Ted bissell and marlo thomas relationship quotes

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ted bissell and marlo thomas relationship quotes

That Girl () ABC ~ It starred Marlo Thomas as the title character Ann Marie, Marlo Thomas as 'Ann Marie' with Ted Bessell (boyfriend Donald Hollinger) in a scene from .. Movie Poster & Quotes .. He and Natalie married Jackie Gleason, Ted Bessell, and Michael Constantine in Don't Drink the Water Marlo Thomas and Ted Bessell in That Girl () Marlo Thomas, Ted Bessell. With Marlo Thomas, Ted Bessell, Lew Parker, Alice Borden. case of cold feet that he doesn't know if he wants to get married at all, be it to Ann or anyone else.

1966-67 Television Season 50th Anniversary: That Girl (Marlo tribute to Ted Bessell)

You need to tell a logical, credible story - and you need to do it in 22 minutes. Always be honest, and never go for a joke or an easy laugh if it takes you off the road of your story. It was a tremendous thing to witness, and it impacted my work as an actor and producer. Everything that I do stems from that same organic place.

They needed a young female star, and they thought I was it. But none of what they suggested appealed to her. Have you ever thought about doing a show where the girl is the somebody - somebody with a dream?

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Someone whose father wants her to get married, but who moves away from home, even though that causes anxiety in both of her parents. This is the moving target. Sam not so much. But he was very funny and came along with us. They were good counterparts for each other. The worry, it turns out, was for naught: That Girl debuted on September 8,and was an instant hit.

ted bissell and marlo thomas relationship quotes

What happened was that this girl, who seemed like a revolutionary figure to the men in suits who did the research, was not a revolutionary figure at all. She was a fait accompli.

A Limited Engagement

We were a whole different breed. I had learned that, for a woman, there was safety in numbers. Experience had taught me: One is a pest, two is a team, three is a coalition. Now I had Ruth. We were only two but, together, we were like the Red Army. That Girl was so cutting edge for television - there had never been a show about a young, single, working girl who moved away from home, and tried to make it on her own.

ted bissell and marlo thomas relationship quotes

We were learning what we needed as we went along. Both the network and Clairol pleaded with Thomas to have the couple marry in the last segment, but she flatly rejected the idea.

That seemed the perfect way to close things out.

ted bissell and marlo thomas relationship quotes

And once we had made that creative decision, ABC and Clairol were very supportive of it. Indeed, Free To Be You and Me began as quest to find a suitable storybook for her niece, Dionne, the first grandchild in the Thomas family.

It really was my gift to my adored niece. It also became a number-one bestselling book; an Emmy Award-winning TV special and a stage play, and was embraced by teachers and librarians nationwide, becoming a part of school curriculum in 35 states. Its impact continues to be felt today, as parents hand it down to a new generation of children.

My Story and the Story of Funny. She also launched a bullying prevention campaign on the site, spearheading a nationwide anti-bullying initiative in partnership with, among others, the Ad Council, AOL, Facebook, and the U.

Departments of Education and Health and Human Services. Jude, or logging in eight performances a week on the Broadway stage, her greatest joy is relatively simple: The clip from that memorable meeting now lives online, and all these years later, it still sparkles with a unique blend of passion, laughter and love.

The show was nominated for a number of awards, including Emmys for Thomas and co-star Ted Bessell March 20, - October 6, who played her boyfriend, magazine writer Don Hollinger. Episode synopsis, via IMDb: Aspiring actress Ann Marie, recently arrived in New York City, is working at a newsstand in the lobby of an office building when she is spotted by two men looking to film a television commercial made to look like a hold up.

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Ann excitedly agrees to be the damsel in distress for the commercial to be filmed later that evening at the newsstand itself. That same day, Ann meets Donald Hollinger, a writer with Newsview Magazine, whose offices are located in that building. Ann and Donald, while friendly enough to each other, are on opposing sides of wanting to buy the same roll top desk in a business moving sale.

Trivia bits, via IMDb: The show actually used three separate opening themes during its run. Season 1 was a more subdued instrumental opening, also with a different video sequence. Seasons was the now-familiar more upbeat, jazzy swinging instrumental style; finally, sung lyrics were added in the 5th last season's version, to give the opening a similar, deeper context, in the wake of the new, very successful Mary Tyler Moore Show's first season the previous year.

The well-regarded Earle Hagen wrote all the music for the opening themes. Besides writing the themes to numerous other shows, Hagen is most notable for writing the tune to, and whistling the theme for, the Andy Griffith Show.