Queen victoria and albert relationship quotes

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queen victoria and albert relationship quotes

Queen Victoria's children, pregnancy, marriage and men are a subject of her I could enjoy nothing -- not travel about or go about with dear Papa [Prince Albert]. . All quotes from " DEAREST CHILD: LETTERS BETWEEN QUEEN VICTORIA. To the outside world Queen Victoria and Prince Albert seemed the embodiment of Relations with her eldest son Bertie, later Edward VII, were. Queen Victoria () might be considered the queen of working mothers. I think you would be amused to see Albert dancing her in his arms; he makes a From this letter, it appeared that Victoria thought marriage = babies = death of.

Even behind bars, she managed to bend people to her will.

queen victoria and albert relationship quotes

Not only did she swindle more victims while in jail, but she also convinced prison officials to allow her breaks from confinement to take carriage rides around Manhattan and visits to the theater. It's little wonder she earned the title " The Confidence Queen. The Golden Boos Born to a homeless couple in 18th century Liechtenstein, Erni concocted an unusual way to make a living, and it earned her the nickname "The Golden Boos.

Wherever she'd stop, she'd ask her hosts to lock it up somewhere safe—like where they kept their valuables.

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The next day, both the trunk and her host's valuables would be gone. But how did it work? Erni had a person with dwarfism as an accomplice who'd lie in wait within the trunk. Left alone, he'd emerge to rob the place before both would make their getaway. While her accomplice's fate is lost to history, Erni was eventually caught.

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After confessing to 17 robberies, she was beheaded in Erni has the dubious distinction of being the last person executed in Liechtenstein before its death penalty was abolished.

Ina striking woman in exotic garb appeared in a small English village, speaking in an indecipherable tongue. A Portuguese sailor conveniently popped up, claiming he could translate. She claimed to be Princess Caraboo of the island Javasu. Hers was a story of tragedy and danger that had her escaping pirate captors by jumping overboard and swimming through a storm to the safe shores of the English Channel.

This tall tale launched her to near-instant fame, and earned her fans in the wealthy Worrall family who feted and cared for her with lavish attention. Even when a former employer revealed Baker's true identity, the Worrall family stood by the charming impostor.

They paid for her passage to Philadelphia, where her fame—despite its fraudulent claims—only grew. She later returned to her true homeland England, not Javasuoccasionally donning her Caraboo costume for public performances.

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The Lost Carnegie Born Elizabeth Bigleythis Canadian con artist took the princess routine in a distinctly American direction by claiming to be the heiress of a massively wealthy industrialist. Her cons started small in Cleveland, with Chadwick dabbling in fortune-telling and forgery.

After some jail time served for the latter, the forty-something grifter began her biggest con, claiming to be the illegitimate daughter of steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie. She said he sent her substantial payments to keep her silent, and this was enough for many to give Chadwick hefty loans. One bank lent her a quarter of a million dollars based on her claims, and later went out of business because of it. Carnegie himself attended her eventual trial, which earned Chadwick 10 years in prison.

She died in jail in at the age of But Taylor did exploit the welfare system to great lengths through setting up aliases, and spinning her ill-gotten gains into jewelry, furs, and a Cadillac that she'd proudly drive to the public aid office.

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Taylor eventually did serve time for these offenses. She has also been accused of kidnapping and murder, although never convicted.

queen victoria and albert relationship quotes

The Affair of The Diamond Necklace involved the conning comtesse convincing the out-of-favor Cardinal de Rohan to procure a fabulous necklace for the queen.

She even employed a Marie Antoinette lookalike for this scam, which ended with de Rohan handing over the hefty piece of jewelry valued at 1, livres. By the end of they were parents of Princess Victoria and Prince Albert. Princess Alice followed three years later then, at two-year intervals, Alfred, Helena, Louise and Arthur.

Getty Images Victoria hated many aspects of being a mother. She suffered depressions before and after births and loathed breastfeeding. Even when her own children started breastfeeding she said it had reduced them to cattle, writing: With her feelings clear, it would be easy to assume Victoria would have left the upbringing of the children to nannies. She even had spies watch them and report back to her.

She was just four when Albert died and from that moment Victoria took over every aspect of her life, seemingly desperate for her never to leave home. She leaned on her daughters. Victoria clearly played favourites, with son Bertie — the future Edward VII — a constant disappointment to her, a failure both academically and artistically. Not to mention his lack of good looks which saw Victoria say: Read More Victoria star Jenna Coleman is a regal beauty as she puts on leggy display in LBD to visit the BBC Nevertheless, Victoria seems to have taken her deep-rooted frustration out on the children, often losing her temper when they misbehaved.

She was once giving a beating to Leopold, who suffered from haemophilia, when her mother intervened to stop her. Asked how she could hear them cry so much Victoria replied: Even Albert despaired of her heavy-handed treatment. ITV But Albert was no perfect parent and had cripplingly high expectations of their children, especially Prince Edward.