Syndra and zed relationship

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syndra and zed relationship

relationship. Syndra. But that's because. Zed/Kayn/Syndra (league of legends) to those who came here for some of the tags that arnt mentioned yet and some relationships have yet to be discovered. Rated: Fiction M - English - Tragedy/Romance - Akali, Syndra, Zed Zed and she had a very cold and professional relationship - they were the.

syndra and zed relationship

So this one won't be very long. So, if you visit Zed and Syndra's champion profile pages, they are listed as friends.

syndra and zed relationship

There's no other official statement regarding these two's relationship. Just to show you how creative the League of Legends community can get with just a itsy bit of information. One thing about both Zed and Syndra is how much their stories are connected. Well, they are totally separate from each other, but if you read both Zed and Syndra's lore entries, you'll quickly discover that their stories are absolute parallels.

Both of them are orphans. Both of them were trained to use ancient special techniques.

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Both seek out to gain their powers' full potential. Both killed their master. And both use some kind of ancient forbidden way. Their story is pretty much identical. They are also just two of three evil Ionian champions, as of now, Varus being the third. Varus' mission though, is more of a personal and individual one. While Varus seeks revenge, both Zed and Syndra seek to unlock their full potential and to change Ionia in some way or another.

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Of course, being two majorly sought out Ionian public enemies, they'd probably cross paths together. After months of travel, they reached the coast and encountered a hermit-priest named Konigen.

Young Syndra climbed the steps to a cliffside temple, crafted long ago from dark stone, and overlooking the sea.

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However, Syndra grew frustrated as, instead of gaining more control, over the years her magic seemed to weaken. Konigen now locked himself away each morning, meditating in solitude rather than teaching her anything new, and so she confronted him. His teeth gritted with exhaustion, he confessed that he was deliberately dampening her power, for her own safety. Such negativity had a strange, unpredictable effect on reality, and Syndra had grown far beyond his ability as a mentor.

She felt more betrayed than she ever had before.

syndra and zed relationship

Konigen tried to calm her, which only fueled her anger… and in that moment, his focus was lost. The foundations of the temple shook. The morning light seemed to pale. Syndra rose from the floor, as her frustrations surged within her.

syndra and zed relationship

The ceiling gave way, rubble raining down, burying the sacred gardens in dust. Never had such negative energy been so concentrated in one place, and it was the Spirit of Ionia that swelled to counter it.

syndra and zed relationship

The bedrock opened up beneath Syndra, dragging her down to a cavern deep underground—roots pulled her into a pool of living water to suppress her powers, and trap her in a magical slumber. Syndra dreamed for what seemed an eternity.

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Most of the world forgot she had ever existed. Some came to kill her, while others hoped she would aid them against Noxus, but she unleashed chaos upon them all. Ripping apart the walls of the fortress that had been built on top of her island prison, Syndra raised the greatest tower into the skies to carry her far away. She would not be controlled.