Tristana and teemo relationship questions

Leona and Diana are speculatively in a lesbian relationship? .. might be controversial and I welcome any questions or dialog about why any of these relationships are on That romance between Teemo and Tristana ಠ_ಠ. What about the relationship between Rumble and Tristana? .. She put teemo in the friendzone her quote towards him are not romantic in any way "Um . of a champion's lore before moving on to more delicate topics. Are there 11 yordle have a relationship eacht other? if yes, who is with who? i read some info about Tristana has a relationship with teemo as.

What can we learn from this? Well, maybe she doesn't feel anything for Teemo and avoids the question, because she thinks it's ridiculous. Or maybe, she does feel something about him and that is why she avoids talking about it. Rumble and Teemo however, seem attracted to Tristana, in very obvious ways. Rumble is obviously attracted to Trist, while Teemo hides this, but probably bickers about it with Rumble in the sidelines.

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Tristana do have a 'close friendship', so maybe this is indication she'll go towards Teemo. However, Rumble's a pretty standup guy, so maybe she'll lean towards Rumble.

tristana and teemo relationship questions

Or maybe, she doesn't feel anything for neither! It's also very possible! Thusly, Rumble X Tristana is: Luckily, she was behind Taric so the media would more than likely be more interested in him than her.

When she exited the small tunnel that led to the outside, the victories summoners were all standing proud as scribes and journalists alike wrote down their every word with the upmost detail as they answered all questions posed to them. She was about half way to the institute's dormitory, feeling almost free, when a stray scribe stepped in front of her, quill in hand and looking very eager to see her.

His eyes were hungry for an answer, but to be honest, Tristana didn't have a full grasp of the situation herself; it'd be a miracle if she could describe it to a journalist. Generally it was easy enough to simply ignore the question as if she didn't hear it, but there was no ignoring this man.

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She rubbed the back of her neck looking everywhere but the man, when she spied Shen out of the corner of her eye. Safely inside the woman's dorms, Tristana let out a sigh of relief, and slid down the door with her new found safety. She looked up to the candle lit hallways of the dorms, and began walking until she found the room with her name plate scribbled on.

tristana and teemo relationship questions

It was near the back, so she got to look forward to a boring walk but at least she was alone. Before long, she stopped in front of her door and quickly pushed it open. Throwing off her goggles onto the floor, she flopped on her bed, fully armored. It was far from comfortable, but she felt like she could fall asleep anywhere at this point. Eventually she willed herself up, and began the long process of removing her armor, one strap at a time and climbed into her private shower.

The shower; at this moment and as far as Tristana was concerned, was the best invention to come out of Piltover since the cannon ball. The hot water ran over her hair, she could just feel the stress of the day slide off with the grime and for the first time all day, Tristana felt truly blissful. There, next to her, sat the Fae Sorceress looking as pleasant as ever. No for the love of everything flammable, keep your clothes on.

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Lulu's friends all exist within whatever Faerie dimension she got lost in. She is hinted at being friendly with Veigar, but the lore doesn't really go over it. Poppy is on friendly terms with the yordles, but counts the Demacians as closer allies. Rumble is Heimerdinger's rival, and is also attracted to Tristana.

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Which leads to him bumping heads with Teemo from tiem to time. Teemo is dangerously close to turning evil, or whatever the yordle term for that is. The only yordle he associates with much is Tristana, and even then he spends most of is time on solo assignments hunting people down with poison and devious traps.

It's sadly only a matter of time before he loses it completely. Tristana is the close friend of Teemo and occasional acquaintance of Rumble. And being in the army, she would know of Corki, perhaps even working with him. I feel it important to note that she is a key relationship for both Rumble and Teemo adn that both of them would suffer negatively without her presence.

Veigar is already crazy and evil. He doesn't really have any positive relationships. Ziggs works at the Yordle College in Piltover with Heimerdinger.