Resident evil 6 leon and ada relationship test

resident evil 6 leon and ada relationship test

The "Ada Story" is one part of Resident Evil 6's campaign storyline, based around the On her way to Simmons' laboratory, Ada runs into Leon and his partner Helena. and littered with failures—countless test subjects used and discarded —until finally, 'Spider-Verse' Directors Discuss the Film's Relationship to the MCU. RE2 worked the Leon/Ada dynamic best, with the naive rookie cop trying to keep up with RE4 showed the dynamic shift to show them as peers, tested . I've played RE2, RE4, and RE6 and I thought she was likable in RE2, I don't really care about her relationship with Leon, but it has moved nowhere. For Resident Evil 6 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board television screens showing Ada working in the lab, asking for a test subject, Ada just kept the relationship professional but Simmons wanted more.

The resulting creature is able to separate parts of its body and send them after its victim. Its body parts seem to have a mind of their own as they search and attack, but once they return to the main body, they all go back to working as one. We still have a lot to learn about this mutation, but it will most certainly be an effective weapon in the field.

Simmons, 46 years old, is an aide to the president of the United States. He is a ruthless perfectionist, a personality well disposed to rising to a high echelon of power in government.

He is the current head of The Family, a secret fraternity of powerful movers and shakers that have manipulated the development of the Western world for centuries. This organization will do whatever is necessary to ensure stability and world order. Fearing the ensuing chaos that would result from President Benford's plan to reveal the truth about the Raccoon City Incident, Mr.

Simmons orchestrates his own bioterror attack where the president would be but one of the many casualties. Below is a memo written by Simmons before the attack. He doesn't realize just how big of a mistake he is making. His biggest mistake, though, was hiring me on as his right-hand man, not knowing that I was the head of The Family.

If only he knew how closely I've been watching his every move. Now he has made an enemy of The Family and there is no turning back.

It's time I use my position to make sure balance is kept in this world advertisement file Derek's 1st transformation[ edit ] After Derek Simmons is injected with an enhanced C-Virus, he enters a stage-one mutation. At this stage, his upper body maintains a humanoid appearance, and his violent tendencies are amplified. He has yet to lose his sense of self. His legs, however, transform into something beastlike, and he is powerful enough to outrun a high-speed train.

He can also use shards of his own bone as projectiles, and can fire them off with deadly accuracy. Any bone matter lost in this manner is regrown thanks to the effects of the C-Virus. The Family kept a close eye on Simmons after he was injected with the C-Virus. The mutation is getting worse and worse. He looks uglier than any J'avo I've ever seen. Since all he cares about now is going after some woman, we've decided to relieve him of his position. We'll have to pick someone else to lead The Family.

Derek's 2nd transformation[ edit ] As the C-Virus infection begins to take root in Derek's body, he enters a stage-two mutation. At this stage, Derek's body resembles a gigantic dinosaur, and his musculature is quite dense. Unlike the stage-one mutation, stage-two Derek behaves instinctually instead of rationally.

His driving force is to devour his enemies, and he even goes as far as to leap into the sky and attack a helicopter Ada is piloting.

What was he injected with? It seemed to be based off of the C-Virus, but I've never seen a mutation like that. It must have been something that Ada cooked up with Neo-Umbrella.

If we could get a sample of it, we could do some research. I'll have to get some of our people on this. Derek's 3rd transformation[ edit ] Derek's body continues to mutate, and he enters stage three.

Derek's humanity is completely gone at this point, but his survival instinct remains. He ingests multiple corpses in order to give his body the organic matter needed to assume this form.

resident evil 6 leon and ada relationship test

This new, hideous form resembles an amalgamation of multiple insect species. When stage-three Derek loses a limb or other body part, he can regenerate it by ingesting more corpses.

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He could in theory live forever as long as there are corpses for him to ingest. Neo-Umbrella will also probably not be left standing for long. The new leader of The Family has been chosen.

We need to come together and persevere as we have in the past if we are to keep balance in the world. He was the leader of Alpha Team until he suffered post-traumatic amnesia and wound up a belligerent drunk in the underbelly of eastern Europe. Around this time, a biohazard outbreak in China shocks the world. Despite his memory loss, Chris retains the fortitude and leadership skills that make him one of the BSAA's top agents.

Nivans, are you listening? There's been a bioterrorist attack in America and China. We don't have a lot of intel on the situation yet, but the U. We've got reports of J'avo-like B. We also heard that you've run into Chris Redfield, so if you can, take him with you to Lanshiang. He could be a big help.

Whether in the hands of organized crime or terrorists, bioweapons were destroying lives around the world. Initially, the BSAA was just a civilian organization with only advisory status,but as the threat posed by bioterrorism spread, the United Nations decided tosponsor the group in order to have a quick-response force that could deal with threats around the world. With its new sponsorship in place, the BSAA gained the authority to carry out investigations in countries the world over, and to make arrests wherever it is dispatched.

The reasoning behind this can be seen in a note written by Chris in They didn't come up with much to help make sense of the incident other than the fact that the T-Virus and G-Virus were the cause of the zombies. They did a good job of cleaning up though. Only took them a day. Not a big surprise, I suppose. The government has been dealing with these kinds of incidents ever since Raccoon City. I guess that's why the BSAA is never invited to the party. They've got their own bouncers.

I just hope they give us a call when things get to be too much for them to handle on their own. Claire was involved, but I got in touch with her and she seems to be OK. When a host's body is damaged, the regenerative properties of the C-Virus will attempt to repair the damage. The repairs replace the normal human tissue with chitinous, insect-like appendages. In some cases, the repairs take on a utilitarian purpose, replacing arms with scythe- or shield-like appendages.

Other reports say that some J'avo sprouted wings and gained the ability to fly. Certain mutations, like the aforementioned wings, have been observed on numerous occasions; the exact number of types of mutations that actually exist is unknown at this time.

We've already started poking at it to see what makes it tick. It's got all of us here pretty excited, actually. We're calling those infected with the C-Virus J'avo, which is a Serbian word for "demon. For example, J'avo with sickle-like arms are called Ruka-Srp. Ruka means "arm" and Srp means "sickle. I know you guys out there in the field will probably start using codenames that are easier to remember and make more sense, but don't forget, if a reporter ever asks you "What was that thing with the claw?

J'avo mutations[ edit ] After the C-Virus turns an infected human into a J'avo, the host will continue to mutate, with the mutation usually occurring in a specific section of its body. Files 23 and 24 are the same. Chris Redfield is his commanding officer. His hand-eye coordination and concentration skills are without peer, making him the BSAA's top-ranking sniper. He can react quickly to the changing conditions on a battlefield, and, as such, he will usually find a way to complete his mission in spite of any adverse conditions.

A serious and determined man in battle, he still has time to offer a kind word for his fellow soldiers. It is these qualities that cause his C. Nivans himself prefers not to think of his team as subordinates, but as members of a big family.

He believes that the strength of the BSAA hinges on the bonds of all its agents. He holds Captain Redfield in the highest respect, and Captain Redfield trusts him implicitly. Piers took over the team after Chris went missing. He's not as strong a leader as Chris was, but he's definitely up to standards. I wouldn't mind making him Alpha team's permanent captain, but I think he would rather see Chris return for the job. He really looks up to him. Probably feels like the BSAA isn't the same without him.

Let's hope our agents in eastern Europe find something on him. Ogroman[ edit ] The Ogroman is a type of B. Ogroman is derived from the Serbian for "giant body. It can be easily brought down if enough firepower is concentrated on the life-support system attached to its back.

The urgency of the situation at the time left the Edonian Liberation Army no choice but to allow this easily-exploited vulnerability go unremedied. This fact can be confirmed in a note written by a commanding officer of that army. If they take control of that, we've no hope for retaliation. Our only option now is to send in that huge beast that Asian woman called "Ogroman. These creatures lose all self control, but they fail to exhibit any noticeable drop in mental functions.

This would explain reports of J'avo skillfully handling firearms and communicating with other J'avo in their country's native tongue. J'avo will tend to follow the final orders they were given before being infected with the C-Virus, and they will do this with no thought for their own safety or well-being.

The virus creates an intense febrile state in the host, and the more the host is damaged, the hotter it becomes. Many J'avo have been seen to succumb to their wounds, burning to death in bright, hot flames that engulfed their bodies. That being said, what would normally be a mortal wound is quickly healed through the effects of the virus. More about this and other characteristics can be seen in this journal entry written by a member of the BSAA.

We were up against things called J'avo, an entirely new type of viral mutation. They are agile, smart, and their wounds heal automatically. I would hate to see any of these get loose on the general public. Napad is derived from the Serbian word for "assault. The creature attacks by swinging its large powerful arms recklessly. When it becomes excited, it has been observed to thump on its chest much like a gorilla. The Napad's standard body temperature is much higher than a J'avo's.

It's so high, in fact, that its body constantly gives off steam in order to maintain a non-life-threatening temperature level. How Napad manages to give off steam without dehydrating itself is unknown. Any damage to the creature, whether by gunshot or blunt force trauma, will chip away at it shell-like exterior, revealing its softer muscle tissue underneath. The nerve center under the shell on its back is very sensitive. Damage to this area will kill the creature instantly. Below is a transcript of a communication sent from a member of the BSAA to headquarters.

This thing is strong. Stay back and just keep firing! It's covered by some kind of shell armor. We aren't getting anywhere like this! The first real action he sees is in Edonia's civil war. He is honest and sincere, if somewhat timid. As an explosives expert, he is tasked with destroying barricades and anti-aircraft gun turrets. Unfortunately, he falls victim to Ada's machinations, succumbing to an infection that turns him into one of the very B. After losing his humanity during the transformation into a mindless creature, he is killed by BSAA support troops dispatched to Edonia to dispose of the B.

Finn sent a letter to his mother the day before he was sent to Edonia. Since I'm still just a rookie, it's an honor for me to be able to join this team. I just hope I don't slow down any of the others. The name of our team's captain is Chris Redfield. He's pretty much a legend due to his track record for fighting against bioterrorism. I had the chance to talk to him once, but he looked so scary that I couldn't get anything out.

But I'll probably have another chance once we get to Edonia, so I'll try not to be so timid the next time. I need to listen to you more and just be more outgoing.

Well, I'd better get going. It'll be a while before I can write you again, so don't get too worried about me. I wish I could get you something from Edonia, but you know how busy it can get on the battlefield. Most of his team died, and an unconscious Chris was brought to a local hospital. Upon waking up, Chris had no recollection of who he was or what had occurred, but his mind was wracked by an overwhelming and inexplicable guilt.

Chris determined to run away, and he left the hospital before anyone could check in on him. Until Piers Nivans and the BSAA found him, Chris lived as a moody and violent drunk, hoping that he could numb himself to the pain of what happened that fateful day.

Below is a statement made by a female bartender working at the bar Chris visited regularly during his drunken stupor in eastern Europe.

She was questioned by the BSAA. We asked who he was, but he said he didn't even remember, so we just started calling him "the stray dog. He's always real depressed looking, rude, never good at paying for all the booze he drinks--pretty much the worst customer we've got here. Oh, and I heard that he makes his money by doing some kind of bodyguard work, which doesn't surprise me.

Uses that money to drink and pay for his hotels. Is he in some kind of trouble or something? I knew someone would be after him eventually.

Chris Redfield and Alpha Team chase a B. In the early twentieth century, the area was a base of operations for British colonialism. The Emperor of China was able to rally the surrounding peoples to extirpate the British from their land. Following British abandonment, the areas of Bosawan lapsed into a lawless zone.

With no one in control, people started building dwellings haphazardly, until they piled up into the current labyrinthine mess the district is today. After the terrorist attack, half of the residents in the area were able to evacuate, but the whereabouts of the rest are unknown. However, a memo was found giving hints as to what may have happened to them. It was supposedly written several days before the attack. She said she was looking for young, healthy men, so I approached her with interest.

It seems that she had been asking around for people like myself who would be interested in participating in testing new medications. The amount of money she was offering is enough to live simply off of for a year. I don't know what kind of medicine they're testing, but you can't beat that price. Testing new medicine sounds a little scary, but I can't help but think about that money. I think I'll take Wong up on her offer. Iluzija is derived from the Serbian word for "phantom.

When the creature spots its prey, it starts to behave erratically. When it is in a weakened state, its ability to camouflage itself is greatly reduced. To compensate for the loss of this defensive mechanism, parts of its skin will become extremely hard, making it difficult to harm with conventional weapons.

Below is a memo left behind by a researcher involved with the Iluzija for Neo-Umbrella. Its camouflage ability is so effective that it becomes practically invisible. This of course gives it a very good advantage over its prey. The scales not only hide the snake-like creature, but they also are extremely hard and make for good armor.

But on the inside, this creature is just like any other animal. Its only vulnerable spot is its mouth, which becomes visible once opened for attack. But the victim would only have a moment to exploit it before they were eaten alive. His unwillingness to compromise brought him into direct conflict with superiors. Unable to settle these differences, Chris retired from the Air Force. He was then scouted by Raccoon City's special forces S.

After what came to be known as the Mansion Incident on the outskirts of Raccoon City, Chris set off on his own to stop Umbrella and make the world aware of the threat of bioweapons. This brought him to Africa inand into direct conflict with his former boss, Albert Wesker. Chris killed Albert during the operation, and he was finally able to put to rest all the ghosts of Umbrella and Raccoon City.

Chris suffered from head trauma that led to amnesia, and it wasn't until six months later that Piers was able to find him again. Chris was a large part of the BSAA, and it was a big shock to the organization when he was reported missing from the hospital. Below is an e-mail sent from the West African Branch to Piers during this time. He was such a large part of the BSAA, and he was a very important person to me, as well. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

But they do share one connection--Chris' sister Claire. Following the Mansion Incident inChris set out for Europe on his own, determined to bring down Umbrella. Before he left, he neglected to inform Claire as to his whereabouts, so she came to Raccoon City to find him.

There she met Leon, and together they fought their way out of the horrors of Raccoon City. Claire was then reunited with Chris on Rockfort Island. She loves and respects her brother, and she considers Leon a trusted friend. With Claire as a mutual contact, it would only be a matter of time before the two met. Although the interactions between their respective organizations are highly restricted, when they finally met, both were able to understand each other's deep convictions, particularly those related to the eradication of bio-organic weapons.

The conversation that followed between the two is confidential. However, Hunnigan wrote down the details of their meeting into a report she sent to Adam Benford. Below is a excerpt from that report. It looked almost like they were two friends who hadn't seen each other in 10 years.

They didn't say much and it was a short conversation, but I believe they came to understanding of each other's hardships in their battles against bioterrorism. I believe this meeting was an important step in breaking down the barrier between the U. She used the C-Virus to turn his team into B. As the leader of Neo-Umbrella, Ada brought the C-Virus that had been developed in China to the civil war in Edonia, where she secretly gave it to the insurgents to administer to its mercenary fighters.

The mercenaries then mutated into creatures known as J'avo, and she gathered the data on their transformations. Chris has spent most of his life fighting the pharmaceutical company Umbrella, almost losing it on numerous occasions. It's not hard to imagine what he thought when he first heard the name Neo-Umbrella. Why Ada named her organization such is a question only she can answer.

Alpha team was almost completely annihilated after coming into contact with Neo-Umbrella and Ada. However, there was still no actual proof of Neo-Umbrella's existence at the time.

resident evil 6 leon and ada relationship test

The woman who called herself Ada could even have been lying as far as the BSAA knew, so they were careful not to jump to any conclusions. Ultimately, Neo-Umbrella officially made its voice heard when the new virus hit China, and Ada Wong was confirmed as its leader. I'll be leading Bravo team. Heard that Alpha team found Chris, so I guess he'll be leading them. Will be good to see him. I can't believe those assholes behind the attacks are calling themselves "Neo-Umbrella.

Can't wait to get a hold of Ada and make her beg forgiveness in front of the whole world. All Neo-Umbrella Staff At At the same time, Plan D was shown to be activated. All personal in our far-east facilities are urged to head for one of the predetermined safety zones. This emergency notice is for all human staff and not for J'avo test subjects. An emergency cable will be sent to the underwater facility once Plan D is fully in motion.

Infect all of Lanshiang by firing a missile into Tatchi. During the confusion, awaken Haos in the underwater facility, and send it ashore. With this, the whole world will taste the panic that was Raccoon City; chaos will be the new order. Let us make our leader, Ms. For as long as he could remember, Piers wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. He graduated at the top of his class from an elite military academy, where he was highly recognized for his skills as a sniper.

Following graduation, he joined the army's Special Forces. Not long after joining the Special Forces, he became disillusioned. While he continued to participate in his drills without a hitch, he yearned for some greater calling, a reason for all this training. Piers was impressed with the way Chris ran Alpha Team; he treated them like a family and not like expendable soldiers. Chris, for his part, knew he couldn't be a field agent forever, which is why he recruited Piers.

Simmons didn't have any relations to Neo Umbrella. Carla the fake Ada built it by herself. She loses her memories and sense of self after being turned into an Ada clone, but eventually remembers what Simmons did to her. This prompts her to want to want revenge and topple what Simmons and the Family wants the most - stability. I don't believe it was explained what was in that cocoon. One theory I like is that she created a Simmons clone so she could have a Simmons of own because she idolized him before the whole turning her into a clone thing.

This is despite the fact that Simmons already has a wife named Carla Radames. Actually, she was just a researcher that worked under him. Trisagion Trisagion 6 years ago 8 Her photo with Simmons is very misleading though. If you don't read the files, one can assume that Carla is Simmons wife User Info: It's possible that Carla was willing to become a B. It would parallel how one of the Neo Umbrella test subjects was infatuated with Carla, which is why he was willing to be injected with the C-Virus.