Putin and bush relationship with israel

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putin and bush relationship with israel

Trump's perverse appeasement of Putin will rebound on Israel President George W. Bush vouched for Putin after looking into his eyes and is that Netanyahu was right all along to invest in his relationship with Putin. “House of Bush, House of Saud,” said Unger, explained “how the Saudis used about whether Moscow is building strategic relationships with Israeli politicians . That's one of the forces that ties up Putin and Trump together. Bush described Putin years later as cold blooded, and ties soured over the war between Russia and Georgia which began five years ago this.

National Security Advisor John R. Bolton later claimed that both Israel and Russia sought the withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria.

In wishing Bush well, Putin has message for Obama | Reuters

The native Russian-speaking population of Israel is the world's third-largest population of Russian native-speakers living outside the former Soviet Union territories, and the highest as a proportion of the population.

Hundreds of thousands of Russian-Israeli citizens live in Israel. During Russian elections, the Russian government sets up polling stations across many Israeli cities as well as smaller towns, in order to enable the Russian citizens who are living in Israel to cast their vote.

putin and bush relationship with israel

During the Russian Presidential electionshundreds of thousands of Russian-Israelis could cast their vote in Israel. The Israeli drones are to be assembled in Russia.

The city of Tel Aviv in particular is a popular destination in Russia due to its ease for Russian-speakers, hot weather, and beaches. However, inRussian tourist numbers to Israel fell dramatically due to the economic crisis in Russia and the fall in the value of the ruble.

Patriarch Kirill said that the fact that "people in Israel speak Russian creates a special atmosphere for our pilgrims, and they often feel at home in Israel". Speaking about the life of the Jewish community in Russia, he cited the chief rabbi of Russia: Immigrants from Russia and other former Soviet republics account for a significant proportion of Israel's citizens, meaning that visits to friends and relatives in Russia are likely to be facilitated.

The Customs Unionbringing together BelarusKazakhstan and Russia, and Israel have launched an exploratory committee to study the prospects for the creation of a free trade zone, the Eurasian Economic Commission EEC - a single permanent regulatory body of the Customs Union reported in March The Russians want to speak to Israel without anyone eavesdropping. The Moscow Government has implemented a training program for metropolitan doctors and nurses to train in the leading Israeli hospitals: Several hundred Russian medical specialists from Moscow hospitals are trained in Israel each year.

The framework agreement is meant to develop joint research programs and other collaborations in areas like astrophysical and planetary research, space biology and medicine, navigational satellites and launching services and technology.

Although the agreement is limited to medical treatments, it could form the basis for wider collaboration for ventures between the two countries in nuclear technology. I also went through your 59 names of Trump-Russia contacts: About half of them are Jewish and about a dozen of them have Israeli citizenship or Israeli connections.

So I want to ask you: And what does it mean for democracy, for the rule of law in Israel, for Russian penetration in Israel? I try to explain how this came about, going back to the Jackson-Vanik amendment [which ultimately helped pressure the Soviet Union into allowing mass Jewish emigration some 30 years ago]: How, in a way, the unintentional consequence of that was that Russia opened the doors to the gulag, and many criminals who were not Jewish identified as Jewish as a way of getting out of the Soviet Union.

I also think the prevalence of Jews in the Russian mafia — some of it is exaggerated; some of them, including Sergei Mikhailov, are not really Jewish. He at times identifies as Jewish to get [an Israeli] passport — this is a matter of history. On some level I think some of them are simply a product of the Russian gulag.

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And I think Putin has cultivated that, in a way, through his relationship with Chabad [the Hasidic movement]. In the wider context of the Russian efforts you describe to subvert democracy, how worried should we be in Israel? You should be worried. I have some Israeli friends. Obviously I was aware in broad terms… [but]I have not dug deep into the Israeli angle.

For example we have virtually no regulation of our real estate industry, and that allows massive money laundering through luxury condos, which is a key part of this. I want to give you a few names from your book: Roman Abramovich just took Israeli citizenship, and instantly became the richest person in Israel.

Lev Leviev is a very big wig here. Netanyahu and his wife had dinner a few weeks ago with Mikhail Chernoy. Netanyahu has visited Putin how many times this year?

He goes all the time, because of concerns about Iran and Syria. The more contact you have… What is shocking from an American perspective is, essentially, it feels like the entire government is for sale, that Trump is becoming in effect another Russian oligarch.

One of the big big issues here is the amount of flight capital. That means you have to launder money on a massive level, and that requires real estate. And the oligarchs are essentially another tool of the Russian government?

And it happened that both Abramovich and Leviev have very close ties to Trump.

Putin and Netanyahu: A complex diplomatic dance

So it becomes a very powerful channel in a way. I thought that seemed crazy, because Trump is the most undisciplined guy in the world to dabble in espionage.

But I later realized, as I did my research, that [the real estate firm] Bayrock was based there. I name all these Russians, and a lot of them are tied up with the Russian mafia, and they were living in Trump Tower — in the home of the man who is now president of the United States! Basically, on some level, the Russian mafia, their base of operations, was in Trump Tower on and off for many many years.

He needs to consolidate his power among the oligarchs. He wants them to report to him. He wants to know where their money is going.

putin and bush relationship with israel

And one way of knowing it is, if you look at Bayrock, just think of what material they have, what intelligence they have. They know that hundreds of millions of dollars in Russian flight capital went to real estate development for various Trump projects.

putin and bush relationship with israel

They know that hundreds and hundreds of condos, multi-million dollar condos, are being sold to oligarchs. I never thought of Panama as a country where Russians would go, and yet at the Panama Trump Tower, about a third of the people who bought condos there are Russians. With Trump are from l-r.

putin and bush relationship with israel

The claim is made in your book that Russia has meddled in the internal affairs of 27 countries since Is Israel one of those?

Do you think Russia has been meddling in the internal affairs of Israel? It certainly would not surprise me. My basic rule is following the money. I started way back, actually in the 70s. You have this reference to Putin coming into Syria, this diabolical plan to back Assad.

I could never understand why Russia would be hitting civilians in Syria. But after the refugee [outflux] began, it was clear that he began emboldening and fueling right-wing anti-immigrant populist movements all over Europe and in the United States. How would you advise Israel to look at Putin? As a terrible threat to our democracy, as a potential ally, as what?

The West has been very slow to recognize it. I can speak mostly to what happened in the United States.

They studied our systems. I believe the Russians have done the same. They started studying our system of campaign finance, our system of lobbying — we call it the K Street lobby, and we see how big oil and big pharmaceuticals pay millions of dollars to lawyers, who essentially write the legislation.

And they started fueling millions of dollars, mostly to the Republican Party. The other side of my question: What would you be saying to Israel about that? And therefore those who rely on him…? If you rely on him, you fall prey. Is that your conclusion?