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meet the engineer sub ita anime

Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Arabic, German, Greek, English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, . meet pioneering scientists and engineers from the history of Muslim civilisation. The librarian is then revealed to be 12th century engineering genius Al-Jazari. US PRESIDENT Donald Trump brandished a red card to the gathered media after meeting with Fifa boss Gianni Infantino at the White House.

Inthey test Ikuko for psychic photography. One of the scholars reports to the press that clairvoyance is fake. She later gave birth to Kanako. Amemiya was appointed to monitor that condition. They all report seeing a man in dark clothes with white gloves. In particular, he cautions that people can mistakenly follow mediums as if they were prophets of a religion, but religions are organized by the believers, not the leaders. Toriguchi relates how he obtained a list of believers in a new religion.

Previously Terada was a box-maker. Onbako-sama is the source of his spiritual power. Furthermore, Terada's grandmother had a spiritual power that scholars tried to study. Terada began gathering religious followers when he discovered the box in an attic after the war.

In it, he remembers being alone is the large house where he grew up. Toriguchi explains further that Terada convinces his followers that they must part from their impure materialism. Toriguchi wants to expose Terada as a criminal and believes Terada is involved with the dismemberment case, because all the victims are daughters of followers listed in the Onbako-sama membership registry.

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Sekiguchi reads more of "The Woman inside the Box," imagining himself as the protagonist. In it, he sells the large house and rents a single room. He proceeds to fill the room with custom-made boxes. In it, he finishes filling his room with boxes when he receives notice of his grandmother's death. He takes a train to his grandmother's funeral and finds himself sitting with the man who has a box.

In the main storyline, Sekiguchi gives a copy of the Onbako-sama registry to Satomura, the coroner in the dismemberment case. Satomura gives it to Kiba to give to Aoki. Sekiguchi notices that Yoriko's mother is on the Onbako-sama list. Yoriko finds herself locked out of her house as Enokizu and Sekiguchi arrive to talk to her.

meet the engineer sub ita anime

She excuses herself to meet the gloved man, who tells her he thinks he knows where Kanako is. Kennosuke is alive but badly wounded. Muetta escapes the attack by the stranger and calls for her Medusa geoframe, which launches from the mothership.

Muetta enters the geoframe and is immediately attacked by the two GAUS units, but manages to escape. Kennosuke recovers enough to pilot the Kuromukuro and confronts Muetta in her Medusa geoframe who he still believes is Princess Yukihime.

Mirasa in the Spider geoframe arrives and joins the fight. Meanwhile, many civilians are leaving Tateyama because of the geoframe attacks. Kennosuke has visions of the past including Princess Yukihime and the tall masked figure conferring about him. Again, he recovers from his near fatal wounds through a rapid self-healing process. Ogino wants the Akagi and Kaya to make a cosplay video for her. The Efy Dolgh officers debate what to do about the Black Relic, but Muetta and Mirasa seek to redeem themselves and secretly depart for Earth.

Ogino and the school group travel to find a location to film her cosplay. Kennosuke and Sophie discuss the meaning of freedom. Meanwhile, Muetta and Mirasa gain entry to the UN facility. They capture Kennosuke, who still believes that Muetta is Princess Yukihime, but she denies knowing him. They find the excavation site with the final fragments of the hinge stone.

Confronted by UN troops, Kennosuke tries to defend Muetta, but Sophie says that he is foolish, and vows to stay at the facility.

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As they are about to leave, Mirasa stabs Muetta so that she can take sole credit for the discovery. Muetta jumps from the dam wall into the rushing waters below.

Kennosuke uses the Black Relic to search for Muetta. Efy Dolgh soldier Yoruba travels to Japan in the flying Bluebird geoframe to check on his comrades and also shoots down the transport plane carrying the GAUS replacement parts. The crew manage to offload the parts before crash-landing into the dam where Kennosuke uses the Black Relicto save the plane and crew. Yoruba in the Bluebird geoframe finds Mirasa who lies about the fate of Muetta and he goes in search of her.

He sees the Black Relic and attacks, but during the aerial battle the Demon attaches his own flying geoframe to the Black Relic to help Kennosuke. However, because of Kennosuke's mistrust of demons it departs, but promises assist him if needed.

Not all end up going, only the core group of Yukina's friends. Meanwhile the wounded Muetta takes refuge at the hot springs, hoping to aid her recovery.

After getting lost, Yukina and Kennosuke arrive at the same spring, where they stumble upon Muetta, and the UN takes her into custody. Just then, a Cactus unit appears, captures Yukina, and escapes back into orbit.

meet the engineer sub ita anime

At the UN, Dr. The UN discuss a rescue mission, but no decision is made. While sitting alone Sophie sees some writing appear, asking if she wants to learn the truth about demons. She agrees, and when she returns home the Demon is waiting. He introduces himself as Zeringer Mundef Bischrei. He reveals little, only that he is an enemy of the Efy Dolgh.

She agrees to assist him to take the Kuromukuro to the space station, but cannot guarantee his return. As they prepare to leave in the Kuromukuro, they see a recorded message from Princess Yukihime imploring her ancestors to fight the demons and protect the Washiba Clan.

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Muetta wonders if there are things about her past that she does not know. On the space station, Yukina escapes from captivity and realises that she's no longer on Earth. Yukina manages to access the Efy Dolgh data banks and learns about their plans. Kennosuke takes off in the Kuromukuro with Muetta, and Major Graham arrests Director Shirahane for the lapse in security.

The Demon reveals to Sophie that the Efy Dolgh aim for planet domination, and that his planet was conquered by them. He says that the Efy Dolgh geoframes encountered on Earth are only reconnaissance units and the invasion force is far more powerful.

He leaves her a memory stick with data about them. Back on the mothership, Yukina is shocked to discover a head which appears to be that of the princess. Meanwhile Muetta requests retrieval in the Kuromukuro Glongur and the Efy Dolgh beam it up to their ship. She reports to the Efy Dolgh leaders and learns that they planted seeds of life on various planets, including Earth. When Kennosuke is detected on board, the Efy Dolgh accuse Muetta of being a traitor and attack her.

Kennosuke, Muetta and Yukina meet and join forces, leaving the mothership in their Glongurs. As they fall towards Earth the Demon intercepts them and carries them down towards. Zell the Demon explains that Yukihime died years ago, and that Muetta is a copy based on her genetic information.

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He says the Efy Dolgh create clones of the lifeforms they conquer and implant false memories in them to be loyal Efy Dolgh vanguards - only by uniting can they defeat the Efy Dolgh invasion. He tells Yukina that her father Takehito was a close friend. While people are evacuating, the Efy Dolgh mothership starts launching multiple geoframes including the Spider and Rock Head piloted by Yoruba and Imusa, The Demon flies the Kuromukuro to confront them while the three single pilot GAUS units engage the headless geoframes on the ground.

The battle is fierce, and the UN facility is breached. The Efy Dolgh mothership drops hundreds of cactus units which release electronic parasites that take control of the staff. Sophie gets others to help rescue Muetta while Sebastian in his GAUS unit sacrifices himself to destroy Mirasa's Spider geoframe, while the woman manages to survive instead. The entire region is completely isolated from the rest of the world because of the barrier created by Efy Dolgh.

That night, the Demon speaks to Kennosuke, Yukina and her mother, revealing to them how he met Yukina's father years ago, shortly before his death from a sudden avalanche.

Meanwhile, the Efy Dolgh manage to excavate the hinge stone from the dam's excavation, using the parasited humans as slaves. The stone draws in surrounding heat, cooling the area and provoking a snow storm over Kurobe.

Muetta, having finally accepted the fact that she's been cloned, and all of her memories are fake, escapes from the base. While she's searching for Muetta, Yukina collapses in the snow. Accel World Episode 21 English Dub. Accel World 20 English.

meet the engineer sub ita anime

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Trump gives media red card after meeting Fifa boss Infantino

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meet the engineer sub ita anime

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