Pamela bowen and paul stanley relationship

Who is Pamela Bowen dating? Pamela Bowen boyfriend, husband

pamela bowen and paul stanley relationship

Pamela Bowen relationship list. Pamela Bowen was previously married to Paul Stanley ( - ). Paul Stanley and Pamela Bowen were divorced i. Pamela Bowen has been divorced from Paul Stanley since March, Classic Quotes by Pamela Bowen and Paul Stanley about their relationship. Who is Paul Stanley dating right now? We're not sure. Relationship info powered by: Married Pamela Bowen and Paul Stanley. 33 7.

But that was about it.

Paul Stanley on Dissapointing KISS Fans!

Or I also saw where they had some new band members and went "Unmasked" to the public. But those years, during and after college as a Kiss fan, it went totally blank for me. I had also gotten married in and my son was born in and I had moved to Kentucky and went to work full time to raise a family.

So the book was very helpful to me to fill in the blanks of the missing Kiss years from the early 80's all the way up to about when I saw them on national television during the Halloween concert at the LA Dodgers Stadium during the reunion tour with all four original members on stage again.

Gene, Shannon and Paul I suppose what struck me most about this book besides Paul's honesty is how hard this man has worked to be the musician that he wanted to become and the driving force to keep Kiss together all the years.

pamela bowen and paul stanley relationship

He admits that he smoked a little pot during the early days but he has nothing against drinking and absolutely loves women or sex if you will. That was his main vice he said, relationships and women.

  • Paul Stanley not bothered by gay rumours

He gets into depth about his first marriage to actress Pam Bowen and the birth of his son, Evan, the divorce and eventually the marriage to his new wife, Erin. I really liked this paragraph in the book where he talks about seeing Erin for the first time, "If there was ever going to be a moment that proved to me the existence of God--and I do believe there is a God--then this was it.

Sure, some people might choose to call it luck. Too me, luck, is taking advantage of a situation God puts in front of us. The woman's name was Erin. She was tall as me and had a great laugh.

Paul Stanley Dating History - FamousFix

And she was a practicing attorney. Some of the things, he writes about Peter and Ace are sometimes overbearing but I have to admit, they did say and do some stupid shit according to Paul in the book.

Also, I couldn't understand why he didn't invite Gene to his wedding to Erin. Technically, I understand his reasoning why and the principal behind it because Gene went around for years stating to the public and press that he did not believe in the institution of marriage.

Of course, Gene finally married Shannon after many years on their reality show, "Family Jewels. Gene even took Paul in and let him live in his guest house when him and his first wife separated and Gene and Paul hung out together doing things together during those times.

I feel like it probably really hurt Gene's feelings but I'm sure would never would admit it.

pamela bowen and paul stanley relationship

In this book, I realize that Paul Stanley, at age 62, as a musician, a rock star, a husband, a father and as a human being is now self-actualized. Throughout the book, Paul was not to afraid to admit that he pretty much has or had sought out the help of a psychiatrist and counseling to deal with a lot of his personal issues even an early age. At this point, Stanley had the idea of changing his name not only for marketing purposes but also the fact he had always hated his birth name.

For a brief time, Stanley changed his character to "The Bandit", with a " Lone Ranger " style mask design make-up pattern.

This make-up design was only used during a few mid shows. Before settling on the star, I'd just paint a black ring around my eye… Each of us wears something that reflects who we are. I always loved stars and always identified with them — so, when it came time to put something on my face, I knew it would be a star.

Those years, Stanley noted, "were fine for me.

pamela bowen and paul stanley relationship

I found them very satisfying because I got a chance to be out there without makeup, which I craved at that point. I think it was easier for me [than Simmons] because my persona was one that wasn't really defined by the makeup… The makeup was just reinforcing what you were seeing and who I was. Previously, he has had four signature guitars made by Silvertoneand tweaked the Ibanez Iceman to his specifications, calling it the PS Stanley singing " Love Gun " in Montreal.

Paul Stanley

In his absence, Kiss performed live as a trio for the first time in decades. The concert was the first Kiss performance Stanley missed. In he recorded three voice ads for the charity Kars4Kids. Solo career[ edit ] Stanley has very rarely recorded or performed outside of Kiss. One song from the project, "Time Traveler", was released as part of Kiss' box set. InStanley embarked on a brief club tour.

Paul Stanley and Pamela Bowen

You do sound like Gene and I think generally speaking - it's bullshit. Now nothing wrong with protecting yourself if you already do have a ton of cash, but if you truly meet the right person as I have - then it will ultimately be a non-issue. I think people get married for the wrong reasons or with the wrong person more so than just the marriage going sour. For me, I am an athiest - so I don't see marriage through the eyes of a religious person and I guess I could have done the Gene and Shannon thing, but she wanted to get married and I knew that it would be forever.

And it will be. I believe in the right person, and I am truly happy you have found 'the one' - I say that with absolute sincerity. However, I believe that love can die and nothing is certain. And I want to protect myself. If you don't mind me asking - are you in a position that financially you have a lot that needs protecting?