The walking dead s03e16 ending relationship

Horror Movie Review The Walking Dead - S03E16 Welcome to the Tombs ()

the walking dead s03e16 ending relationship

The third season of Fear the Walking Dead, an American horror-drama television series on . Nick finds a horde of walkers at the end of the sewer and makes his way back. The family is reunited but the . Jake asks Alicia to leave with him and questions their relationship when she refuses. Nick and Jake set out to find Troy. Should The Walking Dead call it a day after season 8?. The Walking Dead Episode Discussion S03E16 "Welcome to the Tombs" (self. thewalkingdead). submitted 5 Comic spoiler tags are always mandatory on /r/ thewalkingdead. To use Milton is in an abusive relationship.

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In his mind the Governor is teaching Milton a lesson, a lesson that Milton doesn't want to learn as he refuses point blank to murder the imprisoned Andrea. Things reach a head and the Governor stabs Milton, leaving him to bleed out and then turn, as the Governor helpfully points out Milton is not going to leave the room without killing Andrea.

the walking dead s03e16 ending relationship

Meanwhile the Prison crew are setting in place their plans to survive the Woodbury onslaught, which comes pretty thick and fast. Naturally Rick and his team have learnt a few tricks and totally rout the Governor's forces, sending them fleeing back towards Woodbury. The Governor isn't best pleased with this outcome and stops the convoy, eventually gunning down his argumentative troops.

The Walking Dead - S03E16 Welcome to the Tombs (2013)

Carl Grimes, proving he is quickly learning the lessons being dealt out by the new world, guns down one of the Governor's soldiers, a boy who may or may not be surrendering. Hershel Greene is shocked by Carl's actions and informs Rick that his son gunned down an innocent.

the walking dead s03e16 ending relationship

When Rick confronts Carl, the boy points out some home truths and also links his actions to not having pulled the trigger twice previously which indirectly lead to deaths. Rick hasn't got time to reason this out, which he should, as he joins Daryl in chasing after the Governor in an attempt to once and for all finish things. With Michonne in tow they run across the massacre of the Governor's troops and later gain entrance to Woodbury via a massacre survivor and Tyreese and Sasha Williams.

The Governor has fled the scene, but the town folk are only too happy to join up with the current Prison population. Bit of a limp wristed ending to the season for mine, but let's break it down and lick the wounds.

If anything Welcome to the Tombs is about framing, the whole episode works as a sort of multi-dimensional frame extravaganza by Director Ernest R. Dickerson, who to be honest should have spent more time on the action scenes and less on the "art for art's sake".

The initial frame of the episode is an extreme close up of a single eye, which when the camera pulls back we discover is the Governor dishing out a lesson to Milton. For regular Walking Dead viewers the scene does of course conjure up memories of the first episode of the season, Seed. In that episode the close up was of the milky eye of a zombie, which was about to be dispatched, draw any parallels to the Governor that you deem appropriate folks.

Similarly we get a static shot of a grave marker which for some reason seems to sum up the situation. There's a couple of other examples but let's not belabour the point, Dickerson has gone bare arsed crazy with the idea, enough said. There is absolutely no cliff hanger at the end of this episode! Guess the episode does underline just how off the planet the Governor is. Besides having learnt a few things from Merle, like throwing a dying Milton into a locked room with Andrea, there's the attack on the Prison, which takes down a lot of the defences the place has against zombies, and then the massacre as the Governor simply loses it completely.

Guess we have a future slot on our dance cards with the Governor as he was still raging at episode end, who else thinks major crunch coming in season four? Naturally the season had to finish with a major character dying, and there are no prizes if you guessed who was going down this episode.

Guess we could say two semi major characters if we counted in Milton.

the walking dead s03e16 ending relationship

Anyways Andrea finally departs the show, thank god, in one of those examples of the Writers of The Walking Dead questioning who would survive the apocalypse and what sort of person would they need to be to achieve that.

Carl Grimes has gone from kid wanting to simply play too full on bad arse this season. The dude gets the job done even when the adults are locked in never ending debate.

Sam Underwood as Jake Otto: Jeremiah's moralistic and wiser son, Troy's half-brother, and Alicia's love interest.

The Walking Dead Episode Discussion S03E16 "Welcome to the Tombs" : thewalkingdead

Dayton Callie as Jeremiah Otto: Lisandra Tena as Lola Guerrero: The generous and empathic leader of a community stationed at a dam located in Tijuana, who is responsible for supplying water.

Supporting cast[ edit ] Michael Greyeyes as Qaletaqa Walker: A Native American in a war with Jeremiah Otto, who he claims occupies his lands. Justin Rain as Lee "Crazy Dog": The right-hand man of Qaletaqa. Karen Bethzabe as Elena Reyes: The Rosario Beach hotel manager. Ramses Jimenez as Hector Reyes: Rae Gray as Gretchen Trimbol: A resident of Broke Jaw Ranch who becomes friends with Alicia. Michael William Freeman as Blake Sarno: A member of the militia.

Jason Manuel Olazabal as Dante Esquivel: The leader of Gonzalez Dam. Linda Gehringer as Christine: A resident of Broke Jaw Ranch who forms a bond with Alicia.

the walking dead s03e16 ending relationship