed door they find themselves in a pitch black corridor with the only sound coming from the steady hum of their weapons and the lightUFO. The glow from each weapons casts light across Rage and Hollow's faces as they nervously step forward making sure there is nothing that can jump out at them and tear them to shreds, as votors like to do.

The sound of the UFO beeping signals them reaching a dead end in the form of another door, this one seemingly still in one place and more importantly, sealed.

As rage raises his gun to shoot through it, hollow puts his hand on his shoulder and points towards a hole in the wall a few feet across where the tracks go down. Putting his fingers to his lips and silently mouthing shhh to Rage, he grabs his gun crouches down and begins to shuffle along the corridor, the ufo quickly following him.

Although Rage shows obvious hesitancies with this plan, the threat of nearby enemies means he cannot voice them and, finding himself alone with no source of light, begrudgingly follows Hollow into the tunnel. As they slowly shuffle along the cramped tunnel dug into the earth under the building they grew tenser, tightening their grips on the weapons that have kept them safe in the wasteland so far.

Coming closer and closer to the end of the tunnel, Hollow stops and whispers "Juke, dark. Rage's breath picks up, becoming more panicked as he begins constantly checking behind him; Hollow remains transfixed by the opening ahead as he slowly and smoothly shuffles towards it. Stopping as he reaches the end and taking a second to steady himself he listens into the darkness for any kind of sound or movement. The only thing to be heard is the light hum of the guns and the heavy, nervous breaths they find themselves unable to control.

The room beyond has a few thin slivers of light that break through more broken roof tiles yet they only illuminate empty patches of floor that seems to be a few feet below the tunnel they are crouched in. Leaning in close to the steadily spinning ufo he whispers "Juke, other side of the wall, then sunlight" which is met by an acknowledging beep. It floats off into the darkness leaving Rage and Hollow sat in the tunnel, guns pointed into the room.

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Seconds pass, but they feel much longer as they wait for the small robot. Suddenly there is a loud beep from the other side of the room met almost instantly by a bright white light that seems to shoot out of the entire UFO, illuminating the whole room and the wretched monsters inside. Three raptor like beasts, almost 4 feet tall with long, blackened claws and razor sharp teeth bellow a ferocious screech as they turn to look up at the sudden appearance of the blinding light.

Their leathery hides covering their bodies and their heads remnant of a bird of prey with a plume of grey and black feathers sprouting from the top. Their eyes, a dark yellow that almost glow against the grey and black skin. Hollow and Rage act instantly as the beasts turn away from them and begin to try to rip the UFO apart, which hovers just out of their reach.

Pulling up his rifle and clenching the trigger Hollow fires a long beam of blue lightning from the end that tears through the body of one of the votors, searing it in half. Rage fires two shots over Hollows shoulder, the first just skimming past one of the vicious beasts which turns to look at the pair.

The second punches a large hole straight through it's head sending a splatter of blood across the floor as it's limp body drops. The third begins to charge towards the tunnel now and lets out another spine chilling screech which is cut short by a beam of blue lightning severing half of it's head straight off it's body, the momentum carrying the corpse forward a few more paces before it drops dead at the foot of the tunnel. Before they have a second they hear another Votor screech from where they had just come from.

Hollow drops into the open room and begins scanning for an exit, with only one potential door out. The small robot beeps before drifting into the room and illuminating it, revealing an empty and dusty room with a chest high window that leads outside. The tunnel Rage is in has been almost completely blocked off by the corpses of the vicious beasts, however there are still more pushing from behind which are safe from the bullets that keep pounding into the previous corpses.

Almost instantly Hollow pulls the trigger sending a long, heavy beam straight through the tunnel that slices through the corpses and the beasts just behind. Rage heads into the other room and reaches for a communication device on his shoulder.

There is nothing here, we need out now! Oh and try not to die" "We'll do our best" Rage responds as he pulls his hand away, draws his other gun and fires a shot at the chest high window which explodes out into the street.