Tatsuya and miyuki relationship goals

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tatsuya and miyuki relationship goals

In Volume 14, it is revealed that in his contract with his Aunt, Miyuki's safety is the Until Volume 16, Tatsuya and Maya have a very business-like relationship. 25 Sentence that highlights Tatsuya and Miyuki's Childhood Love has to begin somewhere, and for this two, love begin in an awkward time of. I was just looking at the wiki and it seems Miyuki and Tatsuya don't share the She was created with the sole purpose of being Tatsuya-sama's.

Almost everything from their appearance, their skills and weapons, their personalities and attitudes as well as the attitudes of those around them, as well as the circumstances surrounding them and the events that played out in their lives compel me to believe that the author took great care and did serious research in order to rewrite the Shiva legends into his own story.

And it was beautifully done. Oh boy…I could go on and on about this. Shiva had to wait until she was reincarnated into Parvati before they could properly be together; in Mahouka, Tatsuya simply had to resurrect Miyuki in time, but his grief still caused him to completely decimate everyone in his rampage. He then proposed to her and became his bride. Like Miyuki, Parvati is also known for her overwhelming, yet delicate beauty and grace. The Shiba siblings have a father who does not appreciate the brilliance of his own son to the distress of his daughter.

Both pairs are incredibly devoted to their partner. The power of destruction and regeneration? Both Shiva and Tatsuya also share similar personalities—being able to remain calm and reasonable even in the face of insults.

They both also seem very self-aware of who they are. Both also have nice houses and like getting nice clothes for their female counterparts. Tatsuya is ruthless and can be cold to the point of heartlessness; Miyuki is pragmatic and absolutely merciless when provoked.

Something they share with the dark aspects of Shiva and Parvati. Miyuki feels the same way with Tatsuya and immensely dislikes the fact that people continue to look down on him while she sees him as the greatest being in the universe.

For their part, both Parvati and Miyuki feel immense joy just being in the arms of the one they love, and both are trying to get their male counterparts to participate more in the world. Tatsuya and Miyuki are as well—if one were to lose the other, life for them would lose all meaning.

tatsuya and miyuki relationship goals

This may also be be why they both share the main character spot and are the central characters of their own mangas. Shiva and Parvati also supposedly represent the perfect masculine and the perfect feminine, which Tatsuya and Miyuki also parallel with their character designs. Or better yet, just check out the flower sewn on their uniforms. I could probably add a couple more if I read further, but for now I think 20 items are enough to show my point.

In capable of shedding tears.

tatsuya and miyuki relationship goals

In capable of laughter. His very own mother robbed him of this many wonderful feelings. And yet, he does not held a grudge for his mother at least left him with a single drive, a single piece of emotion. And this emotion could be seen in full displayed as he gazed over his little sister across the garden. Blood Miyuki was aware of death at the tender age of seven. The first time a person attempted to kidnap her was when she was seven. And that day, she saw her brother took a life.

The moment that man grabbed hold of her, her brother's hand instantly tore through the man's chest, crushing the man's heart. As her family tends to her, Miyuki's eyes did not leave her brother who was standing over a corpse. Her brother's hand was stained with blood yet he still did not show any emotion as he gazed over the dead body of the man that he killed.

Frustration Miyuki did not know how to handle her big brother. He did not act like an elder brother to her. Instead of treating her like a little sister, he treated her like she was his mistress, and for some reason, this frustrated Miyuki to no end.

Her frustration reaching an all time high whenever he calls her 'Mistress'. Torture Tatsuya was a very durable man. He can take being burn. He can take being stabbed. He can take being shot by guns. He can take being slashed by blades. He can endure being crush by tons of weight. He can endure having his limbs tore off.

He can endure his organs being punctured. He can survive a point blank explosion. But Tatsuya did not understand the feeling that he experience whenever his little sister look at him with cold eyes.

As those beautiful eyes gazed upon him coldly, he experiences all the tortures his body ever experience all at once. Fear For all intents and purposes, Miyuki should be afraid of her brother. How could she not?

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At the tender age eight, an assassin tried to kill her, in the Yotsuba estate no less. A man waltz into the estate, a gun aimed between her eyes.

Everyone was shouting, everyone was panicking. And after a second, there was a deafening silence as her would be assailant knelt in front of her, half of his upper body gone. Miyuki could only stare as her brother held the man's skull and crushed it in front of her, his hands once again drench with blood. She should have felt feared back then. A child as young as her should have been disturbed or terrified at that display.

Yet, she did not feel an ounce of fear. No, in fact, she felt warm inside for some reason. Training Because of the latest attempt to her life, Miyuki's training intensified. Miyuki started training to be a magician at the age of five. Her training for the past three years was still very basic, focus more on theory and less in practical application. That change after the latest assassination attempt. The head of the Yotsuba clan, Yotsuba Maya, decided that it was time for Miyuki to learn how to use Magic in combat.

Miyuki was a very talented Magician, showing promise and potential, evident at the fact that her first accidental magic was when she was three years old but the sudden change of pace of her training caught her off guard. For at least three weeks, her body was sore and her magical reserve was push to the absolute limit because of the sudden harsh training regime that was given to her by her aunt. In that time frame, after her training was complete, Miyuki always collapsed on her bed and instantly drifted to sleep, but in one particular night, she had enough energy left in her to stay conscious for a while, long enough to see her brother putting a blanket over her prone and exhausted body.

And before she descended to sleep, she saw an emotion on her brother's emotionless face, an emotion that Miyuki struggled to accept.


Mother Miyuki was very close to her mother. Her mother was the person who taught her manners and etiquette befitting that of a noble. Essentially, her mother was the one who taught her how to be a proper woman. Miyuki loves her mother very much and always listens to her. So when she told her to limit her interaction with her brother and to stop trying to get to know him, Miyuki relented reluctantly.

After all, mother knows best, right? Tool Tatsuya knew that he was merely a tool to be used by the Yotsuba Clan. He may have the blood of the Yotsuba Clan coursing through his veins but he knew that they were never going to acknowledge him as one of their own. They will never accept him and they will always scorn him, he already accepted that fact.

He also accepted the fact that his sister would most likely adopt that kind of mentality when dealing with him, and he has no problems accepting it. After all, the reason why he was born first was so that he could protect her.

If she treating him like a tool would grant him the ability to protect her, then he would embrace his fate with no hesitation.

Freezing Freezing-type magic was Miyuki's most preferred magic, which made her name quite fitting for her. She doesn't know why but she enjoyed the feeling of snow on her skin, she relished the feeling of the cold air caressing her body, and she feels delighted whenever the coldness sends shivers up her spine. For some reason, Miyuki loves to feel very cold. And maybe that was the reason why she could not remove her stare from her brother's emotionless eyes.

Those eyes that lacks emotions was colder than arctic ice. And that alone cause Miyuki to be mesmerize by her brother's eyes. Premonition An eleven year old Miyuki cannot help but have a premonition as she set foot in an airplane that would take them to Yotsuba Villa located in Okinawa. She didn't know why but she felt that this trip would change her life and perspective. Guardian For the Yotsuba clan, being a guardian is a way of life.

A Yotsuba Guardian gets monetary compensation, food, and water only to ensure that the Guardian can properly perform his or her duties. A Guardian has no life and is merely a possession of the master, using him or her as the master saw fit. Miyuki tries to convince herself to accept this concept so that she won't be excluded from the family, from the clan, since that is what a Yotsuba is for her, her family.

She then looked at her brother and wondered why he was merely a Guardian. He was never treated as the son of the clan head's older sister, no; he was treated as a mere servant and he played the part perfectly, which baffled Miyuki to no end. She knew that her brother was strong; he had proven that over and over by protecting her from the many kidnappers and assassins that would have succeeded in taking her without his intervention. He had proven his strength again when he nonchalantly dispatch a marine with just a mere punch, not even using magic.

So why, why did he settle to be a mere guardian? Jealousy Miyuki never hated her brother, with that said, she also never like him. She does not how to interact with him, with most of his interaction with him ending into a very awkward mood. Yet, as she watched her cousins interact with him in a friendly matter, with him reciprocating their friendliness, she could not help but freeze the glass in her hands until it was brittle enough that the air itself was the one who shattered it into million pieces.

For some reason, she did not like others being friendly with him. After all, why should they experience something that even she has of yet experience for herself?

Understand Miyuki never understood her brother, something that dawn to her when she first saw him use magic outside of his signature magic, Gram Demolition. Before her very eyes, she witness her brother reading, altering, and destroying the information of an object, something that is considered to be magic of highest difficulty.

Altering reality is one thing, completely destroying it is another. She always thought that he was excluded from the family because of his lack of ability to perform modern magic but after what she saw, it was clear to Miyuki that her brother was a capable magician. And she pondered on this thought; she questioned herself whether she ever understood her brother. Happy For the first time since Miyuki knew Tatsuya, the first time she had ever seen him remotely happy was when they entered a CAD military facility.

Miyuki could not help but look at her brother's eyes as he meticulously looked at the variety of CADs around him with child like wonder. The look in his eyes made her wonder if she truly knew her brother. Does he love her…. Or does he hate her…. Those thoughts invaded her mind as she faded into the background. Tears 'Why am I crying? She did not understand why she was crying or why tears were falling from her eyes.

The way her brother spoke her name felt so empty, and that hurt her in ways that she could not comprehend. Yet, as the bullet of a gun pierce my heart, the wound felt hot I could clearly feel my life flowing out of me with my blood.

I will die, there was no point denying that.

tatsuya and miyuki relationship goals

I heard people say that when a person dies, he or she will experience various regrets. Surprisingly, there were no regrets. The only person who came up was my brother…No, we never acted like siblings yet I would like to think that he was still my brother.

If I didn't exist, you could have had a life better than the life that you had.