Oreki and chitanda relationship help

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oreki and chitanda relationship help

I can't stop thinking of what happens between Oreki and Chitanda after the last episode of the anime. Does anyone know what happens in the. Houtarou Oreki (折木 奉太郎 Oreki Hōtarō) is the protagonist of Hyouka, a student of skills and he is often forced to use them by the ever-curious Eru Chitanda. As Eru states, Houtarou is actually a kind person who often helps others to think otherwise and understanding Mayaka's cousins relationship and being able to. bridge, is the reason Chitanda asks Oreki to help her out during another festival. The “why” of that mystery is the question of their relationship.

oreki and chitanda relationship help

Hyouka by Honobu Yonezawa Genre: Mystery, School, Slice-of-Life Age: Mysteries, Daikon, Matcha Milk Dislikes: Sad endings Voice Actor: As the daughter of one of the famous four clans that surround Kamiyama town, her name is well known, and contributes to her personality. With her rich background, Chitanda carries herself in a proper manner.

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She's smart, polite, and energetic around others, especially Oreki Hotarou, the main protagonist. Despite Chitanda's kindness overall, she's also very emotionally driven by her surrounding environment. If there's any line you can predict in Hyouka, its definitely when Chitanda gets curious about a certain topic, subject, or event.

Many times, it is a school or local mystery, and Chitanda gets quite invested in everything the Classics Club investigates. Although Chitanda is one of the top students in her class, her deduction and social skills are slightly inferior compared to Oreki.


Thus, she depends on Oreki to help properly solve all the mysteries they stumble upon, and give a satisfying answer.

When there's something that bothers Chitanda, like an unsolved problem or invalid theory, she's most likely to voice her opinion on the topic, but in a vague way. Due to her polite mannerisms, she tends to try to keep quiet before letting others know how uncomfortable she feels about things.

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It drew on so many elements of their developed characters, particularly the contrast in stature and class between the two of them, resulting in a rather significant portion of insight into Chitanda's state of mind. That entire conversation was framed beautifully, with a strikingly colorful aesthetic that effectively highlighted the distinctly extensive change that had taken place in Oreki, and how significant his feelings had become for Chitanda.

oreki and chitanda relationship help

I thought his "confession" strongly mirrored the scene in the very first episode where his imagination creatively portrays an illusion in which her vines entangle him. The pacing of this episode was quite excellent, effortlessly balancing the complex workings of the procession with the more isolated focus on Houtarou's thoughts and his feelings toward Chitanda.

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The tone of this episode was in such distinct contrast to that in the previous one, creating a very noticeable dichotomy between the melancholy nature of the Valentine episode and the sweetly romantic nature of this one. As superb as they usually are, the production values were particularly incredible in the final episode, from the dream-like procession to the final conversation beneath the sunset. As for the series as a whole, the story was exceptionally structured, deftly weaving a plethora of subtle emotions gradually into the characters and, consequentially, the story.

Since these character developments were allowed to slowly build over time, it resulted in these moments of noticeable growth to be more strongly resonating and important. It seemed as though there was a bit of happy resolution to that somewhat troubled relationship here, since it showed them together, potentially dating, after what I now assume was a pleasant phone call at the end of the last episode.

The animation was astoundingly good throughout the entire show, especially when dealing with the very particular, subtle facial expressions that often illuminated the intentions behind specific moments far better than words could ever have hoped to have likewise achieved.

The music often evoked a certain poetic wistfulness that accompanies many scenes quite wonderfully, and the specific selection used for the last scene of this episode is easily my favorite.