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Meet the Disorderly. Brianna and her friend attend a fraternity partybut Brianna is victimized by a frat brother. Elsewhere, Brown decides to fire Jesus because. No surprise, when a friend dies, like when a family memeber dies, we don't “get over it”. .. “so, how did you two meet..? was a common question . skip class to make it to mcdonalds for hash browns before they changed to lunch. .. the hospital for a week after a motorcycle wreck. he was going to lose his leg, which he. This is a list of episodes for Tyler Perry's sitcom Meet the Browns on TBS. When Brianna's pregnant-teen friend goes into labor, Brown must deliver the baby .. The Colonel decides to postpone the wedding after his near-death experience. .. and breaking both wrists after he was thrown from his pound motorcycle.

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She's extremely in touch with her sexuality—she can relate everything to sex—and acts like "late 60s" is the new A running gag involves Brown comparing Edna to various animals. She finally weds the Colonel in Season 5.

In the series pilot she had a crush on Brown, telling him to come in his bed with her plus showing him her full body naked. Brianna is a foster child who comes from a broken home and an unsafe foster environment. At age 16, she knows the foster care system too well. She's very bright, but has anger problems that stem from her tragic childhood. The only relationship she nurtures is with her brother Joaquin; she feels like they are alone in the world. At the end of Season 1, Brianne Gould left the series for undisclosed reasons and Logan Browning took over the role from the beginning of Season 2.

Gunnar Washington as Joaquin Ortiz: Joaquin is Brianna's year-old brother. As the siblings are veterans of the foster care system, Joaquin in particular is very anxious to find a good home and feel settled.

He and Brianna have their moments of discord, but mainly they look after each other. Overall, he just wants to be loved. Vaughn as Renee LaToya Smith: A nurse at the hospital where Will, Sasha, Brown, and Derek work. She also appears as a close best friend and confidentae to Sasha, despite the two constantly butting heads at work. She considers herself as part ghetto.

Renee was a recurring character in Season 3 who became a regular in Season 4. She claims to have four kids. Recurring characters Robert Ri'chard as Derek Porter: A Dominican frat student who lives next door to Brown Meadows and often helps out there, in between masterminding or participating in Brown's antics.

He made his debut in Season 3 and has been a recurring character throughout the series' run. Jenifer Lewis as Vera Brown: Brown's younger sister and Will's mother. Vera means well but she is a loud, controlling alcoholic who spoils Will and subtly despises Sasha. She appeared with Mr. Brown, Cora, and Will in the Meet the Browns feature film.

In one episode, Vera and Brown have an argument and Vera says, "I'm about to be an only child," which indicates that their brother LB does not exist in the television universe or may be a non-canonical reference, to the fact that Mr.

Brown has mentioned LB in the series. Tasha Smith as Tanya Ortiz: Joaquin and Brianna's biological mother, who only wants them back for money. She is either in denial or simply ignoring the fact that one of her former boyfriends molested Brianna.

She serves as a major antagonist to the series during her first few appearances, but during her later appearances, she becomes less of an antagonist when she improves on being a better mother to Joaquin and Brianna and helps Cora with some of the household chores when she spends a couple of nights there. She also tries hitting on Will, while he and Sasha go through some marriage issues. After Brianna gave her a makeover for her date, she has not been seen or mentioned since.

Lisa Arrindell Anderson as Karen: The Colonel's pushy daughter. She was estranged from her father when she put him in a nursing home after the death of her mother. The two eventually reconciled. Ciara Wilson as Simone Taylor: Brianna's dimwitted, somewhat childish best friend who became pregnant.

She is similar to Mr. Courtney Gray as Jamal: Brianna's male best friend. I dont know what ill do on her first death anniversary. I dont want that day to come. I just want to hug her and talk to her.

When Your Best Friend Dies

I want her to answer the phone when i call her and i just want her to be alive again…. Jack September 13, at 1: As a 20 year old young man I experienced the death of my best friend who was only 18 years old at the time of his death and I was left confused and felt abandoned by the people around me that underestimated the grief I felt inside.

I was also scared and it feel so unreal that it took me a few days to acknowledge his death. We were suppose to be the kings of youth and immortality, we were not suppose to die, but this was my awakening that yes, we do die and we do not have to be old to die. If it were possible I know I wished a thousand times to understand why and now? Of course I would never know, but I, just like anyone was hurt and felt because of my youth that it was a minimized by others.

But that is not soits been 41 years ago and I still wonder at times what his life would have been like. Your pain is real and sometimes when people have not experienced what you have gone through ,cannot see beneath the young heart.

I truly do not remember how long it took me to adjust, I think it came about in stages and if there is any good that came out of it I could say that the pain and uncertainty help me to be a more compassionate person for those whom hurt. I hope and pray that your heart will continue to heal and that you find that peace and understanding to live happily and know you were a dear friend to them also, thank you for sharing your story.

Kristen September 11, at 2: Jaymie was in grade 10 and I was in grade 12 the year it happened.

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Our families were friends so of course we naturally grew up as automatic best friends. I remember the first day we spent together at a family event and begged our parents to let us set up a tent and sleep in the backyard. From that moment we became weekend best friends my parents were split and I went to school in Etobicoke while she lived a few streets away from my dads house in Brampton this was the best set up for our friendship.

Every weekend we would wreak havoc at dads house. Every summer we went on family vacations together. I saw her like a little sister and I knew I had a responsibility to be a good older friend she could look up to. At the same time we were equals! Except for one great new opportunity to go to school together something we always joked and dreamt about she was going into grade 9 and I was 11th grade.

We had sleepovers and went to school together or would skip class to make it to mcdonalds for hash browns before they changed to lunch. She died a year later beginning of her 10th grade year and my senior year.

An A student like me barely passed. I felt the eyes of all my teachers. I felt all that multiplied by at her funeral, speaking in the service.

Then I took a year off school once I finally made it through my senior year aka hell. But how could I? My year off was spent working full time, grieving in waves and being an 18 year old. I finally applied that year and made it into humber. So here I am my first year of college. She would be graduating this year! She would be excited about prom! Sending me all the dress ideas while I scramble to get my final papers in. I hate how this loss is belittled by so many people.

We called each other sisters. So how do I go about starting college lugging this baggage with me? How do I go to any other friend for comfort without making them feel lesser? It gets tiring after a while almost frustrating to get that emotional tidal wave when you swore last week it was getting better. How could I sit in a grief group with someone who lost a family member and be taken seriously for my loss?

Robert September 10, at I have never put a time constraint on when or how long it would take me to adjust to him being gone. Meanwhile, Brown and London compete in a "fashion showdown" for a NY designer. When she finds out that Will and Sasha are planning to adopt the kids, she determines to get them back just so she can live off their welfare checks.

Meanwhile, Brown is "up all night": Meanwhile, London and Jesus continue their love-hate relationship. She agrees, but there's an emergency at the hospital. Afterwards, he tries to change his flamboyant ways and act and dress more conservatively. But one can't leave She tries to get rid of the body before Brown finds out. Meanwhile, Brianna rejects Sasha's mothering efforts when Sasha buys her a fancy dress for the upcoming legacy ball.

Meanwhile, London is expecting a visit from her wealthy father, and is heartbroken when he doesn't show up. Erik Estrada as Francisco Absent: He vents to Brown about his doubts, but Brianna overhears him. She and Joaquin, thinking they're not wanted, run away. Everyone convinces Brown to market the secret family barbecue sauce recipe and he gets excited about getting rich, but he loses the recipe and scrambles to recreate it.