Johnny richter ends meet the means

johnny richter ends meet the means

Johnny Richter's solo career has proven Mr. Richter is still a beast on the mic and So that's what the title means; “School's Out” is me being done with that high school shit. . How did you and Brawdcast end up meeting?. Order UGH now at: 1. Intro 2. Intrinzik (feat. Johnny Richter) - Ends Meet 3. See more of Johnny Richter on Facebook I'm starting a new chapter in my life doesn't mean I'm gonna denounce or try to forget the one that just ended. I hope.

I was writing a song a day and just kept getting pumped on the songs and would just put on another beat after a song was written and do it all over again the next day.

Johnny Richter: Suburban Noize Maker

So it was my place, Humbolt, San Diego, and then back to my place. Life inspires me to write shit. But it starts off with a beat usually and then the life experiences pour out. Who did the album art?

My buddy Andy, one of his friends did. All I know is Andy said he had a friend that could do it and I had two different ideas. It was all weed related and it definitely was not where I was trying to go with the record. There is only one pot song on there. Life is a lot more than just smoking weed. What sparked that decision? I did that on purpose! Honestly, I was just at my house and I had buddy over and I was cooking breakfast.

Interview: Get Schooled – An Interview With Johnny Richter | Vandala Magazine

It was probably around noon or one p. I was talking about getting loud and getting Bud Lights or something -Starts singing the lyrics- I was just laughing and playfully talking shit, joking around, ya know. And then the groove of the lyrics just came on through.

The chorus part I was just writing and it just turned into that. The chorus was originally part of the first verse. I started the first part at my place and then went to Humboldt Where Potluck stays.

They did it while I was up there visiting. I thought it came out really dope! I went up there for probably about seven or eight days to work with Potluck in the studio to finish up the record.

I had about 95 percent of the record finished by that point. And his Grandma needed some yard work done and I decided to help him pull out weeds. He came and swooped me up, but before he got there, I was listening to some beats and one of them instantly hit me with an idea for that hook!

I would grab the pad and write down two more verses every time we took a break and then go back to another forty-five minutes of pulling weeds and then go back and work on a couple more bars, really quick.

Johnny Richter: Suburban Noize Maker

She had just left my house and called to see what I was doing. If they do good work, I appreciate good artwork. They keep growing and growing. Reading your bio, P. Loc was more extent in his playing. We used to go play street ball in different places. Loc played high school and college. We played a lot, so when we started, we called ourselves the P-Town Ballers.

Just from us playing ball, back from when we were little kids in the neighborhood playing on the six foot hoops, graduating to a rim on the garage, then the nine-foot dunk hoop at the local school. Or going down to the Cage, there was one spot we called the Cage down at the local church with adjustable rims. How does a Kingspade album differ from a Kottonmouth King album in the way you put it together?

Like keeping banging, banging tracks. First and foremost, when we started making Kingspade records, we made it so we could have banging tracks for our rides. Just fun party music, with the first record we made a record of party music. For the second one, we took our time.

johnny richter ends meet the means

High Times is great. Growing up reading the magazine, its just amazing being in it. Have multiple articles in there, have them fly us out to the Cannabis Cup 3 years and play the cup. When we go to New York, we always go up to the offices and get interviewed and stuff.

johnny richter ends meet the means

They just treat us good. With the artists on our label, we all get along as far as hanging out, we can talk and hang out, and we can share our bud on tour. You know we all have smoking weed as a common ground. If you listen to our music and feel the same ideals, or vibe to the same type of stuff we vibe too, then you are pretty much going to like all the bands on our label.

With Suburban Noize and the label, and having a bunch of hip-hop acts, do you think there is something that could be described as a suburban hip-hop aesthetic? If you come from a wealthy background, discuss things related to that.

johnny richter ends meet the means

Do you feel underappreciated from a hip-hop standpoint? When I get the recognition from the artists themselves in the hip-hop community, that come out and do what do and see what we do, and recognize it. When you tour with Kottonmouth and Kingspade, is it a split set or two separate sets?

What are intentions with the current tour? Are you going to do it that same way? We are not performing on that tour. Kingspade just finished a tour; we just played our last show at the House of Blues in Orange County. It was off the chain, probably like kids. It was the best. Will you perform a Kingspade song if the crowd requests it? And after seeing four other bands before we go on, Kottonmouth will be enough to weight them out the rest of the way.

We do two hour sets, so at the end, kids are pretty beat. I think we got plenty on the table. I saw the first video; you got any other videos for the record? Not as far as I know. We are getting ready to go on the summer tour, and that is pretty much our main focus. Is that a Youtube only video?