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How can Sam stop Quinn from hurting his chance to become Mercedes man? Quinn Fabray has a crush on the new boy at school, Sam Evans, but is afraid to He wants a regular relationship with her,one that she could declare her love in. Sam Evans and Mercedes Jones start a friendship in Lima, Ohio. .. Proving that not all men are jerks and being in a relationship is not as messy as she thoughts. .. Samcedes oneshots based off of sexy, romantic, or just random songs. .. Samcedes: AU Mercedes Jones, Quinn Fabray and their group of friends are. Dianna Agron, Chord Overstreet Quinn Fabray, Sam Evans, Fabrevans The Quinn-Sam Relationship is the romantic relationship between Quinn Fabray Recipe For Love love love quotes trust happiness romance recipe recipes humor.

What do you do when everything around you says this is wrong.

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But everything in you feels its so right? A and bumping into Rachel berry was the best thing to happen to her. To bad Rachel has a terrible blonde following her every move. Pezberry Glee - Rated: Friends with Benefits by silentnights reviews Can a budding friendship include sex and survive without anyone getting hurt in the long run?

Olivia is a loud tenant who lives in the apartment next door to him. They get off to a rocky start, but eventually learn to co-exist and eventually discover that loving your neighbor is good for your heart. She has recently experience a lost of a person who was very close to her heart. Sam Evans is also a detective who is looking for fresh start in the big city.

What will happen when these two hardworking souls cross paths?

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Stay tuned to find out. Nothing but real friendships, love and handcuffs ahead! Bending the Rules by The-other-8th-wonder reviews High school senior Mercedes Jones was a stickler for following the rules until she met someone that made her want to break them. Following her heart led to heartbreak then. Now an adult, she's faced with her past and the fears that shape her present. But to fight for her future, she will have to make a choice once and for all-to follow, bend, or rewrite the rules.

M - English - Chapters: When Fitz's plans for an important weekend retreat go awry he asks for Olivia's help to save an important business deal. When Olivia agrees to join him, sparks fly between the couple.

Will their pretend engagement lead to something real? Ballard Come Back To Me by Nicole The Dragon Rider reviews Anna has had it hard ever since her Dad died in a plane crash while struggling to take care of her younger brothers and junkie of a mother as it made her pessimistic towards the world and others especially her former best friend Elsa.

What Elsa doesn't know is Anna is hiding secrets. Will Anna be able to get over her anger? Will Elsa be able to save Anna from herself? P Anna Frozen - Rated: They start a tumultuous love affair. Want to know what I believe happened that night? Two lovers consumed with need for the other decide to take a chance on love, with eyes wide open they jump into the fire.

Will Quinn admit the reason behind their breakup?

Quinn-Sam Relationship

Will buried feelings resurface or remain buried and in the past? P Quinn Glee - Rated: I decided to extend it. It's about hope and a love that couldn't be broken. It's about a woman coming home to her man. No infringement intended Scandal - Rated: They dated but because of Santana's ways, Quinn broke it off. Santana never really changed over time but when a new person enters her life, she's forced to and has to adjust to this new information that comes with the new person in her life.

There is no miracle recovery. This is the journey of President Grant recovery after the assassination attempt at his birthday gala.

This story will see some story lines from all seasons along with my twist and Olitz ending. Take the ride from tragedy to triumph.

Undeniable Chemistry by Rontora reviews What can you do when you have your whole life mapped out, from work, to who you were going to spend your life with, and you are met with someone who turns your world upside down? What can you do when you have resigned yourself to being alone and someone comes into your life, making you open your eyes to the new possibility of love?

Continue reading to find out in this Samcedes fic Glee - Rated: He needed to hire a Communications Director. He had no idea that when met Olivia Pope, that she would be like a breath of fresh air to him. He was drowing and she saved him. She came into his life exactly at the right time. Not only did she "fix" him, but brought something into their lives they both needed, each other. Olivia is a lawyer in Vermont. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Fitz has recently taken over his family's law firm.

He likes to volunteer at the hospital and meets Olivia. He falls for her immediately. Olivia feels the same way, but she is scared of what the future holds. Follow their love story. What happens when two recently broken hearted strangers confides in one another doing this time? Stay tuned and find out as we take another Samcedes adventure for the holidays! This is the journey of Olivia from victim to victor. It was horrible hot trash.

So it's been what 5 years since Mercedes and Rachel has last seen each other Just go with the flow A bad break up and plenty of secrets. Can these two divas put their pride aside and get back together. OR Do they crash and burn. For You I Will by tdminor86 reviews Mercedes Jones thought she found her way out of the life she was trying so hard to leave behind only to get herself caught up in one even worse. What happens when the man she thought she knew turns out to be someone she would never find herself with?

To make matters even worse, the one man her husband trusts the most and chose to protect her just happens to be in love with her. Nature V Nurture by Starfish81 reviews Olivia and Fitz were once a married couple, young, happy and in love. They had the perfect life, except the one thing the two of them wanted most, a child. After two years apart, what happens when one night of passion leads to the child they both longed for. Will this bring them back together or force them farther apart?

Only Fitz isn't the married President- He's her doctor. Rated M for language and sexual content. Rachel finds out that Santana her ex-girlfriend is a therapist who helps former soldiers recover from this anxiety. How will Santana react when she finds out Rachel is one of her clients? Don't Like Don't Read. He's the big shot that everyone wants to know.

Olivia is a young and hopeful artist hoping to branch out her art beyond her friends shop. What happens when Olivia meets with Fitz for a job at his company? How will Fitz deal with his obligation to his company, while dealing with new and growing Feelings for the newest staff member Scandal - Rated: This shows the journey of Sam and Mercedes trying to manage their new lives with their new careers.

Follow them on their journey, and meet a new group of people that come into their lives, and some old friends who come back and mingle with their new friends. Fairy Godmother by dorknhime reviews Santana Lopez was dead and stuck in a place called Junction where she needs to do some good deeds so that she can be sent to Heaven. Her task was to help a sweet girl, Mercedes finding her true love. Now it's up to the children to make their parents fall in love again. But that didn't stop Fate crossing his path with Mercedes Jones.

A trucker who loves the highway and a girl hitch-hiking alone Glee - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: It's the Glee cast in the Real World.

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Will Sam be with Quinn or is it Mercedes? What about Mike and Tina? Will everyone hate Rachel? Will Kurt take the Washington DC fashion scene by storm? It's time to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. But with her choice comes a lot of drama.

Will her friends and family help her out or will they leave her to figure it out on her own? This is the life of Mercedes Amber Jones and what she goes through. Just when you think its all good Polaris by nerd4music reviews Mercedes Jones lives a life of self-imposed solitude. What happens when an 8-year reunion forces her to confront her past demons and question her future? Can she face the hard truths? Accidentally In Love by cosmickym reviews Sam only had to do one thing.

Get over his cheating ex-fiancee. He wasnt supposed to fall for the crying girl on the elevator. AU Glee - Rated: The Bracelet by tdminor86 reviews AU: Sam and Mercedes are total strangers but a simple gesture made by Sam connects them in a certain way. Nowhere to go but up by Haiti reviews Sam has been having a really terrible time and doesn't know what to do. He wants to move on but his past always has a way of following him around.

He was beginning to think that he was just meant to be unhappy until he ran into this Musical Angel. Now he has a slightly brighter view on life A man I met days after the wedding? I can't trust him. I can't trust her. Years after an unforgettable one night stand, super-rich Sam Evans unexpectedly sees a couple of familiar faces, sparking a chain of events that will change several lives forever!

Based on Amuzed1's Tumblr prompt. Wings reviews When Sam's family relocates to Lima the summer before his senior year, all he wants is normalcy.

But when he meets Mercedes, he learns that there's much more to life than fitting in. It contains some M. The title is based on the Coldplay song not the book. The rating was changed to M for themes abuse, addiction, suicide, etc. I own nothing from Glee or Coldplay. Can't Run From Love by carebearcaryn21 reviews Mercedes lives her life on the road.

She never sticks around in places too long. A love affair with Sam leaves her a special surprise a month later after she leaves Sam behind. Will love prevail or will Mercedes continue to run from it? They don't have to be read in a certain orders, although if it is a two-shot I suggest reading Part 1 before Part 2! T - English - Romance - Chapters: TOP 5 by NatashaBryant reviews Sam was misunderstood, and thrown into a life he really didn't have a choice but to live.

Loyalty was his motto, what happens when Mercedes comes along, and is loyal, and their for him, will he open up to her? Sam Evans is her 21 year old neighbor.

He knows anything that happens between them sexually, is illegal. The Muse by sadhappygirl reviews Muse - a woman who is the source of inspiration… Rumor has it that Sam Evans, international action hero superstar, has a reputation of choosing an unsuspecting female on his movie sets to use as a muse. Once the movie is wrapped up the woman gets unceremoniously dumped and Sam moves on to the next one, that is, until he meets Mercedes Jones… Glee - Rated: Young photojournalist, Sam Evans, is in love with the infamous thief Shadowcat, but begins to show feelings for the mysterious Mercedes Jones.

Will he discover the true identity of Shadowcat before it's too late? Rated M for mature themes. Little Wonders by tensionandthrill reviews A happy family is but an earlier heaven.

Sam, Mercedes, and their children, Cameron and Lilliana, are the happiest. This is a look at their world in a series of moments.

A Samcedes family fic with frequent bursts of Tike. Tonight Best You Ever Had by kaitfarnsworthkuri reviews This is a head cannon idea that I got after the 4x14 episode of Glee and just decided to write it. Basically Mercedes feels like she needs to let loose after seeing Brittany and Sam and enlists Brody's help. It's rated M for Adult actions and conversations.

A with Mercedes and Puck. So, I took it upon myself to write it. Mercedes and Puck take their friendship to L. A and follow their dreams. I suck at descriptions but hopefully the story makes up for it. Silent Noise by samcedeswannabe reviews Mercedes Jones tries her best to block out the overwhelming noise of the world, until one day, she meets a man who has never been able to hear it. The Walls by dorknhime reviews Mercedes Jones thoughts on love is that it is a mess.

Men are jerks and women are stupid to involve with them. Destiny brings Sam Evans in her life and he decided to tear down all the walls that she had set around her hearts. Proving that not all men are jerks and being in a relationship is not as messy as she thoughts. With the help of some friends, will Sam succeed? Sam Evans is a careless boy from a not-so-close family.

But what happens when Sam's carelessness leads to tragedy?