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Jan 13, Confession I can't stand seeing Kanami and Shiroe as a romantic pairing It's almost like you can't have a major platonic relationship with a person of the . as it did, with Shiroe getting inspiration to solve the problems. Kanami's a bit older than Shiroe and they were always friends as kids, Kanami even introduced Shiroe to RPGs because she thought he looked. Apr 19, Anonymous said: can u please clarify the relationship between shiroe and kanami? were they lovers? or just friends? and are they going to be.

In spite of his notoriety, Shiroe dislikes doing anything that would make him stand out. Just telling Maryelle and Henrietta that he would go and save Serara caused him a great deal of embarrassment. When the Round Table Alliance is formed, he stands in the back, unwilling to take the front stage. However, he has no qualms with being the target of negative attention; rarely is negative attention fake.

Chapter 2, Part 5 mountainofpigeons The spectacled woman held her fist before her eyes, seeming to be moved greatly and nodding silently with her mouth tightly closed, repeatedly breathing deeply. This comes to rear its ugly head in volume People want to go home. Everyone in Akiba expects Shiroe to think of a solution to the mounting number of problems. Kanami is the one who inspires him to take a third option of allowing people to freely come and go from this world.

Even though Shiroe wants to be seen as dependable, he always thinks that he falls short and overexerts himself. His humility and self-deprecation makes him downplay is kindness, since he always treats women this way. Minori may see him as her savior and a kind person, but he views driving out Hamelin as his duty and responsibility. Akatsuki made a huge deal out of his limited-supply appearance potion, but he thought of it as a useless item up until he gave it to her. What was the decisive mark?

This probably also keeps Shiroe from viewing Akatsuki in a romantic way. As of the end of the cake date, he only knows that the other people at the cake date think of him as a hebephile. In raids, he can tell who needs to do what, and the best ways to attain victory based on what people liked doing and what spells they liked using. Shiroe is woefully bad when it comes to actually interacting with people. Kanami usually bossed him around and forced him to adjust to her whims, Akatsuki has the ninja-master relationship with him that she forced him into, and Minori is his apprentice.

Maryelle and Henrietta are really the only ones that he is shown interacting normally with, largely because Maryelle is Maryelle and Henrietta is almost his intellectual peer.

Even with the other Tea Party girls, Shiroe typically divides them into two categories: From the get-go, it can only be a disaster: Kanako, the cake lady in charge of the event, only makes the situation worse for him.

It takes just one attempt for the Abyssal Shaft team to defeat two full-raid bosses and stave off one at the same time. Something else becomes apparent during the cake scene.

In his attempts to be seen as a reliable friend, Shiroe often tries being as inoffensive as possible. There are only two people he is openly disdain towards are Demiqas and Hamelin.

Even with Marves, he at least feigned politeness and left the snubbing to Krusty and Michitaka. If Naotsugu were in that position, he would have protested vehemently.

Aside from the Akatsuki example, with the Watermaple Consulate tea parties and the Akiba Raid, he also does this with Rayneshia. Volume 7, Chapter 4 skythewood TL: There was nothing worth protecting in this town without its own heart, so it changed slowly over time. Even the people that frequented the station building, shopping mall and the shops changed periodically. The residents also changed at a high rate. As volume 7 explains, he lived in the suburbs of Tokyo, in an area that was subject to rapid change.

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Because of this, stores would open and close, and people would move in and out. A third of the classrooms in school would be empty, because the city planners thought that there would be more people in the town.

This drove him to miss class in favor of staying in the library, where he felt more comfortable and where he likely amassed his broad knowledge. In fact, as he wandered the memory world in Mare Tranquillitatis, he sees the location of an old curry shop that he liked, only to remember that it had run out of business and closed down. Shiroe had spent countless nights on this bench. He grew up in a dual income family and would scowl impatiently when social workers asked why he was alone in the park.

From what I have heard of Japanese culture, the workforce very quickly consumes your life, which is why teenage and young adult years are glorified so much. In fact, this is exactly what happens to Naotsugu, which is why he had to leave Elder Tale for two years. He wants to be dependable—and thus, acknowledged—because he felt like he was a nonentity in the real world. For all of their hard work, it gets misinterpreted and goes unappreciated.

Even though she constantly pestered him to the point that he got ulcers during the Tea Party days, he still has a healthy respect for her.

What's the relationship between shiroe and kanami log horizon in the real world?

Like Maryelle, Kanami is also the opposite of Shiroe, but in a different respect. Whereas Maryelle is trusting and nurturing, Kanami has confidence and recklessness. Got a problem with it? However, she left her whims up to him to organize for a reason. If it fails, come with a new plan, and do it again.

Rinse and repeat until they succeed. Shiroe is so self-depreciative that he always pegs Kanami as the primary reason for their success. Just as Kanami performs this duty during the Tea Party days, his new companions push him to make the most of his potential.

When Shiroe finally gets to talk to her two years after the Tea Party disbanded, he asks her if she wanted to go back home in light of the fact that she has a three-year-old daughter.

She wants to bring them to Theldesia and let her daughter experience this world. The best part of adventuring is experiencing new things. The Beginning of a Different World chapter 4 Kanami was the former leader of the now-disbanded Debauchery Tea Party before she moved to Europe two years prior to the main storyline and started a new account on the European servers. Formerly a level 90 Swashbucklershe is now a level 90 Monk. She is the focus of Log Horizon 9: Her Overskill is Compression Combo.

She used a long spear as her weapon. Kanami's real-life appearance has been noted to look like her character's. Personality Kanami is a very whimsical person, often dragging the members of the Tea Party to wherever she wanted to go. Shiroe also believes that she had a tendency to be chaotic and somewhat destructive. She likes things that are "cute," telling Elias that she wouldn't want a hero that wasn't cute after he protested being called "Eli-Eli.

She is described as a human typhoon who, upon seeing something that "seems like it'll be fun," will charge after it with all of her power and energy.

After she was reunited with her to-be husband, the Italian-German Raffaello Balzo, she married him in a lightning marriage. Kanami decided to study in Europe to be with him. The Catastrophe Kanami and Coppelia meet Arriving to the world of Elder Tale because of the CatastropheKanami decided to work her way down to the Yamato Server to meet up with Shiroewhom she believed would help her find the answer to this "great adventure".

Along the way, she picked up Coppelia and rescued Elias Hackblade from being sealed through unknown means. Finding him, she asks about his unique appearance, which resembled that of a ninja turtle. While most people would be confused by his response, she simply laughed out of simple interest and then asked to see his swords. Vaguely confused, Leonardo decides not to kill her like he usually would with people who questioned his appearance when she tells him to accompany her and her party to Japan.

At this moment, Elias Hackblade and Coppelia show themselves. By this time, she is already rather familiar with Elias, much to Leonardo's confusion. When Coppelia is healing Leonardo, she and Elias leave first to encounter some monsters. When Coppelia and Leonardo catch up, Kanami calls him "Gero-nardo," much to his annoyance.