Tywin and tyrion relationship quiz

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tywin and tyrion relationship quiz

From the incestuous relationship between Cersei and Jaime to the poor .. Tyrion was forced to fight with them and the triumph led to Tywin. Tyrion gets his family wrong pretty often and I think it seems like Tywin hates him because Tyrion is % certain that Tywin hates him. Tyrion Lannister kills Tywin with a crossbow on Game of Thrones . What if Bran had never found out about Cersei and Jaime's relationship?.


And his tendency to visit brothels and inns keeps getting him in trouble, too, from getting captured by Catelyn Stark to getting captured by Jorahm Mormont. Sure, he drinks and knows things, but it seems like he'd know a lot more if he drank a lot less!

tywin and tyrion relationship quiz

During his final conversation with Tywin, Tyrion asks him what happened to his first wife, Tysha. However, the Tyrion of the books takes this question very seriously: He asks himself the question, merchants the question, travelers the question, and even a few actual questions. This is a minor singer who tags along with Catelyn when she captures Tyrion and manages to ingratiate himself with her sister in the Eyerie.

Before they arrive at the Eyerie, though, the party is attacked by some of the clans who live in the Vale, and in the books, Tyrion takes the opportunity to try to maim the singer. Marillion has spent the entire trip up to this point composing songs that help to mock Tyrion. Considering how he has been mocked all of his life and periodically lectures people like Jon Snow about armoring themselves against insultsthis is a really strange reason to risk everyone's lives to maim someone: Her false testimony against him during his trial, along with the fact that she started sleeping with Tywin, was part of why he was so angry with her during their final meeting.

When this meeting was shown on television, Shae attacked Tyrion, and he was forced to kill her in self-defense. In the books, however, it was much darker.

tywin and tyrion relationship quiz

In the books, Shae does not attack him or make any aggressive moves towards him. If the cold-blooded murder of someone he claimed to care about wasn't bad enough, Tyrion basically put Shae into a no-win situation: Ultimately, Shae did the only thing she could to save her life, and Tyrion murdered her in cold blood because of it.

Forget about being able to be a threat to someone like the Mountain, Tyrion is scarcely a threat to any able-bodied adult in the Seven Kingdoms.

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The most noteworthy death he has brought about has been shooting his father with a crossbow while he was sitting on the toilet. Tyrion knows the only arena he can match his peers in is in the world of intellect.

He plainly states that to him, books are like a whetstone for his mind to keep it sharp as a sword.

tywin and tyrion relationship quiz

Though his agility does lend a bit more credence to him being able to defend himself in a fight like he does at the battle of the Blackwater. Not only does he have to live with the knowledge that his birth is what caused the death of his mother, but his family never lets him live that fact down.

Rumors in Westeros tell that Tywin Lannister actually used to be a loving man when he still had his wife to care for, but that he changed for the worse the day she died and never recovered. To be fair, Cersei probably would have hated Tyrion no matter what, but Tywin is a different matter.

tywin and tyrion relationship quiz

But the story of Westeros is full of a thousand such what ifs. Question 7 What were the last words Jaime Lannister said to Bran before he pushed him out of the window?

Yet, in the very first episode of Game of Thrones, Bran was not only able to walk but he was quite an adventurous climber. He was the one to witness Jaime and Cersei Lannister engaging in sex in the tower, which caused Jaime to push him out of the window. What were the last words Jaime Lannister said to Bran before he pushed him out of the window? Question 8 Who was the character that tried to caution Tyrion about Joffrey remembering his treatment of him?

Jaime Lannister Cersei Lannister Jon Snow In the very first episode of Game of Thrones, the audience was still trying to understand all of the different characters within the series. Joffrey didn't seem like the best prince, especially since he didn't seem to care about offering his respects to the Stark family after Bran's fall from the tower, but he wasn't the full-on monster that he became later on in the series. When Tyrion tried to bring it to Joffrey's attention that his absence had been noticed, he had to slap him around a little to get him to comply.

'Game of Thrones' is a masterclass in how NOT to parent your child

Who was the character that tried to caution Tyrion about Joffrey remembering his treatment of him? They seemed completely foreign in the North and none of them looked particularly pleased to be dining with the Starks. With there no telling when they would be that far North again, it would only be reasonable to think that they would want to visit The Wall.

Not only would it be a great adventure but it would be a marvel to behold such a grand feat of engineering. Question 10 What did Catelyn Stark find in the tower that made her think that Bran was thrown from it? When a fire broke out at Winterfell, an assassin broke into Bran's room and tried to kill him. Catelyn and Bran's direwolf were able to fight off the attacker but it started to put doubt into Catelyn's mind about whether or not Bran truly did fall from the tower.

When she went to the tower to investigate, she found something that caused further suspicion.


What did Catelyn Stark find in the tower that made her think that Bran was thrown from it? Question 11 What is the ancestral home of House Lannister? Typically, it's the eldest male that inherits the castle and becomes the new Lord of their Noble House. Yet, that is a tad tricky with the Lannisters since Jaime Lannister became a member of the Kingsguard and therefore he forfeited his right to inherit their ancestral home.

While other castles and homelands have been featured throughout the series, the Lannister homeland wasn't featured until Season 7. What is the name of House Lannister's ancestral home? Question 12 What was the name of Tywin Lannister's late wife? Lyanna Tysha Elia The wife of Tywin Lannister had already died prior to the very first episode of the series but that didn't mean that she was completely left out of the series.