Shunsui and nanao relationship tips

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shunsui and nanao relationship tips

1st division, Kyoraku Shunsui & Nanao Ise:') I always had this perception Feel free to message me anything, talk, advice, questions, comments "I like to think Nanao-chan and I have an unspoken relationship" he flashed a. Bleach - Shunsui Kyouraku x Nanao Ise - ShunNao. Hot Anime .. Shunsui and Nanao | Shunsui Kyōraku - Bleach Wiki - Your guide to the Bleach manga. I believe the relationship between Shunsui and Nanao will only develop more in the coming chapters. I'm excited for the future of this pairing!.

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That is, if, his eye ever manages to heal again. The conflict of the recent attack left his right ear in the same position, half cut diagonally, though, he retains the same man he always was — a positive and tough position only expected from the now captain commander. He was just leaning close to the pot when he heard the knock on his door, a smirk escaping from his thin lips. The man's head popped inside, grinning wide at the new captain commander who laughed at his assumption that was clearly wrong.

Have a seat, Hisagi. Whaddya wanna talk about?

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Pushing the saucer towards him carefully, he swiftly turned his over his mouth and smacked his lips in enjoyment. In the present, Shunsui begs Nanao to take the weight from his shoulders, and to allow him to protect her.

He joins her and wraps his hand around hers on the sword from behind. I find these pages deeply romantic. Shunsui wants to be freed of the guilt and burdens he has carried for so long, and he wants Nanao to take them from him. He needs her, and she needs him. Whatever the outcome may be here, there can be no doubt that these two are deeply important to each other, in many ways. Some people have suggested that Nanao remained a child for a very long time, but I see things differently.

I simply cannot not believe that these two are very close in age. If Nanao was born while Shunsui was a young teenager, it seems impossible that she should still be a child when she joins the Eighth Division and sees Shunsui with age marks under his eyes.

shunsui and nanao relationship tips

Shunsui likely spent hundreds of years as a regular shinigami or an officer below the level of captain. We know that captains are only appointed when there are openings at the position, and that geniuses like Hitsugaya and Gin were not immediately appointed as captains when they finished at the Academy. He would have been a regular shinigami or an officer until an opening was available for captain. Since he would have completed this hiding before he demonstrated Bankai for his captain promotion, the evolution of his swords into a dual wield even in sealed form could have passed as ordinary zanpakuto development.

Unohana was a captain before Shunsui and Ukitake, and never attended the Academy; Yamamoto has been the Captain Commander of the Gotei 13 for a thousand years. I again tried to accurately portray both, but i feel like nanao wasnt as similar to her character as i felt with shunsui from the tears and whatevs. There would have been a mention of it, plus nanao didnt even know shunsui. He become the captaincommander after the death of genryusai shigekuni yamamoto.

Running to a deserted spot, they reach the site and are confronted by yamamoto. Nanao ise, ise nanao is the colieutenant of the first division of the gotei, under captain shunsui kyoraku, and vicepresident of the shinigami womens association. Shunsui is a tall, shinigami with grey eyes and brown wavyhair, during the flashbacks of his youth, shunsui had soft straight hair. Shunsui kyoraku bleach wiki fandom powered by wikia.

Shunsui kyoraku is a supporting protagonist in the animemanga series bleach. Find this pin and more on fan art inspirations by puzu. She notably resembles lisa yadomaru, a member of the visoreds and the person who preceded her position as the 8th division lieutenant.

Lisa wasnt there, and shunsui reassured nanao that lisa would come back safely from her mission. Shunsui smiled as he took both the presents and opened them up. He is now a a high marshall of the ring of two in the royal guard, working with partner jushiro ukitake in special operation missions to quell seemingly dangerous threats to soul society. Hello and welcome to the bleach wiki, a wiki dedicated to the bleach series by tite kubo.

His lieutenants are nanao ise and genshiro okikiba. In the flashback, we see nanao ise as an ohsoutterlyadorable child asking shunsui about lisa, who would read with her every month, holding a book about the size of her upper body. Most underwhelmingdisappointing twistreveal in the series. Nanao is rarely seen with the weapon for most of the story until shunsuis battle with lille barro, her superior having sealed the zanpakuto into kyokotsu to honor his sisterinlaws wish to hide the apparent source of the ise clans curse from nanao in hopes it would end with her generation.

Bleach shows the true relationship between shunsui and nanao, after her mother gave him the hakkyouken sword, she was executed.

Slouching out of the room, he decided to go take a nap.

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Shunsui x nanao love this relationship from bleach. Yachiru kusajishi heroes wiki fandom powered by wikia. Like if nanao mentioned her odd family history to shunsui for some reason. The book might be interesting or it might be unimportant, but it would be up to shunsui now. Several days after lisas disappearance, kyoraku showed up at the library to find nanao, he handed over a single book. Nanao already has her hands full with taking care of her taichou, but of course, we want to add to her fun.

Lisa was first seen arriving at the 1st division headquarters with her captain, kyoraku, and captain jushiro ukitake of the th division. Shunsui reveals it was something was going to get him in trouble very soon. Shunsui s eyepatch after the battle with the wandenreich in soul society.

shunsui and nanao relationship tips