Romania and uk relationship

Defence and Security: The UK and Romania after Brexit by Adam Sambrook

romania and uk relationship

focused on British-Romanian relations in the mid-Cold War: the sixties and .. 5 April , Romania and Britain: Relations and Perspectives from to the. British–Romanian relations are bilateral foreign relations between United Kingdom and Romania. Both countries established diplomatic relations in 20 February marks the th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United Kingdom and Romania.

Romania–United Kingdom relations

Following failed negotiations with the English lawyer Jonathan Harker in Transylvania, the count then embarked on a journey of his own to England.

International trade in the waters of the Bosporus and Aegean Sea in the late Nineteenth Century made his passage to England possible. There are of course legitimate concerns regarding the impact of globalisation on any society, yet the fear of Romanians draining Britain as articulated at present is in part a cultural heritage from the late Victorian era. Count Dracula At the same time, there has been a continued curious attraction to Romanian society.

Harker, a respectable English gentleman, travelled to Transylvania to deal in real estate and later solve the otherworldly problems of Romanians. All the while, another respectable English gentleman, Prince Charles, continues to meddle in Transylvanian and Romanian matters. The Trust offers money in exchange for architectural subservience by local villagers to its ideas. It is thus perfectly acceptable for British individuals and organisations to make use of the porous borders within the EU in order to shape the way Romanians and Roma live in Romania.

Uncivilized as they are, however, Romanians cannot be trusted to travel to Britain. It seems, however, that Britain is not only threatened by Romanian migrants, but also by contamination from Romanian abbatoirs.

When the story broke about processed beef in ready-made meals turning out to be horse meat, the media instantly pointed the finger at Romanian meat production. Without any real evidence, a narrative was concocted, which saw Romanians poisoning unknowing, ordinary Brits with horse flesh.

Awful weather, bad food: UK pranked by Romania ad campaign

Dracula struck in the sleep at night; CarmOlimp at dinner in the evening. Dracula injected his poison directly into the bloodstream; CarmOlimp appeared to be corrupting the British gut. In both cases, Romanians have physically harmed Britons in a sinister way. It does not matter that only days after the initial accusations levelled at Romanian meat-production, evidence for these claims appears to be quite weak.

Both Dracula and the purported Romanian horse meat could only make it into Britain due to free trading links across permeable borders within Europe.

History and Present: 135 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Romania and the UK

This is not only a commentary on the schizophrenic stance of right-wing Eurosceptics yes to open borders and the free market; no to the consequences thereof in Britain. A picture of the meeting, which I found in a private collection 70 years later, is on my desk and in I had the privilege to welcome Lady Mary Soames, Sir Winston's daughter, to the same room in 1 Belgrave Square.

romania and uk relationship

During the Second World War our traditional alliance was challenged because on 22 June Romania entered the war against the Soviet Union in order to retake the Romanian provinces Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina, occupied by Stalin in Romania and Britain ended the WW II as allies once again, but for the next 42 years cooperation was shadowed by ideological differences. Still, even during the Cold War we pursued cultural exchanges, undercutting policy differences to reach our common heritage, traditions and the common humanity our people share.

Today we are part of a unified Europe once again, our alliance is fully restored and the Strategic Partnership established in is closer than ever. The development of bilateral relations is mirrored by the quality of cooperation and diversity of common interests. If in ancient times Dacians built the Hadrian Wall, in their Romanian descendants were among the constructors of the Olympic Village in London.

More than 3, Britons live in Romania and contribute to its vibrant economic and cultural life. Last Christmas we marked another anniversary: This remarkable event transformed our relationship. After decades living under a repressive and destructive regime, Romanians asserted their true values of democracy and respect for human rights, and claimed back their place in Europe.

History and Present: Years of Diplomatic Relations between Romania and the UK | HuffPost UK

Now as in medieval times, Romania is a Western country with an Eastern aspect, a partner that offers the EU a gateway to the Black Sea and a security provider in the region. Romania is also the place of a priceless natural treasure and a paradise of ancient architecture, and I can only express gratitude and admiration to HRH The Prince of Wales for his passionate commitment in preserving, for the generations to come, of the nature, traditions and fabulous heritage of my country.

Romania and the UK sit at opposite ends of the continent but our perspectives are startlingly similar. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements.

romania and uk relationship

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