Secret and lies kills relationship advice

secret and lies kills relationship advice

Feb 9, Discover the real dangers of lies in marriage in this Bible Study. attention of Egyptian rulers who wouldn't hesitate to kill Abram to get his wife. Aug 30, Keeping secrets in a relationship, however small or insignificant, can Otherwise, you will be left with the choice of lying about the entire thing, or at . If they are good people, they will let you know, and advice you to tell your. May 23, But when it comes to your relationship, you kinda have to open up. express that the secrecy and lying about the infidelity was almost as damaging the other knowing is a secret that almost always destroys relationships," says says Dr. Michele Kerulis, a relationships expert and professor of counseling.

Then resolve not to repeat the offense. Questions for Discussion 1. Did Abram actually lie about his relationship with Sarai?

Do we tell half-truths today? Think about this scenario: Someone you know calls and your spouse answers the phone.

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What do you ask them to say? Has our culture downplayed the telling of half-truths?

secret and lies kills relationship advice

What do we call them today? Can we apply Jesus words to the half-truths we tell on a regular basis?

8 Reasons Why Keeping Secrets In A Relationship Can Destroy It

Given the cultural and gender roles of his time, should Abram have apologized to his wife for his treatment of her? What might have happened as a result? Why do you think Sarai went along with Abrams story?

secret and lies kills relationship advice

At one point, it looked like she was headed for a seriously compromising situation with the Egyptian leaders. If you were Sarai would you change your story? How have gender roles changed, and would a husband receive the same response from his wife today? Can telling all the truth in a situation also be a form of using each other?

The Danger of Lies in Marriage and Relationships - FaithGateway

How far should we go in telling the truth? Did Jesus always tell the truth? How should a husband love his wife based on this passage? By telling half-truths and white lies, are we setting our kids up to make the same mistakes? What can happen to a marriage when one partner does not tell the truth? If we have withheld a truth from our spouse, should we always come clean? If a spouse confesses to a half-truth, or an all out lie, how should the spouse respond?

Read 1 Peter 1: Depending upon how badly your lie has hurt them, a revenge plan might be shaping up to destroy you completely. Simply put, you both will be more of a partner to your secrets than to each other. Nothing is ever a complete secret Image source: Someone might know that you had a tiny fling with your neighbor, which has since ended.

If they are good people, they will let you know, and advice you to tell your partner, or even keep your secret. Or they might blackmail you. Or, to worsen the matters, they might reveal the details of your affair to your partner. All the above situations have a similar outcome. Your partner will find out about your secret from someone else, probably in a distorted version. Where you could have handled the truth sensitively and still saved your relationship, this other person may cause irreparable harm.

What would hurt your partner more than your lies is the fact that they were made aware of it by someone else.

secret and lies kills relationship advice

It would imply that you think of them as less mature to handle whatever it is that you hid. Also, it will embarrass them that strangers know you better than them. There is no coming back from this situation. So if you are aware that a third person has critical information that might ruin your relationship, go ahead and tell your partner, if you want to save your relationship. You cannot control the outcome, but you surely can minimize the damage. Once you share it with your partner, you will feel a weight lifting from your shoulders.

The energy you spent keeping a secret, can be utilized to focus on the relationship and its growth. You never know how your partner would react. They might understand and forgive you. They will be hurt, and might punish you in some manner, but your relationship will live. Also, it will give you a renewed sense of responsibility towards your partner. You will be more inclined to keep away from temptations. It will be a bumpy road, but as time passes, your relationship will flourish.