Wrestling meet and greets uk 2015

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wrestling meet and greets uk 2015

His UK tour begins at Telford's Oakengates Theatre on Friday 15 February . who won an eight wrestler novice tournament at New Brighton in October. This is a list of professional wrestling conventions. Contents. 1 History; 2 Canada; 3 United Kingdom; 4 United States. East Coast; Midwest; New England; Southern United States signings, interviews, fan activities, memorabilia displays, meet-and-greets, and Pro Wrestling Expo, , Various, Yes. Wrestlers involved will include Pete Dunne*, Tyler Bate* and Trent Seven* in at Blackpool's Empress Ballroom, where year-old Tyler Bate was crowned the first-ever WWE UK Champion. Posted On Monday 13 July by Matt Griffin Enhance your experience with a Meet & Greet add-on.

Not counting Neville and Tommy End, who were clearly just guesting and not earmarked for the new brand, WWE has just 16 wrestlers signed, with a decent percentage being fairly inexperienced.

wrestling meet and greets uk 2015

Is any iteration of the current WWE creative team, even its best and brightest, able to keep the shows fresh with so few moving pieces? And speaking of the behind the scenes aspect… 2. Probably the most underreported story about these shows was that Michael Cole was executive producing them as a dry run for an eventual further expansion of his ever-growing backstage role.

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Cole would be the replacement, and he did an excellent job in his first shot an executing his own vision. The tournament shows felt less like a WWE television product than anything that the company has put out in many years, including the projects at Full Sail University.

It was a solid, professional performance where he was clearly enjoying himself, and it elevated the product. Newly-signed Nigel McGuinness also shined sitting in on color commentary with his new boss.

McGuinness, to be blunt, sounded kind of sad when he did commentary and promos in ROH. The opposite was true over the weekend: The match would later be won by Eric Young who requested to have his shot at the same night where he went to defeat the champion Magnus. At SacrificeMagnus received a rematch for the title, but was again defeated by Young.

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Later feuds — [ edit ] Shortly after his loss to Eric YoungMagnus began a losing streak, after losing out on a number one contender's spot for the championship Magnus was met in a backstage segment by his childhood friend and fellow Brit Bramwho began to chastise him, claiming he had gone soft.

Over the next several weeks, Magnus began showing signs of a face turn when Bram would throw weapons into the ring and encourage him to let out a more intense side but Magnus would refuse.

wrestling meet and greets uk 2015

More signs began to show from Magnus when he first attacked Bram in a backstage segment, and then when Magnus saved Tigre Uno from an assault from Bram the following week. On the edition of 5 June of Impact Wrestling, it looked as though Magnus would finalize his face turn and save Willow from Bram, but would in fact remain heel and attack Willow himself with a steel pry bar. Since developing a more violent persona, Magnus and Bram began a rivalry with Willow and the returning Abyss.

The Three Goals of WWE's UK Championship Tournament

On 23 Januaryepisode of Impact Wrestling, Magnus competed in the Feast or Fired match grabbing the final case which contained a TNA World Tag Team Championship title opportunity, in which Bram claimed to have been the one to obtain it for himself but the chance was stolen from Magnus.

On the 30 January episode of Impact Wrestling, Magnus tried to reconcile with Bram in a bar, but after leaving the bar he was then viciously attacked by Bram, which would turn Magnus face once again. The week after, Magnus returned and attacked Bram in retaliation for threatening Mickie.

This would lead to a match between the two which Magnus won by disqualification after Magnus was strapped to the ropes, after which Mickie ran down to the ring and was grabbed by Bram who forced Magnus to kiss his boot, to which he obliged.

Magnus would get redemption and attack Bram backstage.

wrestling meet and greets uk 2015

This would lead to a No Disqualification match between the two which Magnus won to end the feud. Magnus would enter into a storyline with James Storm who intervened in his final match with Bram by saving Mickie James from being attacked. On the 24 April episode of Impact Wrestling, Magnus and Mickie James both came down to the ring to announce Mickie's retirement from professional wrestling to focus on raising their son but were interrupted by Storm who managed to convince her not to.

Magnus was later approached backstage by Davey Richards who had previously feuded with Storm who warned Magnus not to trust Storm, after which Magnus asked a member of the camera crew to follow Mickie around to keep an eye on her.

wrestling meet and greets uk 2015

After consulting the footage the crew gathered, Magnus confronted Storm and warned him to stay out of his and Mickie's business. The following week the two would have another confrontation where Storm would push Magnus too far and provoked him to attack Storm with a guitar officially igniting their feud.

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The following week on Impact Wrestling, Magnus called out Storm for a fight to instead be met by former rival and Storm's Revolution teammate Abyss and eventually the rest of The Revolution members Manik and Khoya. Aldis returned on the 6 April episode of Impact! On the 4 May episode of Impact! Consequently, Impact authority figure Bruce Prichard booked the three rivals in a triple threat match for an opportunity at the Impact World Heavyweight Championship.

He said he was willing to continue working for the company as an independent contractor on handshake agreements, but he was rebuffed.