Alvin and the chipmunks 2 meet monks

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alvin and the chipmunks 2 meet monks

Alvin and the Chipmunks, originally David Seville and the Chipmunks or simply the Chipmunks, .. However, in the sequel Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, Dave plays a minor role in the film, .. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein (Released by Universal Studios Home Entertainment in ) ; Alvin. A fourth live action/animated film, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, was and "Simone" find Dave and Ian, and they go to meet with the other chipmunks. For its opening weekend, the film ranked at the #2 spot behind Sherlock. Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakquel Movie fanart fanart. Alice Lynn · Theodore Chipmunk .. Meet The World's Most Intense Disney Fans. Costumes.

See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. March Learn how and when to remove this template message The Chipmunks The origin of the Chipmunks was totally rebooted in for its feature film. They are living in a tree, fending for themselves as their parents had taken off to join a hippie commune, and having problems gathering nuts for the winter.

Their tree is cut down and carted off to grace the entrance lobby of a city office building, with them in it. Despite repeatedly testing Dave's putting up with them, they finally win his heart. Alvin Seville Alvin is the lead vocalist and the oldest of the Chipmunks which is confirmed in the s episode "Grounded Chipmunk".

alvin and the chipmunks 2 meet monks

He wears a red baseball cap and sweater sporting a yellow "A". In personality, Alvin is enthusiastic, mischievous, charming, wacky, prideful, hot-tempered, and funny. The term look before you leap does not usually apply to Alvin as he is impulsive, excitable, and musically talented.

He often makes up harebrained schemes to achieve his goals, whether it be trying to help his brothers, keeping Dave from figuring something out, or getting out of a sticky situation. Alvin seems to refer to his often illogical or crazy plans as "challenging the ordinary". He is proud of his fame and often comes off as self-centered and vain, but Alvin does have a kind heart and loves his brothers very much, often proving that his heart is stronger than his voice.

He's also not ashamed to admit when he's wrong and will help others when the time comes. There are times when Alvin displays true selflessness, such as when he gave his golden harmonica to a sick boy at Christmas and when he helped Theodore get Nathan, a bully, off his back for a while. He is shown to be infatuated with Brittany, although they often quarrel with each other, but they look out for each other when things look bad. He sometimes struggles with her to prove who is the better, such as when he and Brittany each ran for class president at their school in the animated series, but he is often kind to her and is implied to have a crush on her.

alvin and the chipmunks 2 meet monks

He sometimes displays affection for Brittany such as hugging her, kissing her hand or cheeks, and comforting her when she is upset. In one CGI episode, Alvin overheard two girls insulting Brittany and he stood up for her, displaying his gentle side once again. Like his brothers, Alvin was originally voiced by Ross Bagdasarian Sr. In the animated series and film, he was voiced by Ross Bagdasarian Jr.

On July 30,Alvin was No. In addition to having an IQ just north of EinsteinSimon possesses a dry sense of humor as well as keen wit. He wears glasses and blue attire, and has blue eyes a trait he shares with Alvin. He is kind, gentle, logical, responsible, and at times poetic. He often takes charge when Alvin goes too far with his harebrained schemes. Although Simon tends to disagree and argue with Alvin, he truly loves his brother and sticks by him despite everything. Simon tends to hold grudges, but these are often short-lived as he knows that he should be more forgiving.

Simon plays the bass, bass clarinet, saxophone, bagpipes, tuba, and drums, among others. In vocal harmonies, he consistently sings the lower parts due to having a deeper voice than his brothers. He is shown playing the keyboard in the original open for the s series. Simon is often implied to have a crush on Jeanette, as she is like him in many details; wearing glasses and blue or purple attire and having a high IQ, possibly rivaling his own. However, he seems braver in standing up to siblings than her because Jeanette doesn't often stand up for herself when Brittany pushes her around.

But like Simon to Alvin, Jeanette shares a sisterly bond with Brittany. Simon and Jeanette are rather shy around each other and aren't very open with their feelings, but Simon does display physical affection for Jeanette, including catching her when she falls, holding her hand, and giving her hugs. Like his brothers, Simon was originally voiced by Ross Bagdasarian Sr.

Theodore Seville Theodore is the child of innocence and the youngest of the Chipmunks.

The Chipettes

In short, he is an easy target for Alvin's manipulations. He wears green attire and has green eyes brown in the CGI animated series. Theodore often holds the swing vote between his two brothers' choices of action: Simon appeals to Theodore's better nature while Alvin goes straight to bribery.

He has a big appetite, constantly craving snacks and in one episode, Theodore tried to eat Alvin's hand because of his hunger. He plays the drums, the guitar, and other instruments. In vocal harmonies, his voice is typically the highest. He is fragile yet unpredictable and not very brave, but he will put on a brave face when his brothers are in trouble. At times, he is childish and Alvin's follower, but he is also the glue that binds his brothers despite Alvin and Simon's differences and regular disagreements.

Although he is sometimes teased by Alvin, Theodore loves his big brother and knows that Alvin loves him too. He seems to have affection for Eleanor, who shares physical traits with him, but she is smarter, braver and more athletic. They each have a passion for cooking, as Theodore is seen baking Christmas cookies in some Christmas episodes.

This also applies to Eleanor, but she is able to stand for herself and wishes that Theodore would do the same. Like his brothers, he was originally voiced by Ross Bagdasarian Sr.

The Chipettes Main article: The Chipettes Brittany Miller Brittany is the lead singer and is the leader of the Chipettes and is the female counterpart of Alvin.

Alvin and the Chipmunks

She wears pink attire and has red hair often drawn up in a ponytail and has blue eyes. Brittany is considerably beautiful, self-centered, ambitious, and vain, but she does have a kind side and is loyal to her sisters, Jeanette and Eleanor.

Brittany is often trying to look pretty and desires to make herself popular or get what she wants, but she does learn her lessons and is willing to do the right thing. Brittany often displays affection for Alvin as they are alike in many ways. Although she and Alvin are often quarrelsome with each other and often compete over who is the better, she does stick by his side in tough situations and deep down, she and Alvin do love each other.

Brittany pushes Jeanette around a lot and takes advantage of her kindness, but deep down, they love each other very much and care about each other, proving that Brittany does have a gentle side. Eleanor always stands up to Brittany when she tries to push Jeanette around, but they do share a strong sisterly relationship.

Jeanette Miller Jeanette is the second eldest sister and smartest of the Chipettes, as well as the tallest. Like Simon, she wears glasses and blue attire.

She has brown hair in a bun in the '80s show and a short ponytail in the recent films.

alvin and the chipmunks 2 meet monks

In personality, Jeanette is intelligent, gentle, kind, compassionate, and attractive. She cares about Simon and gets along with him very well, although the two of them are very shy about their relationship. She is often pushed around by Brittany, but she loves her sister and knows that Brittany loves her too.

Jeanette tries to be her best, but she is shy and often viewed as clumsy, as she does have a habit of tripping over her feet. Still, she is beloved by her sisters and finds companionship with their guardian, Miss Miller. Eleanor Miller Eleanor is the youngest of the Chipettes.

She has a lot in common with Theodore in terms of body shape and color of attire, but she is braver, more fit and has a better memory. She is blonde with pigtails and has brown eyes in the 80's show, which changed to green in the more recent appearances. Eleanor is kind, sweet, trusting, courteous, and fairly pretty. She shares Theodore's love of food and she is also skilled in cooking, and like him, she is the drummer for the Chipettes.

Eleanor often stands up to Brittany when she pushes Jeanette around, but she loves her big sister and is always willing to forgive. She seems to have affection for Theodore and they are the two most open about their relationship. Like him, Eleanor is sensitive about her weight and doesn't like to be insulted for it, but she often stands up for herself and wishes to help Theodore gain self-confidence.

David Seville David "Dave" Seville is a quick-tempered yet kind and somewhat insecure songwriter for the musical trio and Chipmunks' adoptive father and confidant. While Dave struggles to remain calm and objective, Alvin often irritates him, causing Dave to yell "Alvin! Eleanor Miller Eleanor is the youngest sister of the Chipettes. She has a lot in common with Theodore in terms of body shape and color of attire, but she is braver, more fit and has a better memory.

She is blonde with pigtails and has brown eyes in the '80s show, which changed to green in the more recent appearances.

Alvin and the Chipmunks - Wikipedia

Miss Beatrice Miller Miss Miller, an elderly eccentric friend of Dave and the Chipmunks, became the adoptive mother of the Chipettes in the television series. She is shown to be ditzy and talkative, but also supportive and loving to the Chipettes. Miss Miller is featured in the Chipmunk Adventure movie as a babysitter for the Chipmunks but is tricked by Alvin. She is known for her fanciful manner of dress and occasionally belting out tunes from the s.

On this album, Alvin sings a duet with a female character billed as Charlene the Chipette. Charlene was depicted on the album cover as having a long, golden blonde ponytail, and seems to have been the basis for the later character of Brittany.

She may have made a visual appearance inin Rockin' with the Chipmunkswhere she danced and lip-synced in the music video for " Crocodile Rock " by Elton John. Later, the Chipmunks find an engagement ring in a bag Dave brought home and believe that he is going to propose to Samantha. They try to steal the ring, but are unsuccessful. Dave has to produce a record for rising pop artist Ashley Grey in Miamiand decides to bring Samantha along with him.

The Chipmunks and Miles are staying together, but they agree to head to Miami to sabotage the proposal. The Chipmunks drug three squirrels and dress them up in their clothes to fool their hard-of-seeing neighbor Ms. Price, who was asked to look after them. The Chipmunks travel on a plane, but Theodore lets out a monkey, which then lets out several animals which cause an emergency landing and bring the ire of unscrupulous Air Marshal James Suggs, who resents the Chipmunks because Suggs' girlfriend left him for being so into them at the time.

As a result, they are put on the No Fly List. The Chipmunks head to a bar and perform, but this is interrupted by Suggs, and they cause a bar brawl as a diversion.