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flirt finder please excuse

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Asami's voice turned cold. I'm sending one of the men to be the driver. You enter the club with Akihito and do not leave him out of your sight, are we clear? Do not disappoint me Toru. I forgave you once; there'd be no next time. Toru gulped before passing the phone back to Akihito where the boy was eyeing him curiously.

That bastard must have said something to Toru and knowing his bodyguard, he wouldn't spill. Asami's orders were absolute.

He shrugged his shoulders and walked back to his friends to break the good news.

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Takato jumped up from his seat and hugged Akihito tightly while Kou was as calm as ever, as though he had anticipated the results. As Akihito sat comfortably in the limo in his new jeans, black silk shirt and casual jacket, he looked at his expressionless bodyguard seated across him.

He was momentarily surprised to find another uniformed bodyguard at the basement parking and thought that Asami had sent him to relief Toru's duties but it turned out he was merely the driver. This is Asami sama's orders. Rest assured I would not disturb you in any way. Akihito softened slightly, "Did that bastard give you a hard time over the broken camera?

He didn't live three years with his lover for nothing; he understood Asami well enough to know that he didn't take failures from his subordinates kindly. Toru's expression remained unchanged, giving nothing away. They pulled in front of Takato's apartment right on time where his friends were already waiting. Kou whistled in appreciation the moment they both climbed into the limo. Kou sat next to Akihito. By the way, nice threads," Kou rubbed the lapel of Akihito's jacket approvingly "I didn't have a choice.

Came back one day to find most of my stuff missing; that controlling bastard replaced my entire wardrobe! Kou poked a finger at Akihito's cheek. You've been sulking the whole day, relax. It's my birthday and we are going to par — tay! He was lucky that he happened to be wearing his favorite pair of torn jeans, shirt and jacket on the day it happened or he had to say goodbye to those as well. Akihito allowed his friends to rummaged through the limousine fridge for some booze as he dwelled on the possible ways he could get back at Asami.

By the time the limousine pulled to a halt, a man in suit came to open their door. Toru stepped out to look around before moving aside to allow Akihito to do the same. Akihito hated this part; he hated getting off the car in front of a long line of people who were waiting to get into The Fixer. People would watch and scrutinize his every move, wondering which Papa's boy and entourage had come to party. Akihito's fears proved to be right; people stared and they were not discreet about it.

They whispered among themselves, some were so loud that Akihito could hear their entire conversation. Men tried to look indifferent although they were probably comparing their dressing to Akihito's while women swooned at them. They must have thought that we were rich. Akihito was amused by that thought. He must have done something again. The last time he was here, he couldn't even get into the club despite queuing in the cold for an hour. Arriving in a limousine might help them to secure an entry or a nice table in the club but the man knew his name.

It confirmed Akihito's suspicions that the yakuza had probably called the owner to expect their arrival. Perhaps the poor owner was even threatened. Kou was enjoying himself too and even had the cheek to wave at a few female patrons who were batting eyelashes with him. Akihito was sadly mistaken if he thought that was the end of it. They were led to a table at the corner sitting prettily on a slightly raised platform where the surrounding had been cordoned.

Akihito thought Asami might as well insisted the owner to close the entire club for them or have them move to the rooms upstairs where they could at least have some privacy. A pretty waitress came with the menu and politely asked for their orders.

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Kou and Takatou were initially worried with the price of the drinks, knowing that they could not afford to pay for them but when the waitress told them that the drinks would be on the house, they pointed to almost every drink the menu had to offer. This is the best time of my life! The drinks arrived and while his friends quickly gulped them, Akihito was careful not to down his drink quickly for the last thing he wanted was to create more embarrassment by vomiting on the floor.

After a few drinks, Kou and Takato became lightheaded and in a mood to party, pulled Akihito to the dance floor which he went reluctantly. The dancing turned out to be more enjoyable than Akihito thought. There were moments when Akihito thought he was groped but he quickly dismissed it, thinking that the alcohol was doing strange things to his head as he felt the crowd moved against him. But someone did touch his ass again and Akihito felt his temper flared. For god's sake, I'm not a girl!

He turned around, intending to kick his attacker in the balls but Toru was quicker. He had already grabbed the pervert's hands and dragged him off the dance floor. In his entire time Akihito had Toru, this was probably the first time he felt grateful to his bodyguard. From the corner of his eye, he saw Takato and Kou were trying to pick up a pair of young ladies.

The photographer grinned at Takato's awkwardness. Deciding he would help him; Akihito left the dance floor to join his friends. No, he wasn't going to cheat on Asami; the older man was far superior to any man or woman in the club combined. He merely wanted to help his friends since they looked absolutely hopeless in front of the girls.

flirt finder please excuse

Outside the club, Toru had just finished teaching the pervert a lesson he could hardly forget. The guard texted Asami as soon as he caught the man fondling Akihito's bottom and as expected, his boss was not very forgiving; his reply was short and curt: Toru left the man in the back alley of the club, cradling his broken hand and sobbing. He walked to the entrance where he was granted entry immediately. Toru fixed his tie before answering, "He wouldn't be able to use his hand for a long time.

Toru checked his watch. It was past eleven but the crowd showed no signs of slowing down. He quickly scanned the club and took notice that the four men stationed around the club were keeping an eye on Akihito, as per Asami sama's orders. Toru walked to the man standing the nearest to him and whispered. Takaba sama was just dancing with his friends. All three were discussing animatedly with two girls. From time to time, his master would nudge his friends a little towards the girls.

Toru gave out a breath of relief, knowing he wouldn't have to report to Asami sama that Akihito was flirting. Toru crossed his arms and relaxed before he resumed his duties of watching Akihito.

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The conversation was going well, Akihito could feel it. His friends were finally comfortable with the girls and they seemed awfully attracted to them too as they were already touching Kou's and Takato's arms, winking their pretty eyelashes at them. The women agreed, obviously pleased with the fact that they had managed to score a group of wealthy young men. Before the party could make their way back to the table however, a group stepped forward, blocking their path almost immediately.

The man who spoke was obviously the leader. He wore a suit but even in dim lights, Akihito could make out that the suit was of inferior quality and resembled poor imitation of a designer suit. Living with a man who had more money than god, Akihito knows expensive suit when he sees one. The apparent leader had a girl around his arms, dressed in mini skirt and a tank top so low that Akihito would have fined her for public indecency if he were a cop.

Another five men stood behind them, wearing flashy, cheap suits. Akihito and Kou immediately stepped forward to block Takato, an unconscious, loyal show of defense for their friend. Let's go party," Emi whined to her new lover. Ignoring Emi, Inoue sneered, "Are you sure you didn't stumble in here by mistake? Perhaps you guys wanted to go to The Fuller but came here by mistake? Inoue wasn't about to let this to rest.

Somebody like you should know your place. Inoue's friend stepped forward and spoke angrily, "Watch your mouth! Inoue sama is the son of Inoue Daichi sama. He even met the politician during an assignment who like his son, was a complete ass hole. No wonder you have lousy manners, you inherited your old man's fuck up attitude. He readied his punch but as he was about to deliver his first blow, Toru grabbed Inoue's hand, gripping it tightly. Inoue laughed louder, earning a chorus laugh from his friends.

Although the music in the club was still loud, the club patrons stopped dancing, too curious to find out what was happening.

Do you know who you're dealing with? Akihito pushed Toru aside. You cornered us first," Takato braved himself to speak up. I thought he didn't have the balls to even open his mouth," Inoue taunted. Takato immediately zipped his mouth shut, obviously embarrassed by the remark. I won't be held responsible for you later if you stayed. He grabbed a bottle of bottle from the nearby table and slammed ii on the edge, breaking the bottle into half.

Akihito did the unthinkable; he pushed Toru away, thinking they could both escape the attack. He was wrong; the sharp glass penetrated his skin before he could even out in shock. Takato stood there somewhat frozen, staring as Kou applied pressure on the wound to stop the blood from oozing out. Inoue seemed to be very pleased. The cockiness of the man was now gone as he stared at the gun between his eyes, panicked.

The four men guarding the club surrounded them in an instant; all had their guns out and waiting orders. Ando, round them up and take them to the store room," Toru directed one of the men. Ando immediately stepped forward. Inoue and his party didn't resist when Ando led them to the back, the gun behind their heads obviously did the trick.

You're asking for trouble. This is your club, Takaba sama. No wonder he smirked when I told him I was coming here.

I'll ask Asami myself. Take me home now," Akihito ordered. Please go to the hospital. I don't want anything to happen to you; I already feel bad for asking you to come here," Takato whispered, looking ashamed. They would never get there on time! The ball has most likely started. Can you not use a spell of some sort to take us their faster? Feilong laughed, "Akihito, magic is a very complicated skill. You can't just say willy-nilly and poof, your problem solved. I can't just-" Feilong stopped himself.

Wait, why not use magic? He pulled on the rains, telling the horses to stop. Looking back, he was met with the smug smirk on the boys' face. Mumbling something Akihito could not make out, the bearer watched as Feilong waved the wand in the air, light sparkles floating around the carriage, then watched as a sort of light enveloped them all. He blinked, a magnificent palace right in front of them when he opened his eyes again.

It was breathtaking, to say the least. There were three levels from what could be seen from the front. The complex designs of it all was amazing. He saw the frown on the boys face then, "Don't worry Akihito. I'll be there to help you, just call me when you need me and I shall appear," he explained. Looking out, he took a deep breath before summoning up all his courage and stepped out. Asami had stopped paying attention since the twentieth person, it wasn't like he would remember their names.

He stood in the middle of the elegant ball room, nodding as each person came forth to bow at his feet. All of them, nothing but worthless trash. He could see the greed in their eyes, arrogantly thinking they could seduce the prince of Japan and take all his money. They all can just forget about it. Asami wanted someone who didn't care if he was a prince or not. Someone who he will enjoy spending time with, more so his life. It seems that person wasn't anywhere near Japan, or there isn't one.

Sighing, Asami glanced to his right, spotting someone by the windows. King Asami looked down from the balcony overlooking his son's ball. He had stared at his boy, seeing if he could spot a reaction. But, so far nothing, nothing! His son has shown no interest in any of the boys or girls presented.

He was starting to visibly worry, his knee bouncing up and down as he continued to watch. Him and his wife have not said a word as of yet, but as the minutes went by of hearing the announcer say name after name, he couldn't take the silence. The night is young, you never know when fate will shine down upon us," replied the patient queen, staring down at her only son.

The king scoffed, "Forgive me my queen, but it doesn't seem to me that our son has found someone worthy of his attention. What did we expect to happen? Following her son's gaze, she laid eyes on a person, in an elegant suit looking out towards the garden. She half listened to her husband as he went on, "He gazes at her, she doesn't see him, but the she had caught his eyes from first glance. His eyes widen as he sees his son standing just behind a white pillar, talking to a person he did not recognize.

The look his son was giving to the young person was one he had never seen. It was as if this one person had done the impossible and had gotten the princes' full attention. Without knowing both parents smiled knowingly.

She motioned for the band to start the music, as everyone was just standing around or staring at the prince, whispering and pointing. It was time to start this ball. Akihito was amazed for the second time that night. It was all so gorgeous, he couldn't stop looking around like a lost child.

There were so many people and, being the shy boy that he was, stayed hidden behind the more shaded parts by the windows. He glanced outside, seeing the large garden, but missing the man approach. Asami wouldn't take his eyes off this person. As soon as the last name was called he made his way toward the window, dodging the people who tried to converse with him. The young man or woman, as he has seen his fair share of pretty men, did not seem to notice him.

Quietly, he tapped the boys shoulder, successfully scaring him. The boy turned around and for a moment he was struck speechless. By far the most beautiful being he had laid eyes on. The silver hair complemented the natural sun kissed skin, but also shining in the faintest of lights. The boy had the softest hazel eyes full of innocence and wonder. Shaking out of his thoughts the prince took the others hand, giving it a light kiss, "My apologies.

I did not mean to startle you. When the boy nodded he took the opportunity to step a bit closer. I have always wanted to visit the lands my mother and father once resided in and this gave me a good excuse," Akihito explained.

The prince nodded, "Oh? You are not here for the prince? Akihito gave a small snort, "Please, like I will waste my time to catch a prince's attention, only to get turned away at the end or get trampled by others.

Aki nodded, " Why would I waste my time? I came here to experience a ball for the first time, not spend the night running after a man. I am not 'princess material', and do not care to become one. Besides, considering my situation it would take a lot of trust for me to even consider being someone's bride," he added as an afterthought.

Takaba had no clue why he is talking to a complete stranger, but it was a ball and he did seem nice enough. Asami nodded his head offering a rare smile, "What is your special situation?

flirt finder please excuse

Asami had to hold back a smirk when the little bearer blushed as he reveled to be a bearer. They both turned as the music started and they saw people go out to the dance floor.

Turning back, "Would you like to dance?

flirt finder please excuse

Don't worry, I won't bite. When they left the sanctuary of the shaded window corner all eyes fell on them. Aki lowered his head, he never liked being stared at, worse was the fact he was in a dress. He didn't notice the envious or awed stares.

flirt finder please excuse

The prince noticed the boy's anxiety and gave his hand a light squeeze. Now in the middle of the dance floor the prince turned to face Akihito. He took one of the boy's hands, raising it at shoulder level, while the other laid to rest on the slim waist. Hesitantly, Akihito put his unoccupied hand to lightly rest on the prince's shoulder.

As the music once again picked up the older man began to sway back and fourth, Akihito joining in moments later. The prince took the lead and Akihito let him. They moved gracefully on the dance floor, not once missing a beat or turn. Through out their dance Asami would make small comments on the other guests, even saying one "looked like a big pumpkin" in her oversized orange dress, constantly making Akihito giggle. The king of China looked on as his son danced with the prince. Out of everyone in the entire palace his son happened to catch the prince's attention.

His boy was growing up right before his eyes, his parents would have been proud. The king glanced toward the beautiful man, "It is.