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Prodigious from an early age, two of Richard Miller's high school science projects were adopted by NASA, including one used in the Mariner 4. In fact, everyone has an aura, even though most people have no clue it exists. When I first met Richard Alan Miller in Miller's contribution was the Kirlian. Religions and mythologies were born to provide structure and Kendrick Frazier, reporting on Miller's findings in the Skeptical Inquirer (Summer , p. Fahrenheit or more is required to destroy a body in three hours (Allen ). .. The aura is a very real physical phenomenon and can be recorded.

Burr was abler to measure electromagnetic fields emitted by organisms though use of sensitive electronic measuring equipment. More recently, Aleksandr Presman has developed the theory from his work that electromagnetic fields normally serve as conveyors of information from the environment to the organism. Within the organism, and among organisms Albert Szent-Gyorgi in his studies in submolecular biology has given the explanations for biological processes from a quantum mechanical point of view with energy and function being transferred through electron movement.

It appears that life and the components of life can be viewed as an aggregation of waves and particles and can be measured as a complexity of interacting fields. The second approach is based on subjective reports from religious and mystical traditions that are common to most, if not all, cultures. There is a universal idea that man is surrounded by n atomospher4e or aura; that a life force comes through man and emanates from him.

Eastern writings are quite explicit in the existence of that auric field and subdivide it into a number of levels which relate from the physical body. They are described as varying as to size, shape, color, structure, and density. Auras are also said to react to magnetic and electrical influences. Often psychics are able to determine health and emotional states from the information contained in the auric body or emission.

All ESP information is a hallucination. This auric body appears to be related to another mystical concept, that of the astral body: This is the mobile center of consciousness of the yogis and shamans as studied by Puharich. The Huna religion of Polynesia expressed belief in aka bodies which were non-material envelopes or connected invisible bodies that could move through space and time separate from the physical body.

The Chinese base their work in acupuncture on a flow of life force which is quite distinct from the anatomy of the physical body. Another related concept is that of chakra points mentioned in both Eastern and Western occult tradition. There are thought to be seven centers in the body through which various types of energy flow. These points show correspondence to nerve centers for endocrine glands, but in the teachings are said to exist on other levels than jus the physical.

Psychic powers and ESP abilities are thought to rely on use and control of chakra points and their related fields. Arcane sources provide a wealth of subjective knowledge on the existence of body fields.

If anything, these sources point to a very deep and rich phenomenon; the scientific knowledge of which will hold a great potential for mankind. His device was a very sensitive electrometer that was able to record variations at a distance from an emitting organism. Ravitz, a student, also did some very fine work in this area.

The most promising method for extensive analysis of body fields is the technique of electrophotography, which is becoming popularly known as Kirlian Photography.

This process consists of photographing the discharge radiations of an object placed in a high voltage electric field. The resulting image appears as a luminescence around the object and has often been compared to the better known corona discharge phenomena.

However, when working with organisms, this stimulated luminescence is seen to vary with the living or health state of the organism. The luminescence of the Kirlian Process is indicative of the energy state of the organism.

But, what is the mechanism responsible? Following are several of the theories that have been proposed to explain Kirlian Electrophotography: The process is a form of corona discharge, or cold emission of electrons.

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It is thought that such an emission could provide pertinent information about the nature of living organism. The process is related to the bio-plasmic states of living organisms. There is a bio-plasmic or energy body primary to the physical body which is being photographed by the Kirlian technique. Or, the electromagnetic radiations being recorded are but the output of a much deeper life structure of a plasmic nature. The process is the ionization of gas emissions given off by the organism.

The high frequency electrostatic field excites the electrons of the gaseous field and the result is a luminescence. Gas emission varies with the state of the organism and serves as an information carrier and source as studies on pheromones have shown with gypsy moths and the like. Russian research in Kirlian Photography has shown that pathological changes in an organism are reflected in changes in the quality and quantity of the luminescence.

It was even found that evidence of disease according to field fluctuations occurred before disease symptoms became evident through physical examination. Recent research by Moss and Johnson at UCLA has shown on a preliminary basis that physiological and emotional states correlate with emission intensities.

Burt led a group of volunteers who carefully keypunched thousands of citations onto punch cards. Ken Hockett and another Boeing employee utilized Boeing computers to create a database from the punch cards. The Seal Reports were Miller's first paranormal works for the government, initiating him into the world of Black Ops as one of the original "Men in Black. He embodied the paradox of being an underground regional "edge-celeb," yet at the same time being sponsored by a government often hostile to his worldview and orientation.

In other words, he cleverly got the government to sponsor his parapsychology hobby! Or so he thought, little realizing how that information might be employed in twisted mind-control experiments, or how his own notoriety with the government could affect his further work.

But this Seattle think-tank, lead by Miller and Burt Webb were able to put together the work of Northrup and Burr on the electromagnetic nature of the human being with Gabor's work on holograms and come up with a new notion.

Pribram had postulated 2-dimensional interference patterns, physical holograms, as underlying all thinking. The holographic component, for him, represented the associative mechanisms and contributed to memory retrieval and storage and problem-solving.

However, Miller, Webb and Dickson boldly asserted that the holographic metaphor extends to n-dimensions and therefore constitutes a fundamental description of the universe and our electromagnetic embedding within that greater field.

Thus was born the " Holographic Concept of Reality " in Other notable contributors to this volume included Michael A. Kirlian, and Thelma Moss.

Picking up on the work of Pribram independently, David Bohm published his explication of the holomovement in his classic text Wholeness and the Implicate Order and the Pribram-Bohm theory was born and embraced widely as a foundation of the new sciences from physics to neuropsychology.

This theory was fundamental to a deep understanding of the later emerging Chaos theory and Complexity, the dynamics of complex interrelated systems. Rick took a primitive remote terminal to the Omniversal Symposium.

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He linked up to the Project Parafile database in Seattle, took questions from the audience and read off the answers returned by the database. This was the primitive forerunner of what have become laptop computers, but this terminal was briefcase-sized. Miller and Webb followed up their ground-breaking paper with " Embryonic Holography ," which was also presented at the Omniversal Symposium at California State College at Sonoma, hosted by Dr.

Stanley Krippner, September 29, To our knowledge, this is the first paper to address the quantum biological properties of human beings--the first illustrations of the sources of quantum mindbody. Dropping a level of observation below quantum biochemistry and conventional biophysics, they proposed that a biohologram determines the development of the human embryo; that we are a quantum bodymind with consciousness informing the whole process through the level of information.

They postulated DNA as the possible holographic projector of the biohologram, patterning the three-dimensional electromagnetic standing and moving wave front that constitutes our psychophysical being. This work was reprinted much later in the journal Psychedelic Monographs and Essays, Vol.

However, in the meantime, Miller had drawn the attention of the government in a less favorable way. Perhaps it had to do with implications of the theory such as physical regeneration of tissue, or the liquid crystal properties of body fluids.

Or perhaps it had to do with his research in Allan Frey's work in the. This discovery has recently resurfaced as synthetic telepathy.

Miller and Webb were able to reconstitute the bulk of the Embryonic Holography paper from memory, but laid low with their findings for many years after this traumatic experience.

He worked under the direction of Dr. A large portion of the work of Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama was turned over to Miller, including original strip-charts, to duplicate his experiments in psychokinesis, one person's mind influencing the body of another, in the same and in remote locations.

Rick as well as many doctors at the University of Washington were wondering what was happening with "psychic surgery. Motay, Dean of Pathology at the UW. This incident was recounted in The National Observer, March 30, It certainly warrants a definitive study, says Miller, who also is director of the Dept.

Perhaps the results are best described in his own words, at this time those of a "true believer," although subsequent research has disclosed the sleight-of-hand tricks of psychic surgery, as shown by debunkers on the Discovery Channel. The former article continued: There have been no authoritative studies of it. AMA statistics show, says Miller, that persons who have terminal cancer have a one-in-five recovery rate, even after the bad news is pronounced. The key will be to determine what percentage of persons who have been treated in the Philippines recover, says Miller, who adds that he is working to have a follow-up study started.

He also taught at the Experimental College at the University of Washington, several classes on parapsychology and the occult, publishing a regular column in The Daily. Burt plays the High Priest.

O.A.K.: Parapsychology: I Married the Wizard of Oz

The documentary-style film became a cult classic in the underground, revealing the evils of cult indoctrination long before many of the now-famous incidents. The film describes the Tapazia Ritual, an electronic trial by fire, wherein one's psyche and physiology are put into total synch through a videofeedback process conducted by the Church of Self Amplification, lead by Guru Telemahandi.

But in the movie, something goes wrong to the film's creator, Jim Cox, and they "fry his brain. Experiments conducted under the Organization included those in biofeedback, in conjunction with Burt Webb and manufacturer J. A group of 60 students at the University of Washington were monitored while engaging in Autonomic Training of various physical parameters, and they were trained in the induction of alpha brainwaves through hypnosis.

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InMiller produced and Webb directed Paracon I. The symposium at Seattle Center was attended by some people during the annual Bumpershoot Festival in Seattle. It was a day long conference on parapsychology. There were 5 different tracks covering cody, mind, spirit, nature and science.

Burt gave the keynote address in the evening which brought all the subjects together. Ininspired by the synergy of Rick and Iona's magickal pursuits, OAK sponsored the infamous Tiphareth Experiments, with participation by invitation only.

These experiments became the basis of a later mystical compendium, The Holistic Qabala, OAK eventually became largely the publishing wing of Miller's endeavors and those of his wife, Iona. Instill pursuing the elusive psychotronic goals of Eat the Sun, they published The Diamond Body: A Solid State Mandala. This modern alchemical view of the philosopher's stone linked the Synergetic geometries of Buckminster Fuller with those of Qabalah's famous glyph of the Tree of Life, and forecast the fad for Merkabah Mysticism.

The final volume, Yogatronics: Experiments in Perceptual Synergetics foresaw this application of synesthesia and Virtual Reality for inducing discrete states of consciousness.