Sanosuke and megumi relationship

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sanosuke and megumi relationship

On the night Kenshin left to fight Shishio, Sanosuke walked Megumi and Short stories that happened before, during, after or in connection of a thunderstorm. Kaoru's compassion allowed Sanosuke to heal from his own Her sister-like relationship with Megumi is one of both teasing rivalry and deep. Quote by fireflywishessanosuke and megumi from rurouni kenshin i They totally screwed all relationships over in Rurouni Kenshin (anime).

Takani Megumi has been placed under 24hr surveillance by the police.

sanosuke and megumi

Enters cocky yet serious senior police inspector Sagara Sanosuke. Ace Detective by omasuoniwabanshi reviews Los Angeles Welcome to the world of tough guys and dangerous dames.

Sanosuke Sagara is a private detective trying to survive in the City of Angels. Then she walks through his door Megumi happens to meet the elder man taking care of her. Megumi Meets Sano and offers to help take care of the child and thus a freindship is made Rurouni Kenshin - Rated: Ever wondered what happened on the way?

An author's take on that fateful night. Megumi thought that only hope lay ahead of her as she prepared to depart for Aizu, but a new frightening reality unraveled before her in the form of a man she buried long ago in her past: This takes place not long after Megumi came to the Kamiya Dojo, according to the anime timeline as opposed to the manga.

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Some stories are connected while the others are purely standalone. Rains always bring back memories.

sanosuke and megumi relationship

K - English - Chapters: D A sweet oneshot about Sano and Megumi finally confessing their love for each other. This is surprisingly short for how much my forearms hurt while typing it. K - English - Humor - Chapters: Sano shows us exactly what to do Megumi gets stopped by some men and Sano comes to help. But what will happen when Megumi gets fed up with Sanosuke hurting his hand?

Sagara Sanosuke

Reception Edit Among the Rurouni Kenshin reader base Sanosuke has been popular, having ranked second in every Shonen Jump popularity poll of the series [33 ] [34 ] and has also ranked fifth in the "Favorite Kenshin's arch-enemies" polls featuring all Kenshin's opponents. He also said that he would have liked to see more fights involving Sanosuke in the original video animations, but was happy to see that Sanosuke had matured as a character.

Because his voice is noticeably different from Ueda's, Lang tries to create his own interpretation of Sanosuke's character.

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Lang has noted that the scene of the episode 22 of the anime, in which Sanosuke is afraid of a train because he believes it is a demon, was the most enjoyable scene for him to record; he added "I recently saw it and had some big laughs.

Anime News Network said that Sanosuke's first fight in the series against Kenshin was stereotypical for an action series due to the differences between Sanosuke's and Kenshin's personalities, and to the music used in the anime that gives the impression that Kenshin would win. However, they commented he was a "tragic figure whose goofy peccadilloes have solid reasons behind them" due to being unable to avoid the destruction of the Sekihotai army and feeling guilty due to it.

Kenshin forgot he was naked when seeing Kaoru - Rurouni Kenshin

Reflection original video animation, Mike Crandol of Anime News Network referred to Sanosuke's revised design as "pretty awkward" since Crandol felt Sanosuke's original character design was "perhaps being too cartoonish to translate well into this new style," with the "new style" being the "decidedly more realistic look" exhibited in all of the Samurai X original video animations. He is known as Sanosuke Sagara in the English adaptation of the anime.

Watsuki, being a fan of the Shinsengumi, created Sanosuke by basing his name and characteristics on that of a real Shinsengumi member named Harada Sanosuke.

sanosuke and megumi relationship

When the group is destroyed by the Meiji Government, he becomes a fighter-for-hire to calm his anger by fighting. During his introduction in the series, he encounters the wanderer Himura Kenshin, who easily defeats him and is able to convince him to stop his mercenary work and instead start protecting people.

sanosuke and megumi relationship

After that encounter, Sanosuke becomes Kenshin's best friend as well as his partner in most of their fights. He has also appears in the featured film of the series and in other media relating to the Rurouni Kenshin franchise, including a plethora of electronic games and original video animations OVAs. Numerous anime and manga publications have commented on Sanosuke's character.

sanosuke and megumi relationship

Mania Entertainment praised his character development, noting that he becomes more trustworthy and reliable as the series progresses. Sanosuke has been popular with the Rurouni Kenshin reader base, placing second in every popularity poll. Merchandise based on Sanosuke has also been released, including key chains, and plush dolls. Personality Edit The destruction of the Sekiho army and the loss of all his friends has caused Sanosuke to hate the Meiji Government and he wears the Japanese kanji for "evil" on the back of his jacket.

Sanosuke's influence on other characters is demonstrated when they place the same symbol of the Japanese kanji on their backs, as does his younger brother Higashidani Ota. Myojin Yahiko wears a smaller version of the kanji when he comes of age at the end of the manga.