Us interest and relationship with syria

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us interest and relationship with syria

Diplomatic relations between Syria and the United States are currently non- existent; they were .. Currently, US interests in Syria are represented by an Interests Section in the Embassy of the Czech Republic. In December , US president. The United States is expanding its goal in Syria to include the full withdrawal the United States and Russia, as both nations pursue their own interests. as an indicator of the overall direction of the U.S.-Russia relationship. The airstrikes conducted by the United States, Britain, and France on Saturday in Syria, and by stating a desire for improved relations with Moscow and Yet as he seeks to narrowly define U.S. interests in Syria to the use of.

The rebellion, lacking any but the most rudimentary anti-aircraft capacity, has found itself helpless against the combination of Russian air power and Iran-supported and supplied manpower.

us interest and relationship with syria

But it is a different entity to the one that launched the war against anti-Assad protesters in the summer of Seven years later, the regime in Damascus is no longer about to dictate events in Syria as it once did, and instead it must defer to the wishes of those powers that ensured its survival.

The events of recent days in Afrin offer an instructive example. Russian military personnel in the Kurdish enclave were withdrawn prior to the commencement of the Turkish operation.

us interest and relationship with syria

Similarly, recent events demonstrate the extent to which the rebellion is no longer essentially a Syrian phenomenon. The rebels taking part in the Afrin operation against Kurdish forces are effectively military contractors working on behalf of Turkish interests. These northern rebel groups — such as Faylaq al-Sham, Nour al-Din al-Zenki, and the Levant Front — have played this essentially subaltern, proxy role since the summer ofwhen it became clear there was no longer any possibility of a strategic rebel victory over Assad.

Rebel factions are mainly now fighting for survival. The rebels farther south play a similar role for their Jordanian, American, or Israeli patrons. It is clear that the Islamic State is set to once again become a mobile, brutal Sunni Arab insurgent organization, similar to the form it took prior to the declaration of the caliphate in June So what do these developments mean for the likely direction of events in the next period in Syria?

Different members maintain their own relations with specific elements of the rival camp. The Kurds maintain relations with Russia and the Assad regime, although their de facto autonomous area is mainly guaranteed by the United States. This letter argued against a U. Since the Syrian government has indicated willingness to increase border security cooperation between Iraqi and US forces. Embassy was attacked by four armed assailants with guns, grenades and a car bomb which failed to detonate.

Syrian Security Forces successfully countered the attack, killing all four attackers. Two other Syrians killed during the attack were a government security guard and a passerby. The Syrian Government publicly stated that terrorists had carried out the attack. Government has not received an official Syrian Government assessment of the motives or organization behind the attack, but security was upgraded at U.

Both the Syrian ambassador to the U. Economic sanctions[ edit ] The U.

us interest and relationship with syria

These include legislatively mandated penalties, including export sanctions and ineligibility to receive most forms of U. Executive orders[ edit ] There have been a series of executive orders administered by the U. These sanctions are imposed on certain Syrian citizens or entities due to their participation in terrorism, acts of public corruption, or their destabilizing activities in Iraq and Lebanon. As ofthere have been 20 Syrian citizens who have been sanctioned.

These sanctions stop U.

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Syrian Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act[ edit ] In Maya comprehensive set of economic sanctions were enacted under the Bush administration.

However, with the governments' violent response to the Syrian civil war inrelations cooled dramatically and senior American officials, including President Obama himself, repeatedly called for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to resign. Lifting of travel restrictions[ edit ] In February the US travel advisory for American citizens traveling to Syria was lifted. The US Embassy in Syria reported that, "After carefully assessing the current situation in Syria, we determined that circumstances didn't merit extending the travel warning.

Re-engagement[ edit ] On February 17,U.

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Ambassador to Syria, the first since in the aftermath of the Hariri assassination. The talks were described as "candid" and that common ground was met on those issues pertaining to Iraq and Lebanon.

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In meetings revolved around discussing "specific steps to promote regional stability, revive Syria—Israel peace talks, and strengthen U. The cables were sent because embassy staff became worried as Syrian intelligence agents were investigating these programs. The financing which began during the presidency of George W.